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  • 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces!Chapter Thirteen: Kids, Families and Match Making

2. When last we left the Familiar's Cassandra had just given birth to twins Dwight and Demi. Cass apparently gained a bit extra weight during her pregnancy, which doesn't bother Cary in the least bit."There's just more of her to love!"The twins will be spares since I go by the rule of the eldest is always heir.The Familiar family has grown a lot this generation and I will be introducing various members at various times, if at any point you become confused as to who is who (very easy to do) you might want to pop over to ndainye.tribalpages.com and check the family tree. 3. And we already have an heir in eldest child of the generation David Familiar. Whatcha doing there David?"I wanna know what's happening at other people's houses, our house is boring! Nobody pinches the maid, there's no nanny playing in the water wiggler and there's no zombies in our hot tub."Well if you don't stop spying on the neighbors there will be some excitement here, your Great- Uncle Darren will come running over here and spank your bottom."Nu uh! Last time he tried that I just showed him the pictures I took with this scope and he gave me $50 and told me to keep quiet." 4. Betty is still taking a day here and there to run Familiar Fruits and Veggies. Between her sales skills and Adonis's managerial skills the stars keep mounting. Most of the earned perks so far have been put into connections but we also put some into mood and motivation. Perma plat three times over Betty can do a few rally forth's and then go out back and energize to regain whatever motives she lost in the process. 5. Of course Adonis does most of the grunt work both at the business and at home. And he never fails to complain about doing his chores. Adonis is a perma plat romance servo and like the majority of the family is super messy and hates to clean. Too bad for him his programing overrides his personality. 6. "You know Adonis, most people try to offer me bribes to get their kids into private school, but this family never does that. It's good to see that there are still honest people in the world that recognize that there's no such thing as a free lunch." 7. "Very few *crunch murphll* families these *mfaluu* days seem to *munch welius* recognize the value of a good education. *mufwad owuea* Our school offers the kids so much more than just *shovel swoua* three r's. Our etiquette lessons are *slurp* based directly off the directives of Emily Post. There's nothing more *munch crunch* important in life than a well rounded education. *Belch* Wonderful meal as usual, we'll be pleased to David in our school." 8. David loves private school, he especially likes the etiquette courses taught by headmaster Eric. Of course David doesn't have to study very hard to emulate Eric his beautiful table manners come naturally. 9. In the last chapter I think I gave Cary and Cass a bit of a bad rep as careless parents. They aren't bad parents at all, they constantly have wants to interact with one child or another, it's just that they are more likely to be pillow fighting with each other until they pass out than actually doing any of the things they roll wants to do with their children. 10. "Nervous, I've noticed that you've been a little bit critical of the way that we run this business. And so I thought that now that we are best friends that I would offer you the opportunity to learn first hand just what a quality establishment we run here." 11. And so Nervous learned a valuable lesson, don't complain to the management of Familiar Fruits and Veggies or you may soon find yourself an underpaid shop clerk trying desperately to figure out how the keys on the cash register work. 12. Hiring an extra employee put a small crunch on the fruit stand's budget but it gave Adonis more time to push the poorer quality stock off on unsuspecting shoppers."Joe, Joe! Forget the tasty and mouth watering apples, you don't need em. Bland is where it's at these days. I'm telling you Joe; Bland is the new white, you can't go wrong with a bland apple." 13. Back at the ranch petacy heir Buffy grew into an adult. She has the same markings as her mother Daisy but her lighter fur coloring comes down from her great grandmother Sassy. 14. Meanwhile, Betty decided to call up an old friend and renew his affection. Her relationship panel showed her as having a crush on Jonah but no longer being in love with him. Her panels and memories confused me since the number of loves in them didn't match up. Before she invited Jonah over I couldn't tell if she was at 19 or 21 she either needed to fall in love with one or fall out of love with two and in love with one more. 15. But falling back in love with Jonah worked! Lifetime want number four is down. Twenty Simult loves for Betty. Four's enough for Betty since her next lifetime want is to be a rock god, which at her age isn't possible. 16. "I don't get it Jenn, she comes home from work every day I don't get what the big deal is."I don't either David, but that's a family sim for you. If she'd bring home a bookcase I could see a reason for celebration but just coming home isn't that interesting to me. 17. Speaking of celebrations it's time for twin toddler tossing. Spin those babies and lets see what happens! 18. The sims in this household show the wide range of personalities that can fall under the same zodiac sign.Dwight is a Sagittarius but he's not like any Sag I've ever had before at 7/2/10/7/3 he's neat(?), shy, active, playful and mean. 19. Demi on the other hand is a more typical Sagittarius, at 1/8/9/8/3 she's messy, outgoing, active, playful and mean.Six out of the seven sims in the house currently are Sag's, Cass as a Cancer is the only oddball. Looking at these guys I figure that active and playful are the base personalities for Sags, since all of them are 8-10 active and playful. Besides those two things in common they vary greatly on the rest Dwight is neat and shy, Betty and Adonis are nice. David, Cary and Demi are messy, outgoing and mean. 20. "Why won't they give me an A+? I've been to school three times already, I even do my homework. It's embarrassing that Chris already has an A+ and I don't. I'm the heir they should pander to me!" 21. ". . . And that's how you get them to give you an A+ Master David""Of course, of course how simple is that? I should have thought of it myself. Thank you Iago!" 22. "I'm sure that you understand that as the heir to the legacy it's very important that I'm seen as the leader of my generation. I'm also sure that you understand that as the heir to the legacy I have an army of undead minions at my beck and call and of course it would be a shame if my minions had to come and speak to you personally Mr. Todd. Yes, yes I can tell that you do understand, thank you Mr. Todd."1 nice point. 23. It's a sad day for the family and for the staff of Familiar manor when Grim comes to collect Smokey and send him to the great beyond. Since Grim wants no trouble from the devil dog he once again brings a wolf companion with him for protection. The wolf was unneeded Smokey had mellowed greatly in his elder hood and went peacefully. 24. As sad as the passing of any pet is there's no fear that the toddler's of the Familiar house will miss out on doggy cuddles. There's almost always a doggy handy when a cuddle is wanted. 25. If there wasn't a doggy around Jack-in-the-box is always willing to be squeezed as well. 26. Cass took care of most of the toddler training this go round, she's the only non perma plat adult in the household so she's always looking for an aspiration boost. But twins are a handful so everyone pitches in and help out as well. 27. Daddy takes care of the tickles and talks that are needed to keep the twins plat for their grow up and earns himself two more best friends in the process. 28. Training and tickles done it's time for transitions. I don't do parties for every birthday and Dwight's so shy that his panel never lost the fear of a party while he was a toddler so they had a quiet family celebration. 29. The twins have very different facial features than David but the two of them are remarkably similar. Both of the twins have pudgier almost lumpy faces and wide mouths. 30. They are also lacking longer 'Pinocchio' nose that David got from Cary. 31. "Davey? Mom and Dad have to work today and Mom got Grandma coming to watch me so that I'm not alone with the Nanny all day, you gotta talk her into bringing you and the twins with her. I'm gonna invite Chris too so we can have the initial meeting of the first circle for this generation." 32. With no parent's around the first circle gets to spend some quality time with Grandma over at Johnny and Cher's. Betty makes sure to impart all the secrets of her success to her grandchildren."You gotta start with a good foundation, you don't want something that's gonna start to shine half way thru the day." 33. "That was soo cool Celeste! We are gonna have so much fun once we all get to UNI. The first circle is gonna rock the campus this generation. Thanks for inviting us all over. I'll see you next week at my party. Grandma's promised that she's gonna get everyone to come it's gonna be great! 34. "Hiss boss, why are we here? If you need fresh produce we got that in abundance at the safe house There's no need to go shopping for any. Sides I hear they try to push the poor quality stuff off on customers here. We don't want any bland oranges to mess up our orangeade.""Hush Misty, my aunt owns this place they only sell the bland stuff to townies, family always gets the good stuff. I just stopped by cause I heard a rumor that they've got a secret weapon here. The army needs weapons. I don't know why Aunt Betty didn't bring this to us for the army first before going publ