Skateboarding Tricks for Dummies

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Oscar's story

Transcript of Skateboarding Tricks for Dummies

  • Hi! Im Oscar and Im going to teach you how to

    skateboard. Im also going to tell you real information

    about skateboarding. And Im also going to tell you how

    to choose good skateboards for you. OK, so lets start.

    There are 4 main pro skaters: Tony Hawk, Ryan

    Sheckler, Bob Burnquist and Andy Macdonald.

    Skateboarding was invented in 1958 because there were

    no waves in the ocean for surfing. So people trained in

    empty swimming pools. Did you know that in 1960 there

    were no bended bits on the edges called Concave so you

    could not stop or turn? Then in 1978 they made real

    ramps that we have now. Bob Burnquist has the biggest

    skateboard ramp in the history (that is laid in his

    backyard). The most popular ramp is the X games ramp.

    Now in 2011 and in 2010 they have professional ramps.

    In 1992 they found the half pipe. Tony Hawk is the one

    who designed Tech Deck.

    How to choose good Skateboards!

  • The main thing that you want to focus on is that it is

    your size!!! If you dont know what size is good for you

    then ask a local skateboarder. When youve got your

    deck you should choose your grip tape. Generally my

    favorite is MOB. I know that Ryan Sheckler uses it. Then

    you need to choose your trucks you have to know what

    size it is because if you dont your skateboard might be

    rubbish because it all matters about the size. Now all you

    need to do is get your wheels and set it up. The wheels

    are funny because if you have small wheels you go

    slower and if you have big wheels you go faster. I would

    pick the middle sized. Now Im going to tell you how to

    do all the tricks (NOT ALL). Well first you need to know if

    you are goofy or regular foot. Now this how to turn with

    the skateboard.

    Its easier than you think you simply lean. STOP! You

    need to know how to stop now when you got the chance.

    You could stop by jumping of the board but that could

    injure you or the skateboard, Turn the skateboard to the

  • grass OR you lift the board about 1cm and scoop. Ollie.

    How to do the Ollie is very handy because if you can do

    the Ollie you can do most of the other tricks like Kickflip,

    Heelflip, 90, 180, 360 etc. Now to do the Ollie you get a

    steady position and get ready to jump.

    Step 2. Now push the tail and quickly push down your

    front foot.

    180. Step 1. To do the 180 you need to push up your tail

    with your back foot and when your getting up you scope.

    Step 2. Now when you are in the air you need to watch your board

    and land on it. Kickflip Step 1 to do the Kickflip you need to put your

    back foot by the bottom corner and the front foot in the middle of

    the board. Step 2. Now flip the board by pushing your back foot.

    Step 3. Now when you flip your board you need to watch the board

    and land on it safely. Rocknroll Step 1. To do the Rocknroll All

    you need to is when you come to the edge of the ramp you lift the

    board with the tail and push it down again. Step 2. Now you lift the

    tail and do a 180 and ride down again. That was all the tricks I

  • know. Safety. You will need to use a helmet and knee pads. For your

    arms you could use hand pads this will prevent bending arms. You

    could use elbow pads.