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  • 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces!Chapter Twenty-One: Anyone Else But You - Part OneThe Googly Eyes announce that it's time for UNI

2. When we last left the Familiars youngest daughter of the legacy Elle had just left to join her siblings at university. But the story isn't about Elle, at least not completely. And before Elle got to university things happened there that effect the story from this point forward. So we're going to take a small trip back in time and catch everyone up on what???s happened to those that preceded Elle to University. 3. University updates are generally a good time to introduce the entire cast of a generation. From time to time during the university chapters various members of the extended Familiar family will flash by on your screen. For a large part they won't be important; they'll just be the extras, the bit players needed to fill a crowd scene or to get a point across. Don't worry if you get confused or if you don't recognize a sim. I get confused too. Hopefully the few who will be most important to the story will become obvious and I'll be able to do justice to them as they are reintroduced.If you really want to know how they are all connected you can follow along with the family tree at ndainye.tribalpages.com I also have updated my livejournal with some who's who type information; there are also occasional spoilers located there so be warned if you don't want to know what may occur. Ndainye.livejournal.com 4. Greek House GangStanding Left to Right - Heiress Emma Familiar, Elliot Capp, Puck Summerdream, Delphine Nova Sitting Left to Right - Denise Nova, Elle Familiar and Bottom Summerdream___________________ Fred->Abe->Betty->Cary->David + Titania->Emma and Elle Fred->Abe->Betty->Cary->David + Juliet -> Elliot Fred->Abe->Betty->Cary->Demi + Chay -> Delphine and Denise Puck and Bottom are Titania's children 5. Odds N Ends None of these guys have first cousins to share a dorm with so they've been tossed together in one dormBack row left to right Dorme Familiar and Darlene Familiar Front row left to right Dannon Familiar and Alexander Goth _____________________ Fred->Abe->Betty->Clint->Christopher + Sadie -> Dannon and Darlene Fred->Abe->Bob->Benjamin->Cooper + Kitty -> Dorme Alexander is the brother of Cary Familiar's wife Cassandra Goth 6. London Boys - Male Descendants of Becca (Bross) London - There are several lines entangled with the London line.Left Side Front to Back - Devon London, Douglas London, Dracula Familiar Right Side Front to Back - Dean London, Donovan London, Damien Familiar ____________________________________ Fred->Al->Amelia->Becca->Cassia-> Dracula and Damien Dean Fred->Al->Amelia->Becca->Caine + Lora -> Donovan and Douglas Fred->Al->Amelia->Becca->Cort-> Devon Della Fred->Al->Amelia->Becca->Caine + Lora -> Deirdra and Darcy Fred->Al->Amelia->Becca->Cort-> Dolcelatte and Dimsi Al->Aaron->Baird->Cory + Lexxie-> Dale and Durin Fred->Al->Aaron->Baird->Charlotte-> Dia, Dawn and Deacon Daxia Fred->Abe->Barbie->Bade->Carlisle + Poly Tech-> Drago and Draco Darren Dreamer + Poly Tech->Banard+Tara->Dashiell, Didi and Dyan Darren Dreamer -> Dirk Dreamer 11. Indie Girls - Female Descendants of Bailey (Dreamer) IndieBack Standing Left to Right - Delta Indie, Demetria Indie, Drucilla Indie, Daria Indie Front Sitting Left to Right - Deanna Indie, Dorthea Indie __________________________ Fred->Abe->Barbie->Bailey->Caleb + Pamela-> Deanna and Drucilla Fred->Abe->Barbie->Bailey->Calvin + Tamara-> Delta, Dorthea, Demetria and Daria 12. Indie Boys - Male Descendants of Bailey (Dreamer) IndieStanding Left to Right - Donnar Young, Dane Young, Dante Indie Sitting - Dobry Young ____________________ Fred->Abe->Barbie->Bailey->Caleb + Lora->Dante Fred->Abe->Barbie->Bailey->Candice + Holden->Dobry, Donnar and Dane 13. Not included in the University Crew but still a part of the generation and therefore may be seen from time to time are the Spore Babies of Familiarity.Standing left to right Daffodil Dreamer [Darren Dreamer/Poly Tech -> (Banard Dreamer)/Tara +Ideal] Eva Familiar [Fred->Abe->Betty->Cary->David + Ideal] and Dandelion Indie [Fred->Abe->Barbie->Bailey->Calvin/(Tamara)+Ideal]Seated is Dryas Familiar [Fred->Al->Aaron->Barclay->Cael/(Amaya)+Ideal] and his islander husband Talin with their son Eureka - who looks a bit cranky, maybe he needs a nap? 14. Whew I'm glad that's over with for the generation. It strains my mind to type those lines out. 15. The university play for the generation actually began quite awhile ago. Way back when Cary and Cass took the kids to the lake Puck was already a part of the first wave of the generation's university adventure. When Puck first started at Familiarity University he really didn't know too many people. Having been a townie, he hadn't socialized with the family as much as the other kids did. 16. That changed 17. Really, really fast 18. Of course Puck's a popularity sim, he'll do just about anything to gain himself some friends. But in my opinion he should have been romance, there's just something about Puck that drives the girls crazy. They stalk him, constantly. It's the girls that make the advances; he's normally too shy to do so. He's also mostly too nice to say no, and that causes him problems. 