How to start Skateboarding

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Transcript of How to start Skateboarding

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How to start skateboarding

Find a board appropriate for your interests

Get some appropriate footwear.

Get the appropriate safety gear.

Find a good place to skate.

Consider getting someone you know that's good at skateboarding to teach you.

Stand on the board properly.

Try pushing off very gently and placing your feet on the board.

Give yourself another push when you slow down.

Flex your ankles and shift your weight to turn.

Put your foot down to stop.

Try riding switch.

Learn to fall properly.

Watch more experienced skaters to learn tips and tricks.

Start by popping the front up with your back foot on the tail.

Try to pop up the board while you're stationary.

Pop the board up into the air and jump.

Drag your front foot forward to catch the board.

Push the board down by straightening your legs out.

Try a pop shove it.

Try a kick-flip.

Try to grind

Head to the skatepark and learn to drop in.

Do some lip-tricks.

Everyone fails first time when theytry Skateboarding. So, How to stepup on skateboard. LearnSkateboarding tricks for beginnersOn