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  • 1. Welcome back to Familiar FacesChapter Five: Growing up Legacy part Two

2. When last we left the Familiars our heiress; Betty, had just turned teen. She rolled romance with a want to WooHoo with twenty. We were thrilled. 3. Youngest Bob, had just turned into an adorable child, this time we really were thrilled. 4. And middle child Barbie, feeling neglected by all the festivities, went back to catching more boots for the families produce stand. Again, we were thrilled. 5. Abe the perma plat house husband is meandering aimlessly between the garden, the produce stand and the dogs that are constantly in need of baths.Chloe's ghost finally made an appearance, doomed to dress as Captain Hero for all eternity, Chloe is not a happy ghost. 6. It could be worse. Chloe could be forced to wear a diving suit for all eternity. Dina is still slowly working her way up the adventure career ladder. 7. And the Dogs? Well they continue to get along famously. 8. One evening when we least expected it a member of the coalition of Ugly Sims for Uglacies stopped by to plead the case of turning this legacy into an uglacy.Oh wait no that's just a headmaster. 9. Barbie was brave and managed to greet him without being eaten. But after being greeted he just walked off the lot. No goodbye, no you suck, no memories of Bob failing to get into private school, he just left.And though we were confused we were also relieved. We weren't sure if apes would eat blacked bass. 10. Abe set down his drink long enough to remind me that glitchy headmasters is another reason why I don't do the home business thing. If the business is open when the HM comes they can glitch into a customer and shop, if the business is closed they can glitch into a would be customer and leave. 11. And so that was the end of Familiar Fruits, Vegetables, and Boots. The next day Abe closed down the shop, stuck all the fresh produce back in his inventory where it will most likely be until it's transferred to Betty's inventory.I've built them an Orchard/Produce Stand on a community lot, but it will be at least another generation before they can afford to purchase it. I kinda went overboard with it and they still need to rebuild the house here before buying more property. 12. That evening Bob had a more successful headmaster visit from the "I have no interest in anything so don't you dare try to talk to me, you little snot" headmaster. And Bob's in private school, wheee!It's so not a thrill anymore, all my kids go to private school no matter how much money they have or how badly their house sucks. 13. Dina there's no need to be suicidal, Bob got into private school.Jeeze fortune parents, they go a bit overboard don't they? 14. "I was just trying to convince her to fulfill my want to call a repairman.""It won't work honey, I've had that want for three weeks. Just watch, she'll make me repair it after I help Bob with his homework."You're max mechanical Abe, there's no reason to call a repairman EVER! Get over it already. 15. It's fall! Skill bonus time!Time for everyone to get busy! 16. Eh rm, I didn't mean that kinda busy. 17. Yeah that's more like what I meant.I finally broke down and bought the work stations even though no one was willing to roll a want for them. Immediately after getting them both Dina and Abe rolled wants for all badges. I've locked Abe's toy badge want so that hopefully soon we won't have to do the daily dog bath ritual. 18. Dina has finally reached her goal of becoming a Dread Pirate, all those long hours of practice in the tub payed off in the end. She'll be a Dread Pirate for all of 48 hours, before she gets another promotion. That does not stop her from spending the rest of her life replaying her days of glory on the high seas every time she sees a tub."I get to keep the uniform, right?"Sure, except the hat, I haven't found the hat yet. 19. Where ya going little guy? It's six am. If you're hungry you'll need to use the easy bake, your parents won't be up for a few hours yet."Not hungry" 20. "Gotta compost the trash."Okay then.I've had more than my share of adults with compactor fixation. But this is the first kid I've had with it. Just one reason why I love him. 21. "Yeah well you wouldn't love him so much if it was your head stuck in this pile of garbage fixing the compactor."Probably not, but that's why I have you Abe *hugs* 22. "What no cake! Betty got a cake, this is soo favoritism."Betty only got a cake cause it was Bob's birthday too. It wasn't my fault he couldn't wait long enough to use it. I clicked on you so you could get the swarm, I coulda just let you grow up alone on your own with no fanfare or pictures. 