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  • 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Thirty-Two: Summerfling

2. "What do you mean you're going to work all summer? You've been working ever since your birthday. Isn't that enough? Summer is for having fun 'Lisha!""It will be fun Frankie.""How is being a lab assistant fun?" 3. "I'm not going to be working in the lab. Uncle Dryas offered me a job at his flower shop; he's going to let me get real experience running a business.""It's still work, and you'll miss going on vacation with Grandpa and Grandma.""Missing going Three Lakes is going to be a drag but I'll be able to earn all my badges. And I do a good job; Dryas might even turn the shop over to me someday. Eureka only wants the club; he doesn't want multiple businesses. Dryas is looking for someone to take over the flower shop eventually. This is my test run." 4. "Frankie says that Elisha isn't going to go to the Lake with Mom and Dad this summer. Have you told Dad that yet? He's been pretty insistent that all the kids should go.""He knows, he's not happy about it but he understands that this is a big opportunity for 'Lisha. She'll go for a few days in the fall with Cael and Amaya, it's not like going to the Lake is going to affect her much. She's not like your kids.""What do you mean by that?""'Lisha's markers are pretty low; genetically she just isn't built the same as your boys." 5. "How did that happen?""I dunno Dov's family has a lot of townie blood in it.""So does ours.""Different townies, there's obviously some out there that have the markers. We don't know enough about everyone's ancestry to know who might and who might not. We know that our Great-Great Grandmother Dina had some alien blood, but we don't know anything about Great Grandpa Chaz's family. Grandma's family was documented back five or so generations without any obvious signs but how can we really know? The signs aren't always obvious are they?" 6. "By the way sis, have you talked to Frankie yet? He needs to know what's going on. He's probably heard rumors, 'Lisha's been asking questions and you know if she knows then so does Frankie.""What did you tell her? Elle I thought we agreed that we'd leave it alone for awhile. I don't think Frankie's ready to know yet. He still won't talk about Almeric, the only thing about that time he talks about is Squatch.""That was before I found out that Elisha already knew I wasn't going to lie to her Em. I'm not saying that you should tell him everything but you can give him the facts so that he won't be mislead by rumors." 7. "Yeah well I guess that's true. I'll talk to Aldric, maybe we'll tell Frankie before the go to the lake that way if he has any questions Dad can help him out. Dad's better at breaking it all down. I just wish Elisha was going to be at the Lake so that he'd have someone to talk to. He's not looking forward to spending so much time with the twins without having 'Lisha as a buffer.""Well Elliot's girls will be there so at least he'll have some relief from Eva's boys.""I think he was referring as much to the girls as to the boys." 8. Emma would never want to be disloyal to her favorite brother. However, she could understand why Frankie felt the way he did about Elliot's youngest children. The girls were, well hellions. The two were deceptively sweet in appearance, and they knew it. 9. At first glance Evonne seemed the less harmful of the two. She was so quiet that it was easy to overlook her, which was exactly what she wanted. She could quietly sneak about causing trouble and never be considered the culprit.A fire alarm being set off just as a test was supposed to start, stink bombs in the hallway, frogs released to hop wildly throughout the biology lab? Vonny could pull it off and get away with it. 10. Evette on the other hand was much more obvious and annoying. The brat was a little know-it-all. Emma could care less about the feeding and breeding habits of parrots in the wild, but that didn't matter to Vetty. If she even thought she knew, she was going to tell you about it 11. Separately they were more than enough to handle. Together they were a nightmare. Vetty did the scheming while Vonny quietly carried out the plans. Add in the older boys and the Capp household quite often seemed a bit of a madhouse.Emma could readily understand why her sister in law Deanna's favorite rallying cry was "Calgon Take Me Away!" 12. Maybe now that girls were about to become teens they'd be a bit less rambunctious. Yeah right who was she kidding? Becoming teens would only add hormonal imbalances to their already hyperactive systems."Can we blow out the candles now Daddy?""If you have to." 13. Evette "Vetty" Capp (blonde) Sagittarius 1/9/9/9/3 Knowledge/Popularity LTW - Mad ScientistEvonne "Vonny" Capp (black) Virgo 10/1/9/7/2 Romance/Knowledge LTW - City Planner_________________ Evette and Evonne are the daughters of Elliot and Deanna (Indie) Capp. 14. Since the eldest set of Capp twins would soon be leaving for University they sat down for a pow- wow with their sisters on the evening of their teening. The main purpose of the discussion was to pass along what information the teen network had uncovered regarding Cigam. The boys left strict instructions to pass along anything they happened to overhear their parents discuss not only to them but to the other teen cousins as well."You mean you want us to eavesdrop, to be sneaky and to lie about it?" Evonne asked."Well not lie exactly, more like evasion of the truth," said 'Zeke."Awesome!" said Evette as the girls looked at each other and grinned. 