19. One of the first orders of business for my legacy family members upon arrival at university is to secure membership in the family Greek house, Puck was no exception. He would be the primary Greek recruiter for the generation once he was in place at the Greek house. Before that could happen though his sister Bottom and her best friend Delphine Nova had to be in place at the dorm. It had been decided that each of the kids would spend their freshman year in the dorm before moving to the Greek House. They'd come in waves, with a new group being added every semester. First Puck; then Bottom and Delphy; followed by Emma and Elliot and lastly Elle and Denise. By the time that Elle and Denise would move into the Greek House, Puck would be a junior. 20. Delphy and Bottom hit university with a vengeance. Bottom's primary goal seemed to be to nab Alexander Goth. The two had dated throughout high school, and the first thing she did upon getting to college was roll up a want to invite Alex over for fun and games. They're an interesting combination. Alex is knowledge and Bottom is Pleasure, generally the two aspirations don't match up all that well, they aren't negatives for each other but they don't have attraction bonus's either. Alex and Bo have just about everything in common from similar personalities to the same lifetime wants it???s kind of cute, and kind of sickening. She'll eventually be able to convince him that women working outside the home isn't a sin, the lifetime want they share is career related. They both want to be criminal masterminds; I'll put my money on Alex being the henchman. 21. "Jeez you two get a room!""We have a room thank you very much.""Then why don't you use it? And save the rest of us from your sweetness?""Del just go call him and get it over with you know you want to.""NO! I'm a romance sim I do not want to call my high school boyfriend. I want to find a new one preferably several.""If you say so." 22. "I thought you weren't going to call me.""Dallan I'm a romance sim, I've been at university for almost a full semester and my woohoo want is still locked. I'm jonesing here don't give me any crap.""Well then my lady, I live to serve." 23. "This doesn't mean we're like together does it?"*Gulp* "Do you want it to mean that?""NO! I mean not unless you do!""No I don't want it to mean that.""Okay Good""Good""Well okay so then I'll see you sometime right?""Sure you know whenever, just ahh call me." 24. Pretty soon the semester was over and it was time for Puck to appropriate the Greek House from the resident zombie placeholder. Last generation the placeholder DJ stayed with the kids and went through university with them. But this time that's not going to happen. Not only will we already have seven in the house but Suzie the placeholder has a few issues with the family. 25. You see she's still a little teed off over Dwight's perma plat party when Dwight's roommates mistakenly invited all of his loves to the house at the same time. Cat fights ensued, a revenge vamping occurred and the party boys haven't seen their newspaper since. Suzi has issues, she does 26. With Puck at the Greek House it was time for Emma and Elliot to move into the dorm to join Delphy and Bottom. Emma and Elliot have always gotten along very despite the differences in their personalities. They share quite a few interests, including their latest mutual addiction."Look Em, for the hundredth time I'm sorry you died. I shielded you, and I healed you. Next time take a minute to look around and see what the three adds your big bear butt pulled are pounding on and taunt them off the priest!" 27. "My big bear butt? I don't think so; I seem to recall a priest that didn't fade fast enough Psychic Screaming an orc into that pack of dogs. Don't make me re-spec and show you how a real healer heals.""Pfft, like a Druid could ever out heal a priest. Anyway I'm done with this conversation; we can complete the quest tomorrow. Tonight I'm seeing Deanna."Yep they're playing WoW. 28. "Hey you, come here. Did you miss this as much as I did?""Bet. Hey, how come I'm always waiting for you to grow up?""I'm just lucky that way.""Good thing you know it too.""I'm gonna kiss you first this time though.""Better hurry it up." 29. "Are you sure about this Deanna?""Hello, I'm in your bed naked.""I can see