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  • How to Recruit Sales Professionals Glassdoor asked 1,000 sales professionals about their job search plans and how they like to be recruited. 68% plan to look for a new job in the next year 45% plan to look for a new job in the next three months 19% have no plans to look for a new job at all Top 5 Workplace Factors that Would Cause Sales Professionals to Leave Their Jobs: 1 2 3 Transparent about the pros & cons of different companies Work as hard for me as they do employers Knowledgeable about my experience 76% 64% 60% 5 Solid communication skills 6 Large network 33% 7 Not pushy 28% 8 Aggressive 12% 4 Someone with a strong understanding of the sales profession 55% Top 3 Recruitment Tactics that Work! Attributes of Recruiters Sales Professionals Most Value: What works best when reaching sales professionals: Feedback from Sales Professionals to Recruiters If youre looking to recruit, identify what attributes you can compete on and message to those in the interview process. Money Isnt Everything When sales professionals are making job decisions they trust the following sources for more information: 97% Friends 67% Current work colleagues 51% Family 40% of sales professionals read online reviews about a company before accepting a job offer 86% of sales professionals are more likely to apply to a company that a friend recommends Previous work colleagues 58% Online forums 43% Online news sources & blogs 36% Previous manager 30% Current manager 18% Recruiters 14% Bottom line: when recruiting sales professionals, your employer brand reputation matters. Find out how to manage it with Glassdoor. For complete Glassdoor methodology, contact [email protected] Hosted meetups offering the opportunity to speak with other current sales professionals Blog posts from sales professionals that work at the company 10% Social media outreach 49% 7% 53% 71% are likely to accept less money to work at a company with a great culture are likely to accept less money for the opportunity to work at a company selling something that is particularly compelling 78% Sales Professionals Share Job Search Plans Average Tenure of Sales Professionals at One Company: 31% 13% 20%21% 12% 2% stay for more than 5 years stay on average less than 1 year stay on average 4-5 years stay on average 3-4 years stay on average 2-3 years stay on average 1-2 years Understand the impact corporate culture has on whether or not we are willing to jump ship. Ignore my age and focus on my experience. Dont embellish the job or the opportunities for the position. Be honest and forthright. Balance responsibility to the company with giving me the most accurate information about the job. DOs Dont pester me to call you and then disappear. DONTs Try not to oversell the culture or benets. If youre not rated one of the highest it comes across like theyre trying to hook you in when you research and nd out otherwise. When are they most likely to jum p ship? 79% of men say they would accept a lower compensation package to sell something compelling, compared to 73% of women. 52% of women say the relationship with a direct manager would cause them to leave their current job, compared to 43% of men. Most Important Elements of the Compensation Plan Are: Compensation Preferences Differ Among Genders Commission Company perks (i.e. vacation time, ofce lunches, etc.) Healthcare / medical benets Bonuses Equity / company stock 62% Base salary 50% 41% 33% 20% 94% College/University professor or other academic advisor 7% How to Attract Top Talent Men Women Women in sales prioritize both healthcare and company perks over commission. Commission is the #2 priority for men in sales. 51% of female sales professionals want company perks, compared to only 37% of male sales professionals What Inuences Job Decisions Women value a good relationship with their boss more than company culture. Top factors for women: 21 2 3 Salary and compensation Career growth opportunities Company culture 65% 48% 4 Relationship with manager 46% 5 Senior leadership 38% 72% How to Recruit 1 | Salary and compensation 72% (vs. 74% for men) 2 | Career growth 61% (vs. 68% for men) 3 | Relationship with manager/direct boss 52% (vs. 43% for men) vs. Healthcare / medical benets Equity / company stock 93% 21% 46% 97% 15% 56% Commission68% 49% Company perks37% 51% Bonuses34% 32% Base salary Online job sites 75% Friends 39% Current co-workers 20% Recruiters 51% Social media 35% Family 11% Former co-workers 45% Networking events 22% Conferences 4% How Sales Professionals Most Often Hear About Job Openings: