Harley-Davidson Military Sales: Now Recruiting New Riders

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U.S. Military: Get in the saddle! Discover your exclusive military benefits available through Harley-Davidson Military Sales.

Transcript of Harley-Davidson Military Sales: Now Recruiting New Riders

  • 1. JOIN THE RANKS AND GET IN THE SADDLE!FINANCING YOUR RIDEGOT YOUR 6 FOR 12 ASSURANCELOVE IT!Exchange New Car Sales is the LARGEST retailer ofHarley Davidson motorcycles to the U.S. Military!Take the ULTIMATE TEST RIDE!We facilitate the repurchase of your bike 6-12months after ownership.Our team of FINANCIAL SPECIALISTSwill have you riding in NO TIME!In 2013, 260,839 Harleyswere sold worldwide!- Harley-DavidsonTHE NEXT COULD BE YOURS!WE SHARE THE PASSION!Value. Service. Protection. Guarantees.FIND A DEALERNEAR YOU!www.encs.comCUSTOMIZE IT! HAVE IT DELIVERED STATESIDE!Great RidersARENT BORN...Theyre MADEGETFor CompletingAn AccreditedMOTORCYCLESAFETY COURSE$200 Get a License!Learn Motorcycle Safety!1,699 LIVES weresaved in 2012 bymotorcycle helmets.- NHTSAOur SalesRepresentativesHONEY, I GOT A NEW HARLEYYOU CAN GET ONE TOO! In 2013, for the sixth straight year, Harley-Davidsonwas the number-one seller of new on-road motorcycles in the U.S., both 601cc-plus andacross all engine displacements, to WOMEN.- investor.harley-davidson.comKICKSTART YOURCUSTOMIn the past 5 years, Exchange New Car Salesdelivered over 11,800 Harley-Davidsonmotorcycles to U.S. Military personnel whopurchased a bike with their exclusive benefits.DID YOU KNOW?If, of course, you dontNowRECRUITINGNew RIDERS.