23. Barbie rolled family and like her uncle before her wants to reach the top of the education career."I can't even have an original lifetime want. gah!"Well this one you'll probably be able to achieve, if you want we can reset that to marry off six children and you can die in aspiration failure rather than perma plat."Never mind I have better things to do than talk to you." 24. "Gotta practice for my first kiss want."Well you just do that. 25. Not to be undone by her younger sister, Betty starts looking for a first kiss target as well. She's gonna be picky about it though."I don't have time for teenage boys, I want to woohoo with MEN!" 26. Betty finally settles for fellow romancer, teen cashier Eric Buckingham."So can I see you again sometime?""I don't think so Eric, I just didn't want to embarrass myself in front of a real man by being surrounded by stupid hearts." 27. Pet birth is so much calmer than sim birth, no fake screaming or yelling for Lady. She just settles down into a sparkle of lights. 28. Welcome to the World Sassy and Maxi Familiar! 29. Maxi this has absolutely nothing to do with you and I don't want you to be upset, but we can't have anymore extra dogs here. I think you're absolutely adorable and I know you're gonna make someone a wonderful pet. In fact I know of a family on the other side of town that has twins that are just about to grow up and as soon as they do they're gonna wanna get a puppy. 30. *chants to self* It's not like the real pound, it's not like the real pound.I really have a hard time doing this. But I know the Boards are gonna love Maxi to pieces. 31. Sassy Familiar is a Gemini with a bit more balanced personality than her father, which is good.She's not a total doofus, kinda hyper, friendly, aggressive and a pigpen. Another dog that will start fights and need a bath everyday. Joy. 32. All those trees that Abe wanted come back and bite his kids in the butt. Betty hates to clean cause she's sloppy, Barbie hates to do anything that requires movement cause she's lazy. 33. And then we have Bob, Wright love him.Bob cheers every time I tell him to put something in the composter. 34. The other reason I love this kid is he loves to skill, and he's good at it. All right, maybe he's not that coordinated but he racks up the body points for a scholarship in one go. Betty needed two baths before she could complete her body skill and Barbie? well Barbie's still not done. 35. Winter has set in and the girls have one more thing to do before Betty can be sent to UNI. They have to make friends with each other. Herculeam task here, they have nothing in common except their extreme sibling rivalry. 36. They do eventually become friends. Here they are planning for all the toga parties and beer bashes they are gonna have once they hit the greek house.Betty's still able to give you headaches eh Dina? Not like you set that great of an example with your constant buy me a bar fixation. 37. Snickers meantime is making friends with his future spouse. Win em while they're young, that's his motto. 38. Dina keeps on moving up the ranks of the Adventure ladder, thankfully she's a fortune sim and wants to gain the skill points she needs in order to get to the top. 39. Unfortunately she's a lazy, playful sim with three bolt attraction to her stalking husband. I know I told her to go practice charisma in the mirror."Betty needed a bubble bath so she shooed me out, sides this is more fun!"There's FIVE bathrooms Betty! *head desk* 40. Barbie's ready for her first kiss, she's been practicing all winter, and she's sure she's got the technique down pat. 41. She asks her best friend Juan on a date and he's more than happy to comply. 42. While Barbie's out talking up Juan; Betty is formulating a plan.Betty and Barbie may be friends now but Betty is the romance sim and letting little sis have even one male, even if it is one that Betty practically barfed in her hand over, just doesn't sit well. 43. Betty? Really a fire?"They'll run in here and scream and shout and their hygiene will plummet and then Juan will decide he needs to leave."Not working, firetrucks are blazing outside, but neither Barbie or Juan is paying attention to them. 44. And Barbie scores her first kiss, while the firemen go running into the house. 45. *roll knowledge, roll knowledge, roll knowledge*In a flash of lights it's time for Bob's Birthday! Come on Bobby roll knowledge and be the geek I know you want to be! 46. Pleasure?! Pleasure?!? What the Frick Bob?! Pleasure?!?!?!Bob rolls Pleasure, wants to be a Celebrity Chef.I don't love you any more. 47. I'm outa here! I'm gone!Send me a Taxi, I want MEN! 48. Betty's off to UNI she'll wait at the dorms till her sibs are ready to join her. See ya in a bit Betty."Laters! I saw a really cute guy in there and I'm off to fulfill my dreams." 49. Sassy does not look thrilled to be growing up."There are fortune sims here, you're gonna make me get a job now." 50. And it won't be showbiz.Sassy is an interesting mix of genetics. She's got her father's coloring and ears with her mother's fuzzy coat and tail. 51. Come on you l