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  • 1.Welcome back to Familiar Faces!Chapter Twenty Three - Don't Fear The Reaper - Part One

2. "Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap!"No matter how she turned it around in her head Denise figured she was doomed. All the way home from the secret society lot she'd been trying to think of a way to break the news to Emma and now she was home and still hadn't come up with a good solution. If she was lucky everyone would be in bed and she could somehow possibly rationalize not waking them up. It wasn't like there was anything that could be done tonight anyway, might as well let Em have one night of happy engagement dreams.*KATHUNK! KATHUNK! KATHUNK*"Crap" 3. *KATHUNK! KATHUNK! KATHUNK*"I could just turn around, head over to the dorms and crawl into bed with Dane; he'd be happy to see me."But Demi and Chay hadn't raised a coward, and Denise knew she couldn't put off the inevitable. Someone had to tell Emma that Aldric was dead. It would be better hearing it from a friend and a cousin than from the campus police. 4. *KATHUNK! KATHUNK! KATHUNK*"Emma could you stop that a minute, and sit down? I . . . I need to talk to you.""So talk I can hear you just fine.""Em it's important, please just sit down." 5. "Fine, I'm sitting what's the problem? Hey is Aldric with you? He told me he'd be stopping by once everything was done at the SS house. He's going to give me my ring, make our engagement official.""Yeah well about that, you know it's kinda funny really. Okay so it's not funny"Denise hurriedly explained the situation to Emma how after her initiation ceremony was over and while everyone had been gathering around congratulating her on her acceptance into the Familiarity Foundation the foundations cowplant Aubrey had caked and apparently Aldric had been drawn in and attempted futilely to fight the plant for her cake slice. 6. "Well that was a really stupid thing for him to do, really really stupid. He knows what grabbing the cake does; he knows that the magic of playability isn't as simple as birthday cake and besides he's already secured playability. It's not like he's a knowledge sim with a death wish. I'm assuming you ressed him right? You did res him didn't you Denise?""I tried to res him.""What do you mean you TRIED?""I tried to res Aldric but it didn't work" 7. "The sweet sound of bitter grief is cleansing my soul, perhaps now the Familiars will understand what it's like to no longer being in control of ones own fate." 8. Emma's crying brought the rest of the house running."Em what's wrong, Denise what's going on here, why's she crying like this?" Elliot and Elle tried to comfort Emma but they couldn't make much out of what she was trying to say. All they could get out of her was "He's dead" before she'd start wailing again.Bo and Delphy exchanged a glance; it was obvious to them that Emma wasn't going to explain.Delphy glared at her little sister "Denise what's going on here? What happened? Who's dead?""Aldric's dead, I tried to res him Del honestly I did but Grim wouldn't let me." 9. "What? Why wouldn't he let you res Aldric? There was plenty of money in the foundation fund right? There better have been, Uncle Bob's been sending regular contributions to the foundation for generations. Wright knows they don't use the money to hire maids." Bo had been disgusted by the general slovenly appearance of the Foundation house when she'd been there for her induction a few semesters earlier."I don't know why he wouldn't let me res him, not exactly. There was plenty of money and I told him that Aldric was Emma's fiance and that we needed a full res But then Grim started spouting numbers and codes at me at said that it was unfortunate but that he couldn't do what I asked, at least not yet. There was something about a resurrection abuse lawsuit and papers that were supposedly sent to us. I didn't understand what he was saying; I've never seen any papers." 10. At the mention of papers Emma looked up. She seemed to be calming down somewhat; the initial wave of despair had been quenched with a single word - yet. Yet signified hope, as long as there was a yet there was something that could be done."There was something in the mail a few weeks ago, right after we got back from Twikki. It was in with the bills and such; I didn't really look at the envelope I just set it on the table in the TV room with the meal vouchers.""I'll go look" said Elle. Elle never felt comfortable around emotional outbursts she never really knew what she should do when someone cried, and was happy to have something tangible to do. Elle quickly found the envelope along with a few past due bills. Elle shook her head, those would need to be paid immediately; Denise would have a conniption if the Repo man paid the house a call. 11. Returning to the living room Elle read the envelope to everyone else. "It says it's a 'Notification of Revocation of Resurrection Rights Pending Review' return address is G. Reaper -Judge and Jury of the Death Court. That has to be Grim.""Cripes Emma you get a letter from Grim and you didn't even bother to open it? How irresponsible can you be? Someone please save us from Pleasure Seekers!" Always quick silver in her emotions Delphy was prone to lashing out when something upset her world."Del now's probably not the best time for you to get on her case about that, come on." Bottom was pleasure as well. 12. "I'm just saying, that maybe she should have read it before now. Elle open it up and see if you can figure anything out you're the law student here."Elle scanned the documents within the envelope "I don't know guys, I've still got three semesters before I even start my internship. Obviously these are legal documents, but I've never heard of a death court or resurrection abuse before. The complainant is listed as Suzi Philippine. With co-complainants listed only as the Familiarity Foundation Council of Superiority. I've never heard of a Council of Superiority in the Foundation before.""Suzi's that weird zombie that was placeholder here before Puck moved in right?" Denise asked"Yeah she's kinda whacked Mom said that she fell hard for Uncle Dwight back when he was here and she never seemed to grasp the concept of him being a romance sim. She ended up catching him with some one else back when I was a kid and never really got over it." Delphy shrugged 13. "I remember something Suzi said way back when Em and I were freshmen about how 'they' - and she never defined who 'they' were - were going to be voting regarding seeking legal recourse for past zombifications done by the family. I really never gave it much thought after that though, I figured it was just Suzi talking out her backside." Elliot turned to his sister. "Look Em you know Deanna and I are heading to Mom's tomorrow why don't I drop you off at Dad's and you can talk to him about it; maybe he can give you some advice on where we stand. I'll see if Robert knows anything about death court as well, he may have heard something about it when he was a cop.""I want to go too" chimed in Elle "We're going to need to talk with a real legal representative about this and I don't even know who represents the family now that Uncle Clint's gone. Besides there's no way I'm going to pass up the chance at home cooking." 14. The next day Elliot and Deanna dropped his sisters off at their parent's house and then started across town to Juliet's house. Elliot wanted to make a stop before going home though. There was something he'd been meaning to do for quite awhile and now seemed exactly the right time to do it. 15. "What are we doing at the park Eli? Your Mom is going to be upset if we're late and you know who she'll blame." Deanna wasn't looking forward to spending a weekend with the McCauley's she loved Elliot but she did not love his mother. The feeling was mutual."It's a nice day and I just wanted to stop by and see it, nostalgia maybe?" Elliot shrugged "I remember us playing here as kids it seemed so huge. But you know it's not even a quarter of a block." 16. "Life's like that though isn't it? As we get older we view things differently. Sometimes our perceptions change. Take this park, when we were kids this park was as big as the world there was a new adventure to be found under every rock and in every corner. Remember that?""Um hmm, I remember." Deanna smiledElliot took Deanna's hands in his. "I loved you even then. I loved you because you were my friend and because you shared those adventures with me. Then we weren't kids any more and we didn't come to the park as often and when we did it was different, it was smaller but it was still an adventure. Would you hold my hold my hand? Would you let me kiss you? Maybe I'd get lucky and you'd make out with me on that bench over there.""I remember that too" This time Deanna's smile was a little more mischievous "I have fond memories of that bench over there." 17. "I loved you then, not just because you were my friend but because you were my girl and because you let me kiss you sometimes. Now we're adults and I love you more than ever before. The park is smaller than it was back then but it's still a nice place to start an adventure." Elliot reached into his pocket and then got down on one knee. "Deanna Indie, if you'll take this ring I'll promise you an adventure that will last a lifetime." 18. The ring was just a formality that needed to be taken care of, there was never any doubt regarding Deanna's answer. Of all the couples I've had in my game Elliot and Deanna are the two most devoted to each other, there are no excess memories of other people in their panels, no stray crushes because of a casual friendly flirtation. I'm pretty sure they decided to get married back when they were kids; and it only took me a little longer to catch on. 19. When Elliot and Deanna had dropped Emma and Elle off at their parents house, Elle walked straight in but Emma stood on the sidewalk a while and just stared at the house. She'd promised