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  • 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Four: Growing up Legacy part one
  • 2. When last we left the Familiar's Abe and new wife Dina were involved in their celebratory try for a baby or five.
  • 3. It worked the first time and Dina spent much of the next day blarfing blue blarf into an increasingly dirty toilet.
  • 4. Al stopped by that day to see Suzi and cheer her up a bit. Suzi and Lexi aren't getting along very well without Tucker's calming presence. Well, stopped isn't the exactly right since he walked in the front door without knocking. "I grew up here it's still my house, I'm always welcome here, you told me I would be." I lied, kinda, I'd just wish you and all the rest of your outgoing friends would knock. But I guess you don't bother me half as much as that townie that's standing on the porch staring into the house does.
  • 5. Since the whole family was present, Dina announced her pregnancy at lunch. "Just think Momma Chloe soon you'll have a grand baby to diaper and feed, won't that be fun!" I'm sure she's thrilled, having already raised two children of her own she'll now have another one foisted off on her just because she's a perma plat elder and that's what they're good for.
  • 6. Fred and Abe missed the announcement because they were holding conversations with tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • 7. Dina spent much of her pregnancy showing off her belly bump to the neighbors while playing fetch with the dogs in her undies. "I'm proud of my pregnancy and my body, why shouldn't I show it off?" I don't know something about beached whales comes to mind.
  • 8. When she wasn't being mostly naked outside she was practicing to become a dread pirate, something that she hoped to become just as soon as a job in the adventure track appeared in the want ads. "Arg Matey's I spy a ship with a belly full of bounty! Hard to Port my lads."
  • 9. Abe was working hard on the few last points of skills he needed to finish off his lifetime want in the medical field. "It would go a lot faster if you'd let me move this thing inside so I wouldn't have to keep stopping to go in and warm up" I've seen the way you throw body parts around Abe, do you really think that's sanitary? "The dogs will take care of the scraps." Okay then I'll just go finish the basement for you. "Thanks!"
  • 10. And so we finished off the basement giving the Familiars a place to store their career rewards and work stations. Abe and Dina then spent more time admiring each other than skilling.
  • 11. Fred, who'd gotten a little bit chunky from all that healthy food he'd been eating lately, desired to get fit before his first grandchild saw him. He wanted to present a positive image to the sprog. "I wanted Chloe to stop slapping my ass and and then laughing at the jiggles."
  • 12. "Abe! Abe you're a doctor can't you do anything to make this go faster or hurt less?" "You could try wearing a thinking cap, it always makes the hard stuff seem easier"
  • 13. Welcome to the World Betty Familiar! Betty is named for the familiar face or at least the familiar eyes of Bette Davis. Speaking of eyes, there's apparently something wrong with genetics currently. Betty is supposed to have Alien eyes according to her SimDNA but she has brown eyes. I don't have any default eyes, and I even removed all my eye recolors to see if I could fix em but they stay Maxis brown. No one in the family has brown eyes. In addition to her brown eyes, Betty will have red hair and medium skin tone
  • 14. Fred like most elders is a wonderful Grand pop and doesn't mind taking over diaper duty at all. Which is a good thing since Dina goes into failure just thinking about diapers.
  • 15. Chloe is less thrilled by the diapers but has no problem handling the gotta make the baby happy by playing repeatedly with it in order to avoid a constantly crying baby bug.
  • 16. Nanny Kay on the other hand is pretty much the way she's always been.
  • 17. She takes Betty down two flights of stairs to the basement, gives her a bath, leaves her on the floor down there where it's cold and goes outside to play fetch with Lexi.
  • 18. "I'm gonna fire that old bitty one of these days!" I think a cow plant would be the best option in this case Fred. We'll put one on the list of things to get asap.
  • 19. We also welcome Snickers Familiar to the family. I made Snickers in the image of one of my brother's dogs. He supposed to be part lab part cocker, but I'm not that great at dog making. He's got the same wonderful personality that the real Snicks has he's friendly and smart, a little bit hyper, a little bit aggressive and not at all a pigpen. His personality will hopefully balance out the horrible personality of Lexi in the future. Or maybe not, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
  • 20. For now we'll just say that everyone in the family loves Snickers as much as I do. Even grumpy old Fred makes friends with him.
  • 21. Their friendship was doomed to be short lived as the next evening when Fred arrived home from work there were two visitors on the lot. He would have enjoyed meeting Anita, but Grim didn't give him time to earn those last 1000 aspiration points.
  • 22. In fact Grim didn't give anyone time to do much at all. Before the family could run out to the curb to say goodbye Grim took Fred beyond.
  • 23. Grim didn't even summon the hula girls or give Fred his welcome drink, I guess he was cold it being winter and snowing. In all we were pretty disappointed by Fred's finale. Especially when the fortune sims didn't get their inheritance checks.
  • 24. A messed up death didn't mean there wasn't mourning. Fred was mourned dramatically by his entire family, including the dogs. Which is good, cause I'd hate to have to hurt them for not showing proper respect for the legacy founders passing.
  • 25. And so Fred Familiar joins his best buddy Tucker out in the back yard where their ghosts might some day treat me to a game of fetch. I've never seen the ghost fetch thing, I've heard of it but don't know if I believe it since ghosts have always pretty much ignored each other in my game.
  • 26. Old gives way to new and a happy event can make a sad one less painful. Little Betty was tossed into toddler hood by her Daddy.
  • 27. We take a peek and see that Betty is a Sagittarius with a 2/8/9/8/8 personality. Once again we have an heiress with stacked points. And she's a cutie so I guess we'll keep her.
  • 28. Apparently her parents had a backup plan in mind just in case cause Dina's pregnant again. I don't know how she expects to top the Adventure career if shes always on maternity leave. But I guess since the Adventure career hasn't shown up yet it's better to get the pregnancies over now rather than later.
  • 29. While Abe finishes looking for the fingerprints of the hula zombie that ran off with his inheritance
  • 30. Dina nukes Betty and starts her down the path of self reliability.
  • 31. Much too outgoing to want to play with toddler toys Betty is constantly luring the dogs up the stairs for cuddling. Even Lexi allows it which amazes me. I'm going to have to rebuild the house after this generation. I'd forgotten how much of a pain it is to have the nursery upstairs.
  • 32. Houston we have a problem. Snickers and Lexi are friends now, Dina is f