15. "Why can't we just ask Mom and Dad what's going on? Don't you think they want us to know?" Evonne wondered."Mom will tell you to talk to Dad. Dad will give you the absolute minimal amount of information that he can. If you ask him a direct question he'll answer you but he won't elaborate. If he knows you're curious though he's more likely to be guarded about what he says around the house. The two of you were toddlers when all of this started there would be no reason for you to know about it," replied Ezra. 16. "One other thing, when you all go to the Lake this summer, keep an eye on Frankie. He's probably going to do something stupid. He wants to find Squatch, and he'll try to sneak away to do it on his own, if he thinks he can. Stick with him and don't let him go off alone. Elisha was supposed to be his guard dog but she's going work instead," Ezra continued explaining."Clearly Elisha has failed us, you must not." commented his twin. 17. Within a short time, words of wisdom were dispersed and hugs were tightly given. Celebrations were in order as the first set of Capp twins were safely seen out the door on their way to University."You know we could still have more.""What? We just got rid of two of them and you want more?""I'm just saying we have time." 18. The Capp boys weren't the only ones making their way towards University. Summer session was about to begin and there was a large portion of the Familiarity teen population heading that direction. Emilia Summerdream was excited to be moving towards her true goals in life, but she was also worried about what college life would be like. At home she had a secure circle of close friends but at college she would be forced to interact with a wide variety of new people all at once. She'd never been very good at making friends. 19. Emilia's mother, Dorme, had given her a last minute pep talk about how to survive University as a shy sim. Emilia wasn't really sure if bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles would be a good solution. She really wanted to keep her brain cells intact. Her father's advice had been a bit more realistic. Puck had told her to be herself and to smile. He'd then advised that the first thing she should learn upon becoming a young adult was the word no. 20. Emilia was especially excited by her great-great grandfather's assurance that once she was officially a young adult she'd be allowed to join the UA. She was certain that membership in the UA would be the key she needed to finding out the truth about Cigam. 21. The soon to be young adults were however in for a surprise. There really wasn't that much more to know about Cigam than they already did. Bob and the other members of the UA had run into road block after road block when it came to finding more information. While they had gotten the gate on the back of the retreat property opened, nothing seemed able to penetrate through the pile of stone that was blocking the actual passage. Heavy duty mining equipment, explosives, and corrosives had all been flown onto the site at considerable expense only to fail time after time. 22. Research into the DNA of Familiar family members, as well as anyone that could be pulled off the street and convinced to donate blood had given them a good idea of who had genetic markers and in what amount. They had been able to conclude that there was an area effect surrounding the Three Lakes Valley that would at least temporarily raise the concentration of markers in some. But the big questions remained. What did the markers signify? Why were they there to begin with? 23. There was some key information still missing and the UA was at a loss as to how they were going to locate it. While they hadn't exactly taken a wait and see approach they were finally admitting that they just didn't have enough to form plausible explanations for everything.There were a few avenues left to explore, but those needed to be approached very carefully. Only the most senior members of the UA were involved in devising the plans. 24. Prior to leaving for University, Euclid Goth said a lingering good bye to his teen steady Emily Familiar. In an uncertain world there was no guarantee that they'd feel the same way about each other when they next met on campus. While they had promised eternal devotion they both knew that all bets were o