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  • 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces!Chapter Twenty: Season's Greetings

2. Dear Family and Friends,I can't believe that it's time again for a holiday letter! During this Season last year Emma was just toddling around the tree and now she's almost an adult.It's amazing how time flies isn't it? 3. When last we were in contact we were sad to report the deaths of David's parents Cary and Cass. It's still a bit difficult for all of us. There's defiantly a presence missing in the household these days. 4. On the upside we were happy to report that David was successful in the spawning of plant spore baby that we have named Eva. Eva has many of David's, Familiar features. Like him she is a Sagittarius messy and mean while at the same time being outgoing, active and playful. She also looks very much like him. I believe that if she were to deplant she would look remarkably like Emma did at the same age minus of course the pointy ears that both Emma and Elle inherited from me. 5. Elle of course has become a teen. Since she has chosen to be a popularity sim, we rarely see her without a phone attached to her ear. Popularity suits her to a tee, she's always been my little chatterbox. 6. When she's not on the phone to her friends those friends are hanging out around the house. Every time I move I seem to fall over a teen these days. Elle wants to have at least twenty best friends and it's looking as if she'll accomplish that goal before she even leaves for university. 7. Of course the friend we are most likely to find at the dinner table is Elle's best buddy since childhood, her first cousin Denise Nova. Like her sister Delphine; Denise has striking looks having inherited the best mix of genes possible from both her Familiar and Nova ancestors. She and Elle have much in common and have always gotten along swimmingly. 8. As for Emma she's met a delightful young man named Komei and the two of them have been spending time together going to parties at the various houses around the neighborhood. Most of us adults want our kids to have connections to their extended family so that when they all get together at university they'll always have a friendly face around; and so there seems to be a teen gathering someplace almost every evening. 9. Emma and Elliot have become quite close friends. Juliet hasn't seemed too keen to let Elliot socialize much with the extended Familiar family, in part I'm sure because many of them seemed to turn their backs on her after she and David were no longer together. She has however been welcoming of Emma and through Emma, Elliot is being allowed to spread his wings a bit more. 10. Emma seems to enjoy spending time at their house, she reports that Juliet and Robert are always very nice to her. I'm not sure that I appreciate some of the things she picks up in their company though, Juliet seems to have a different view of what is fun and appropriate for kids than I do. 11. As for Elliot we haven't seen him around here much lately he's been spending much of his time in the company of Deanna Indie. Between her and his studies he's been rather busy. I don't wish it to sound as if he's ignored us, he hasn't done so at all. He and his father have managed to build a solid relationship that I can only see getting better as the years go by and Elliot is less under his mother's control. 12. As for Juliet she doesn't seem to happy about Elliot's relationship with young Deanna, and she's made her objections known to Deanna's parents Caleb and Pamela. Part of her aversion is the memory of her own teen relationship with my husband and how badly that turned out in the end. She doesn't want Elliot to experience the disappointment that can come if young love doesn't prove to be true. 13. But she seems to be honing in on Caleb's mental problems as the reason for her dislike of a possible alliance. I really think that Juliet has very little to worry over there. True Caleb took the death's of his parents hard, but Juliet didn't seem to have any concern over his mental facilities when she was jumping in the hot tub with him back in their own university days. 14. Bottom has reported in from University to let us know that everything is going well for her. She's been studying hard, maintaining an A+ average and has joined the family Greek house. The kids have decided that they will each spend a year in the dorms before heading to the Greek house. 15. She's also still spending a lot of time with David's Uncle Alexander Goth. Interesting isn't it that David's Uncle is now the same age as our children?At first we were a little concerned that some might frown at Bottom and Alex's relationship believing that the two of them were related in some manner, if one wanted to get technical Alex is Bottom's Step-Great-Uncle. But since their relationship is due only to David and my marriage we can't see how any would have true objections. It's not as if they are blood relations. 16. Of course Bottom and Delphy Nova are still best friends. I've never had much to object about their friendship though I do feel that Delphy is a bit wild and not always the best influence on Bottom. Delphy seems to bring a different young man home with her for every family gathering and it doesn't look like she'll be settling herself on any single one any time soon. 17. Puck doesn't have much time to call home, and when he does it's always full of apologizes for not calling sooner. He seems to be swamped in his studies now that he's chosen to major in philosophy. He says that his professors are really piling on the work these days. 18. I don't like the sound of him being overwhelmed in schoolwork and can only hope that he's been able to take some time to relax and have fun. While I expect all of the children to do well in school I don't want them to miss out on the excitement of their university experience. 19. I'll need to talk to him and let him know that it's okay to take a break now and then to have fun. These should be the best days of his life. 20. He did recently move into the Familiar family Greek house and take over the roll of Greek recruiter from the placeholder that had held the responsibility for the past generation. I'm glad that he's done that as I'm sure he'll be able to meet lots of new people while performing his role diligently. 21. As for Eva she has been a delightful addition to our family. Unlike our other children Eva didn't need any of the normal toddler training, she was born walking and talking. Like her father she needs no sleep in the form she is in and having inherited his fully maxed skills she has no need to do any skiling ever. The only things she seems to need are occasional baths and an endless supply of love that we are all willing to heap upon her. 22. Adonis has been brooding lately and he seems to be a bit frustrated with his role in the family. He recently topped the athletic career and completed his third lifetime want. The new lifetime want he received is for woohoo with twenty sims. While this would not be difficult for him to obtain he feels that he is being a bit ignored in his wants and needs. 23. I don't understand how he feels that he is ignored he gets plenty of dates and access to the wishing well whenever it's free. Seeing as how he is already permanently plat several times over in addition to being immortal it's not as if his new lifetime want has any pressing time restraints on it. 24. But he mumbles about how Eva seems to be demanding of his time and how he wasn't consulted over whether there needed to be another toddler in the house. He also reflects on how when 'Mr. Dwight' rolled the same want he was moved to a free and easy bachelor pad and yet here he, Adonis, remains saddled with family obligations. 25. In hopes of cheering Adonis up we have gotten a new dog to be Eddie's mate. Effie is a sweet little lady. Apparently the family has been trying for generations to breed in a different color of coat than the tan that's been standard since Tucker first joined the household. An adult dog was purchased rather than getting another puppy in order to ensure proper personality. 26. Over the past few generations the dogs have gotten more placid and less aggressive. This is seen as a good thing and are traits that we wish to continue to encourage. For now all seems to be going well. Effie and Eddie are hesitantly getting to know each other. We'll wait until after Eddie's father, Scotty has passed before attempting to encourage them to breed. 27. As for David and myself now that we have now each topped our selected careers we have more free time to be together and enjoy pursuing our favorite past times. While I'm not looking forward to growing older I am looking forward to our elder hood when we will be able to retire and spend long lazy days together. 28. The traditional heir and spouse paintings have been completed and added to the hall gallery. As is tradition David painted my portrait while I painted his. It's nice seeing our likenesses represented among those of David's ancestors and to know that they will remain for the many generations that will follow us. 29. We received word that Elliot had completed all of his pre-university requirements and had made the trek to campus. He'd been antsy for the previous few weeks since Deanna had already left and he was missing her dreadfully. I'm sure that Robert and Juliet are missing him now as are we. 30. Elliot has moved into the family dormitory, Bottom and Delphy have made him welcome and helped him to pick out a university wardrobe. They'll be staying in the dorm for another semester to help get Elliot and Emma settled before they move on to the Greek house. 31. Emma was chomping at the bit to join her brother but there were a few more things she needed to tie up before heading to University. David decided that it would be a good i