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Video email for the recruiting and staffing industry.

Transcript of Vipe Recruiting Sales Presentation V4 (1)

  • 1. [March 10, 2010] Vipe Inc Presentation to [Prospect]

2. Vipes Competitive Edge

  • Incorporated January 2007
  • 500+ users on 3 continents
  • 2,000+ video views perweek
  • Seasoned industry management
  • Worldwide support locations in
    • Palo Alto, California
    • Montreal, Quebec
    • Melbourne, Australia

Helping you acquire more customers with our domain specific video messaging solutions. Nominated forStaffing Industry Analysts Featured in 3. Why Vipe Customers Win Uniquely providing a domain specific solution, our service improves with every new customer. Vipe Recruiting Customer Survey Results Those who use Vipe several times per week have on average madefour placements per month with the help of Vipe video messagesover the last six months, even in this tough economy. Those who use Vipe several times per month or more indicated theyshortened their hiring process an average of a week to a weekwhen using Vipe candidate videos, helping them make more revenue in less time. 4. The Value of Video in a Web 2.0 World Organizations are sacrificing the effectiveness of face-to-face sales by using cheaper, depersonalized mass communication techniques.

  • 7% - Words
  • 38% - Tone of Voice
  • 55% - Body Language

Components of Effective Communication Effectiveness Sacrifice 5. Why Vipe Video Messaging? Do It Yourself Approach

  • Best practices learning curve
  • Bandwidth and storage issues
  • Product maintenance
  • Video deliverability

Do It Yourself Approach YouTube / Sharing Sites

  • Branding concerns
  • Little management and privacy capabilities
  • Generic technology
  • Video deliverability

YouTube / Sharing Sites Video Resumes / Interviews

  • Historically have not caught on
  • Long videos
  • Large file attachments
  • Not designed to scale

Video Resumes / Interviews

  • Short 30-second video introductions
  • Your standard process is maintained
  • Industry specific turnkey solution
  • Continual product upgrades
  • Specialize in video deliverability

6. Professor Frank BernieriUniversity of Toledo twenty-minute interviews in which the interviewers were asked to rate each candidate on attributes such as ambition, intelligence, and competence. Then a group of observers was asked to watch video footage of just the first fifteen seconds of each interview.The results showed that the observers' first impressions in fifteen seconds almost paralleled the impressions of the interviewers.* *As quoted by Alan and Barbara Pease inThe Definitive Book of Body Language The Science 20 minute interviews Interviewers 15 second videos Observers Nearly identical Results 7. Vipes Unique Solution Video Messaging Platform Domain Specific Applications Implementation Program Solving the complexities of managing, tracking, and delivering video messages to your customers and prospects. We provide industry specific product functionality.We have developed a simple and systematic way to educate new users how best to use video in the recruiting industry. 8.

  • Land more job orders- Differentiate your high quality and personalized level of service.
  • Place more candidates Provide an unobtrusive and more well-rounded view of your candidates.
  • Leverage your candidates and employees Engage your candidates and employees through contests to drive referrals.
  • Add efficiency to your operations Automate training, information, seasonal updates, and payroll updates.

Video Use Cases Adding personalization into multiple aspects of your business is proven to differentiate your service and provide tangible benefits. A single additional placement will more than pay for an offices annual subscription. 9. 1. Create Record video using virtuallyanyrecording device 2. Manage Manage through ouron-demand interface 3. Distribute Secure web links no login is necessary! Webcam in-browser streaming upload Digital camera upload View on the web Mobile phone upload via MMS Vipe Recruiting Dashboard Mobile Delivery Vipe teaches youhowto apply video to your business How it Works 10. A clip-on product that fits into your standard process and mitigates concern of discrimination Find resumes through job boards, your website, referrals, etc. Screen resumes based on technical qualifications and experience Invite candidates to create short 30 second videos Forward videos to hiring managers Present more well-rounded view of your candidate Better qualified response Shorter time to hire Increased bottom line! Vipe in the Hiring Process Source Presentation Hire Screen Objective decisions are made