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  • Essentialsfor Recruiting



    stay competitiveMake sure your

    compensation is on parfor your industry.

    amplify your employer brandEncourage employees to

    post reviews and pictures onyour Glassdoor profile.

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    mobilize your currentsales employees

    Have sales employees reachout to prospective candidates.

    money isnt everything78% would accept less

    compensation if they couldsell a compelling product.1

    be transparentSales professionals value

    transparency as the best attributea recruiter can bring to the table.1



    offer career growth65% will leave an employer

    because of lack of opportunitiesfor advancement.1


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    On average, 41% stay at theircurrent employer for two to four years.1

    respond to reviews97% will read a companysreviews before accepting

    a job offer.1

    know when they are most likely to jump ship

    provide top-notchonboarding

    Check in with new hires at30- 60- and 90-day intervals.

    75% find out about job opportunitiesthrough online job boards, like Glassdoor.1

    put your open positions on online job boards

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    The Resourceful Recruiters Guide to Recruiting Sales

    2016 Glassdoor

    Source: 1Glassdoor survey conducted between May 31, 2014 and June 6, 2014.Results based on answers provided by 1,000 sales professionals.