Familiar Faces - Chapter Twenty Nine: Blasphemous Rumours (part one)

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  • 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces - Chapter Twenty-Nine - Blasphemous Rumours (part one)

2. I bet you thought we were dead, didn't you? I'm sorry for the long delay between chapters. Shortly after twenty-eight was released I had to do a hood rebuild. That took quite a bit of time due to the size of the hood.Due to the delay I'll give you a short recap. Very short.Currently generation six heiress Emma Familiar is married to Aldric Davis, of La Fiesta Tech. They have one son named Frankie. Frankie is adorable. During their time in University, Aldric's brother Almeric, caused problems for the couple. He seemed to want to marry Emma himself. When his plans failed, he ran off and hasn't been seen (by the family) since.Recently, Almeric returned to town. It appears that he is trying to stir up more trouble. Almeric's current focus is his nephew Frankie. Almeric has a problem though, his mother; she's dead but she seems to have some degree of influence over him. 3. "And then teacher turned around and looked straight at Ewan. How'd she know he was the one that did it huh? Are teachers like Mommies? Do they have eyes in the backs of their heads?" 4. "Why are we going this way Daddy? Home's that other way.""We aren't going home kid. Just sit still and shut up, we have a long drive. I don't want to listen to you the whole way." 5. That did not sound like Daddy. Daddy did not call him kid. He calls him Frankie or buddy or sometimes Francis Robert Familiar. When Daddy uses his full name, he knows that he is in trouble."Who are you? You aren't my Daddy." 6. "You're pretty perceptive aren't you kid." 7. "I'm at the soccer park Aldric and Frankie isn't here. The boys believe that you picked him up early. Is Frankie with you?""I'm still at work, hon. I'm going to be here for awhile I'm on deadline. I thought you were going to pick Frankie up.""You're going to have to miss your deadline. Aldric, you better get over here, someone has our son." 8. "How were we supposed to know that it wasn't Aldric? The guy looked like Aldric, and Frankie thought it was his Dad.""You were told that Emma would be picking Frankie up from practices. If there had been a change in plans, someone would have let you know. You can't just let kids run off with any stranger that shows up, boys." Elliot Capp chastised the two teens that had volunteered to coach the childrens soccer team."But that's what we're telling you it wasn't a stranger. It was Aldric. Why would we question Uncle Aldric picking up Frankie? It's not like we don't know him." 9. "We're going to have to face it Emma, it's pretty obvious who has Frankie. The only one that could and would impersonate Aldric is his brother. Almeric must have Frankie.""That's not possible Elliot, what would Almeric want with Frankie?""Who's Almeric?" Erasmus Goth asked. 10. "Almeric is Aldric's twin brother, he is the one that was responsible for Aldric's death in UNI when we were first engaged. No one has seen him since he ran off after the court session. Almeric killed Aldric to get to me, but I wasn't willing to trade brothers. What would he want with Frankie?""Maybe he thinks he can use Frankie to lure you to him?" Elliot replied. "He wanted to marry the legacy heiress, you're still the heiress maybe he's trying a new tactic.""Number one I'm already married. Number two Frankie's the next heir. Even if I have more children, that won't change. Number three if Almeric thinks I'd let him touch me he's crazy.""Almeric being crazy is already a given Sis, anything past that we won't think about yet." 11. "So uh shouldn't we call someone? Like the police?" asked Egeus."No not the police we need to call someone that knows what they're doing," replied his Aunt. 12. "Dad I need you!" 13. "Mister? Why do you look like my Dad? Why did you pick me up instead of him? Where are we going? Are we almost there? Is my Dad going to be there? Is it a surprise? Will my Mom be there? Will 'Lisha?""Kid?""Yeah Mister?""Do you ever shut up" 14. "Nope, Granma says my mouth is 'like a babbling brook that never goes dry'. Grandpa says it's cause I'm 'the most outgoing Familiar ever, and that's saying something cause almost all Familiars are outgoing'. Except Uncle Dwight, sometimes it's like Uncle Dwight is grumpy but really, he's just shy. Well sometimes Uncle Dwight IS grumpy, he's got the mean streak. But he's not as grumpy as Grandpa always is.""Okay kid let's play a game. You like games right?""Sure! I like playing my computer game best but I also like Don't Wake the Llama. I'm good at that game. Almost as good as Elijah and he's awesome at it. I don't really like chess all that much. But, its fun to watch Zeke cheat Ezra. I really want to play Mahjong. Nobodies allowed to play that anymore, though." 15. "Why not?" as soon as he asked, he cursed to himself for being pulled in by the kid's incessant chatter. "Never mind don't tell me. We're going to play the quiet game okay. That sound like fun?""What's the quiet game?""It's when we see who can be quiet the longest and the one that wins gets a prize.""What type of prize? Ice Cream!""Sure kid if you can stay quiet until we get where we're going, you can have ice cream." He mumbled to himself about the likely hood of finding Ice Cream where they were going and likened it to finding lemonade in hell. 16. "Has the game started yet? How long until we get there? Where is there?" At the rate, he was going Frankie was going to lose the game before it started."Kid just shut up!" The man was loosing his patience; he needed to concentrate on the drive. He really hoped they'd get there before dark. If it got dark before they got to the valley, she would find him, and then there'd be no hope in keeping the kid safe. 17. About that, time Aldric showed up at the soccer park looking a bit flushed from racing across town, and a bit confused as to what was going on."Don't worry Aldric, everything's going to be okay. We'll find your brother before anything happens to Frankie." Elliot grabbed his brother in law in a comforting embrace. "I'm going to gather up my kids, and take them to Mom's. After that Deanna and I will head over to Dad's. We'll help Titania hold down the fort. If you need us to do anything, just call."Elliot let go of Aldric, turned around and called out to his boys. "Ezra! Zeke! Come on guys we need to get going." 18. "What did Elliot mean? Find my brother before anything happens to Frankie?""Elliot thinks that Almeric must have Frankie. The person who picked him up was, apparently impersonating you, and Almeric has a history of trying to do that." 19. "What would my brother want with my son?" Aldric still had difficulty in seeing Almeric, as anything more than an uptight bully. "If he wanted to meet his nephew, wouldn't the proper thing be to call? Or drop by the house?""I think it's more that Almeric wants my heir. It just happens that my heir is also his nephew." Emma shook her head, "I don't know that Almeric has Frankie, and if he does I don't know why. Elliot was jumping to conclusions. Maybe he wanted to take him for Ice Cream. Uncle Dwight used to swoop down and take us kids off for the afternoon all the time.""I'm sure that Uncle Dwight told your parents what he was doing. It might have been a surprise to you. I doubt it was a surprise to David or Titania." 20. "Well yeah, that's probably true. They always acted surprised, when we told them.""Emma, Almeric isn't going to all of a sudden decide that he wants to be an Uncle. I might, have problems seeing him turning psychopathic killer. But, I don't see him turning into a loving Uncle either. Did you call the police?""Uh, no but, Dad's on his way." Right then there was a small sonic boom and Emma looked up at the sky. "In fact, I think Dad's here now." 21. As Emma said that, two teams appeared and faced each other in the sky above the soccer field. 22. The good guys___________ Puck Summerdream, Pamela Indie, Colette Familiar, and Delilah Familiar 23. And the not that bad of guys.________________ Randy Indie, David Familiar, Kitty Familiar and Bottom Goth 24. Aldric let out a gasp, "Whoa! Where'd they come from? You never told me your Dad could fly!""The Criminal Masterminds don't use their flight packs all that often. The Captain Heroes usually protest when they do. They say that flight, is an advantage they should get to keep for themselves. I'm guessing, this falls under extenuating circumstances.""Hi Dad!" Egeus said as he waved to his father, Puck Summerdream."Mom! You gotta tell Aunt Em that it's not our fault!" 'Ras started, but cut short when Bottom Goth gave him the look. "Uh, sorry Mom, I know we aren't supposed to bug you when you're working." 25. "Hello, Hat Woman. What are you and your group of do gooders doing here? This isn't a kitten stuck in a tree. This is serious business, you might chip a nail.""Good thing I always carry a file, isn't it, Davey Wavey?" 26. "Frammit Colette! How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? Show me the respect of my proper title. I let you wear the hat, don't I?""Let me? No Dave, there's no letting involved when it comes to the hat. I won the right to wear the hat years ago. Of course, you claim, that you gave it up because your wife asked you to. Ha! We know the truth, don't we Grumpy Green Giant?" 27. "My name, is The Davestroyer!""The only destruction we ever see, is my team, destroying yours. Week, after week, down at the Justice Bowl.""So, you've gotten lucky a few times this year? The Primpmeister sprained his thumb, and you keep scheduling our matches during full sunlight. Countess Fang can't sub for him until after dark, and you know it.""Wah wah wah!" 28. "They're supposed to be helping us?" Aldric asked his wife."It's just a ritual they have to go through. They're almost done with the insult portion of the program. Once that's