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  • 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces - Chapter Twenty - Eight: . . . Burning

2. "Why won't you leave me alone Mother? What do I need to do to prove myself to you?""You know what you must do Almeric, you must right the wrongs to correct your mistakes. It is your own fault.""It was an accident I didn't mean to Mother.""I will not accept your excuses any longer Almeric." 3. "Go get it boy!""How many times can he throw that thing? We've been out here for three hours already. I'm not a pup anymore, I need my rest, I'm hungry and I really gotta pee!Thankfully Eddie was saved by the bell when Aldric's cell phone rang. 4. "Oh hey Doyle whatcha got for me?""Finally! Eat, sleep or pee? Eat, sleep or pee?"Really? Well that's interesting though it still doesn't explain why.""I know I'll go try to sleep but be too hungry and too far into bladder distress to actually get any rest so I'll roam back and forth between the four pet beds trying unsuccessfully trying to get comfortable until one of the other peoples in the house wants to play razzle. Razzle!""Let me think this over a bit I may have you do some more research for me. I really do appreciate you looking into this for me. We'll see you and the family soon I hope, talk to you later bud." 5. "Can't talk late, School Bus! Bye!"They grow up so fast, sniff. Frankie's obviously off for his first day at school. Generally kids get one day in public school and we do the private school headmaster scenario so that they'll only have to have one day at public school. It's particularly important to me to get the playful ones (like Frankie) into private school as soon as possible. If they have their birthday on a Friday or Saturday they normally get to skip the public school bit all together. 6. Frankie's first day at school was also Emma's first day at work ever. She never rolled a want to get a job and the family doesn't really need an income from her so while she was still working on lifetime want number one I let her be a lazy pleasure sim. Now that she's got a lifetime want that's career related (education) she gets to be productive. At this point all of the adults in the house are perma plat since Aldric topped Journalism and reached his lifetime want recently. 7. With both Frankie and Emma out of the house Dave's apparently a little bit bored. 8. So was Titania. Titania still works most days though I am trying to let her use up her vacation days. She's never made a request to retire or to quit her job so she's still mostly working full time. 9. The two of the quickly realized that they had the house to themselves for the first time in ages, probably since Cary and Cass took their kids to the beach house many many moons ago. Together they quickly found a way to remedy their boredom. 10. Thankfully they were done by the time that Frankie was getting off the school bus so he was only scarred by the creepy grin of the driver and not by nekkid grandparents on the couch. 11. Eric the headmaster stopped by that evening to cheer wildly in the foyer, the study and a couple of bathrooms. He then scarfed down a plate of pork chops with his normal delicacy of manners and quickly announced that Familiar Academy would love to have Frankie on their student roll. The threats David made back when he was a kid seem to still be working and now the threats are backed by fully stocked Criminal Mastermind's arsenal. Eric's not as dumb as he looks. 12. "I just don't know what to make of it Dave, from what Doyle found out my Father transferred his family's home to my Mother about shortly after my brother and I were born. I can't help but think that there's a connection there he didn't sell it to her, unless you count trading a century old home for a single simoleon a sale.""Sounds more like a bribe to me and I have some experience with bribes.""Yeah but what would have he been bribing her to do?""Dunno, what was their relationship like?" 13. "Uh strained? They ran hot to cold, in public and mostly in front of us they were coldly polite to each other but when they didn't think anyone was around they'd go a few rounds.""They ever say why they got married?""Not to me. I figured it was because Dad came from money Mother wanted money. I don't think that he had as much as she thought he did or at least not as much as she wanted. He needed a wife that could move in the proper social circles and she could play the game when she felt like it." 14. "So social standing was important to him? Would a divorce have hurt that social standing you think?""Probably, I had a friend at school whose father went through a few wives even though he was one of the most successful business men in the city we weren't supposed to associate with Steve he was considered a bad influence. He was one of my best friends, mainly because he was unacceptable to my parents.""So maybe something happened and your Mom would have left but your Dad convinced her to stay?" 15. "I don't know what could have happened that would have made Mother think about packing her bags. She liked the lifestyle that Dad could provide, there wasn't tons of money but it was enough for the country club membership, the charity balls and the spa visits. It wasn't as if she ever acted as if she cared about him, I doubt they were ever in love.""Dad, Aldric needs to eat why don't you two come inside?" 