Welcome to Clear Lake Nissan Recruiting & Sales Training Program.

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Transcript of Welcome to Clear Lake Nissan Recruiting & Sales Training Program.

  • Welcome to Clear Lake Nissan

    Recruiting & Sales Training Program

  • One at a time stand up and tell us your name and why you are here.Career Change :Go East, West, South or NorthClimb the ladder of success a.s.a.p.!People miss 100% of the shots they dont take!What does it take to succeed in sales:Desire, Communication, Work Ethic & IntegrityWho is the most important person here today?The word of the week is great! I am here to help you succeed.One thing we do not tolerate is negativity. We are looking for positive, hardworking, career minded people.The schedule for the day:

  • Why am I here teaching this class:

    Started out selling cars, worked my way up the ladder and founded Advice, Inc. in 1999 to assist automobile dealers with the recruitment and training of employees.

    The dealerships history.

  • The Automotive Industry Americas Largest Industry22,000 New Car Dealerships In The U.S. (46,000 Franchises)16.8 Million Sales Last Year $9.6 Billion In Advertising

    36,000 Licensed Used Car Dealerships In The U.S.42.6 Million Sales Last Year $1.9 Billion In Advertising

    BIG 3 General Motors / Ford / Chrysler $6.75 Billion In Advertising

    IMPORTS Honda / Nissan / Toyota$4.65 Billion In Advertising$20,000,000,000 + is spent in auto advertising yearly!

    The average American is influenced by over 50,000 commercials per year and one third of all commercials are automotive related.The average American trades cars every 3.5 years and the average age of a vehicle on the road is 10.2 years. Every year we destroy over 14 million vehicles. One out of three people of driving age bought a vehicle last year.

    One out of six people in the USA has a job in the auto industry. The auto industry is Americas largest industry. Dealership employees have long term security and the ability to earn a professional income.

  • Customer Satisfaction Index 100%80%60%40%0%FailPass

  • Population Survey10,000 Americans Chosen At Random(1948 1988 Age 25 65)1 100 Rich4 100 Successful5 100 Dead36 100 Still Working54 100 Flat Broke (Less Than $500 In Assets After Liability)

  • People Program themselves to succeed or fail!What you conceive and believe you will achieve! We have a conscious state and a subconscious state. We take in over 100,000 bits of information a second and the way we program that information will determine our success or failure. The average American hears the word No over 500,000 times in their lifetime. You cannot let the word No stop us. People fail in sales because they cannot overcome their fear of rejection. Let no go in one ear and out the other.Most people do not get into big ticket sales because of their fear of rejection or their fear of the unknown.Emotion effects peoples attitudes. People that are emotionally involved in their jobs are the ones that are successful. Many people are emotionless and just go thru the motions at work.The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The majority of people in the automobile industry earn about the same thing over and over, year after year. Time is your most valuable resource, if you maximize your time you will maximize your pay check. The average car salesperson waste 80% of the day. The top salespeople work 80% of the day.

  • Subliminal PsychologySub BelowLliminal Threshold of consciousnessAs you talk to people focus on their right eye for a few seconds at a time and then go back to both eyes. If you think that people are lying then stay on their right eye. This shows the customers that you are paying attention to them and they will reciprocate and pay attention to what you have to say. It is almost impossible for people to be dishonest when you focus on one eye.

  • NADA Survey78% if people who shop for a vehicle buy one.20% is the average closing ratio for 1st time shoppers.67% is the average closing ratio for be-backs.99% of people want to drive before they buy.85% of people decided to buy before they left home.72% told their salesperson they were just looking.85% said salesperson did not control the sale.88% said salesperson did a lousy job of demonstrating the vehicle.52% bought on the spot when they received a good demonstration and they drove the vehicle.38% bought four hours after leaving the first dealership.57% bought within three days after leaving the first dealership.72% bought within a week after visiting the first dealership.90% of the people said they were never contacted after they left the dealership.82% of the people that bought a vehicle cannot remember their salespersons name a year later.95% of the people that bought said they are going to be in the market again in the future.

