How to Choose a Recruiting Firm for Sales Hiring

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  • Finding the right recruiting firm to fit all of your saleshiring needs is easier said than done. Recruiting firms can

    range from 2,000 to 2 employees, have multiplespecialities, and may claim to be experts when theyre not.

  • Fortunately, there are ways to navigate through thisinformation and discover a recruiting firm that will besuccessful in finding you top talent. Identifying your

    needs, researching various firms, and deciphering whetherthe firm is a specialist or a generalist are three factors to

    consider before partnering with a recruiting firm.


  • Before you start researching recruiting firms, you mustfirst take a look at the position you need to fill. Does

    the role require industry-specific expertise or could theideal candidates come from parallel industries? Is it

    entry-level, temporary, or an executive position?

  • Its important to have these questions answered beforeyou start researching companies because different

    recruiting firms have different niches and specialties.There are temporary staffing firms, for example, that

    focus solely on filling short-term roles.

  • In addition to identifying theposition you need to fill, you shouldalso identify what you need from arecruiting firm. Specifically, what

    do you want from the partnership?Do you want a company thats

    going to hold you accountable andwork to find you top talent? Or do

    you want a company thats going tobe passive and take a back seat to

    the relationship?

  • Just as different recruitingfirms have different

    specialities, they also havedifferent processes and

    ways of working withclients. This is something

    you should identifybeforehand and then seek

    out when researchingcompanies.


  • Next, its time to start researching different companies. Start bygathering information about their specialties, reputation and

    policies. What types of sales placements have they made in thelast year and how many placements do they make on a monthlybasis? What kind of client references do they have? And most

    importantly, what is their process and execution ability?

  • If you want a hands-on recruiting firm, forexample, then ask detailed questions about

    what their communication will be likeduring the process and how you will be

    involved. The answers you receive shouldbe in line with the needs you identified.


  • When researching recruiting firms, there are manycompanies that will say they specialize in sales, but

    wont have any evidence to back up this claim. Orcompanies will work many jobs across many industries,

    but not have an expert understanding of sales hiring.

  • Look for companies that are immersed in everything sales and arestaying in front of the sales audience. Not only should you checktheir website, but also check to see if they have a blog or social

    media profiles. Are you finding sales-related articles or information?Or is it apparent that they dont have a specific focus or audience?

  • Finding the right recruiting firmfor your sales position can bethe difference between finding

    a successful candidate andgenerating revenue, or making

    the wrong hire and losingmoney in the process. Use

    these 3 factors to help you findthe best recruiting firm to fit

    your needs.

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