16. "I don't think that we'll be able to find out why your father transferred his home to your mother. They're both deceased so unless we can find some documentation it's going to be a dead end. I have my guys watching the house though so if you think that there would be anything in the house they can check it out but they've been through it before and well from their reports I'd figure that anything that was there originally isn't there any longer. Between the fire and the neglect of the past few years it's all in a pretty sad state." 17. "What we really need is a good detective. You know someone like that Sim Spade*, I bet ya he'd be able to figure out your mystery!""Titania, Spade's fictional and besides he's not that good of a detective. Mostly he finds clues by having them dropped on his head and still he misses them half the time, he's only successful because he has good luck with sidekicks."______________ Sim Spade by PurplebunnySarah and ChrisTheS - Read It! 18. "That's not true Sim's very smart he just likes to let other people take the credit for his work, it makes him look less dangerous than he is.""Uh huh letting the cat figure it out sure was brilliant. I don't know what the women see in that guy. He's just a cad and a lout." 19. "Hey some of us like loutish cads from time to time!""Okay then. So other than hoping that Sim Spade will wander onto the scene and trip over something significant I really think that we need to be concentrating on the present not the past. I'm going to call the minions and step up the patrols on the Davis home. Any other suggestions?""We could have Gvaudion talk to people on campus, Almeric seemed to think that the secret society was a big deal he may have had friends there that he talked to. Is there anyone in particular you can think of Aldric?""Yeah I'll email her a list that's a good idea hon." 20. "Well if you think that there's evidence that someone's been in the house recently then I think we should step up on the surveillance. Go ahead and post people there twenty four seven. Tell the people that you post that they are just there for surveillance right now and they are not to move in on their own. From what I understand he's at best unstable and most likely dangerous. But I want to know the moment that there's a visual ID." 21. "Well I know that we're going to be pretty busy the next few weeks but this has to take priority over destroying the power plant; go ahead and leave Bud on the giant robot we shouldn't waste his badges while we've got him on the team.""Yeah okay kiss the boys goodnight for me Bo, I'll see you all at 'Lisha's party tomorrow." 22. 'Lisha aka Elisha being the second child of Elle and Dov Familiar hasn't been seen since she was an infant but she's about ready to grow into childhood. She's extremely shy so it makes sense that she hasn't been seen much to this point; the shyness is a bit of an aberration in a family that is mostly outgoing. That's okay though Elijah has nine points and he makes up for his sister's lack. 23. Elijah spent the morning practicing for his sister's birthday party: he and his 'friends' Larry, Darrel and Darrel have a rousing go at the Don't Wake the Llama game. By the time he beats the boys he figured he was good to go once the true gamers in the family gathered. 24. Unfortunately for Elijah the adults in his life didn't let him near the game once the party commenced in full swing. It was probably just as well as Dave isn't nearly as nice when he looses as Darrel squared would be. 25. Elijah had to satisfy himself with getting to know his cousin Frankie a bit better. Elisha's party was the first real opportunity that Frankie had gotten to socialize with his elder cousins and he'd been looking forward to it all week. 26. By the time that 'Lisha's spin commenced however most of the cousins had already excused themselves seeing it was past their curfews. Grrr your parent's are at the party you should be able to stay past seven pm. She'll have plenty of time to get to know them better in the coming seasons. 27. While Elijah is a mostly odd mix of his parent's Elisha is very much her mother remade at least looks wise. She does have Dov's brown hair but facial structure is Elle's from ears to chin. Other than her odd shyness her personality is taken from both of her parents seeing as she is highly playful and nice. 28. Being among the current youngest of the generation apparently has a few drawbacks. Because of their ages Frankie and 'Lisha had to miss out