  • The Advice Sales SystemHow to maximize sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

    AppearanceBody LanguageFormula for Sales PowerGoal Setting & Business PlanMeet & Greet ApproachQualify InterviewSelectionFeature & Benefit PresentationDemonstration DriveTrade EvaluationService & Parts TourNegotiation & CloseLeasingDeliveryFollow UpBuyer ProfilesPhone UpsProspectingTime Management

    How to follow the steps to a sale. Develop rapport and dialogue and avoid tricks and manipulation.Identify wants & needs and overcome your fear of rejection.Put yourself in the role of an advisor and guide people through the sales process.Understand that price is usually not the reason people do not buy.You take control by asking questions.Increase your mental paradigm and earn the income you desire.

  • Winners & LosersWhat distinguishes the winners form the losers?Successful salespeople come in all sizes and shapes. Men, women, young, old, etc. Some are social and others are quiet and shy. Every successful salesperson has one common trait: a strong desire to succeed. As you increase your desire you increase your performance.

  • Formula for Sales PowerProduct Knowledge + Sales Knowledge + Persuasive Ability x Desire = Sales PowerProduct Knowledge = How well you know and understand your product or service. The technical information you must know in order to demonstrate what you are selling.Sales Knowledge = Comes from experience, knowing what to say and how to say it. Sales experience does not guarantee sales knowledge.Persuasion = Skill or finesse in which you are able to develop dialogue and rapport with people. Interaction, asking questions, seeking opinions, actively listening, making comments, and having empathy. By listening you are able to increase your ability to influence people.Desire to succeed = By increasing your will to sell, your performance will automatically increase.

  • Goals & Business PlanYou have to know where you are going and how you are going to get there.Work on your business plan: Set a realistic goal and write a plan to achieve your goal.Yearly GoalMonthly GoalDaily GoalHow many vehicles do you need to sell to hit your goal. How many people do you need to talk to, how many phone calls do you need to make, direct mail, etc.

  • Goals & Plans Continued

    Reward yourself if you hit your goal.Soar with eagles, if you lay with dogs you will get fleas.Believe in yourself, your product and your company.Use your time effectively.Plan your daily actions.Make eye contact and ask people to buy.Overcome your fear of rejection.If you lack inner drive or motivation, you will fail.

    Your energy, enthusiasm, hunger for knowledge, ambition, perseverance, time-consciousness, and choice of activities all reflect you desire to succeed.

  • Appearance

    To come into view.To look or seem to be.To be presented or published.To present yourself before a court.

    In consultative, advisory selling, your appearance establishes you as a professional. People decide immediately if they want to do business with you or not. So the way to look to others is important.Your hair, shoes, clothes, pen, and jewelry, reflect who you are. If you do not take care of yourself, others will perceive you to be careless and lacking self discipline.

  • Body LanguageYour body language, posture, enthusiasm, and appearance have a great impact on your ability to communicate and persuade others.When standing, place your arms behind your back, keep your feet apart, lean forward and stand still. Dont cross your arms or legs, whether you are standing or sitting, as this closes up conversation.Dont put your hands in your pockets, this shows you are trying to protect your money.Smile and be enthusiastic. Make the customer feel important.Focus on their right eye for a few seconds at a time so they know you are paying attention to them.Be calm, matter of fact. If you are calm the customer will be calm. If you are nervous, then your customer will be nervous.If you ask someone to buy and their arms and legs are crossed they are going to say no. They are in a defensive mode, so make them relax and then go for the sale.

  • Meet & GreetNever ask Can I help you?Never say How are you doing?Never invade your customers space.Never call a customer by their last name until they have given you permission.Never say Are you ready to buy a car today?Dont try to impress your customers with your heroics. Be calm and your customers will be calm.Watch your customers body as it will tell you what they are thinking.Make positive comments like, I understand how you feel, Yes, I agree, and Many others have felt the same way.

  • GreetingHi ( Small Talk)Welcome to Clear Lake Nissan.My Name Is ____________.Here Is My Business Card.Your Name ?Do You Mind If I write That Down ?Are You Familiar With Our Products?Great ! Follow Me And I Will Help Save You Some Time.When you approach your customers you want to brea