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  • 8/16/2019 Skateboarding culture


  • 8/16/2019 Skateboarding culture


    Table of contents

    Cha ter # $ntroduction

    Cha ter 2 # %istory

    Cha ter & # 'he (an)s S*ate Shoe Cha ter + # 'he e hyr 'ea-

    Cha ter . # 'ony %a/*

    Cha ter ! Conclusion

  • 8/16/2019 Skateboarding culture



    1 erson is -ost li*ely to choose to eco-e art of a su culture during their late childhood or adolescent years3 4y definition a su culture is a grou /ithin a larger culture that differentiates the-selves3 Su cultures often osses their o/n elief syste-s, values, and ractices3 5ften ti-es they hel adolescents to develo their o/n individual identity3

    'he s*ate oarding su culture is a large grou /hich is ri-arily -ade u of younger -ales3 Esti-ates of the nu- er of s*ate oarders in the 6nited States range fro- 2 to 20 -illion3 Most are a le odied -ales aged 7 to 22 years3 Su cultures can of course ersist across ones entire lifeti-e and this is seen /ith s*ate oarding3

    5ne of the asic a eals to s*ate oarding for adolescents and teenagers is the freedo- that it rovides3 6nli*e traditional s orts /here there are -andatory ractices and rules they -ust follo/, in s*ate oarding it)s a out en8oying the -o-ent and having fun collectively instead of co- eting /ith one another3 'he act of s*ate oarding has no rules and the user is free to s*ate in any -anner they lease3

    'he focus of this a er is not going to e a out s*ate oarding as a -ere hysical act ut as a /ay of thin*ing, doing and living3 1lso, it is going to e a out those that truly ta*e ride in defining the-selves as s*ate oarders3

  • 8/16/2019 Skateboarding culture




    Surfers in California get the right idea to surf concrete and invent S*ate oarding3 'he origin of the first s*ate oard has never een roven as it see-s to have een the s ontaneous invention of -ulti le eo le3 9ooden oards /ith roller s*ate /heels sla ed on the

    otto- /ere the original oards these ioneers too* to the streets3 Could you i-agine the loo*s on the faces of

    eo le seeing the- for the first ti-e:1 long haired shaggy surfer )dude) ri ing u the streets on a /ooden

    oard and roller s*ate /heels; 'he /ord !& S*ate oarding /as all the rage3 Po ularity of the s ort /as at its ea*3 Co- anies such as ?ac*=s, %o ie, and Ma*aha started having real co- etitions consisting of Do/nhill Slalo- and @reestyle /here s*aters li*e 'orger ?ohnson, 9oody 9ood/ard and Danny 4erer aved the /ay for future s*aters3 'hen in >!. for so-e reason S*ate oarding see-s to si- ly die3 Considered to e a fad that ca-e and /ent, s*ate oarding see-ed to disa ear over night3 Even so, so-e stayed true to the s ort and continued to create ho-e-ade oards and fine tune their craft3 5ne of the reasons $ sus ect s*ate oarding lost so-e of its ground /as the fact that the s ort /as very dangerous3 'he clay /heels they used /ere everything ut safe and lead to -any in8uries3


    'hen, li*e all things, in a -o-ent, everything changed for s*ate oarding3 'he invention of urethane /heels y @ran* Nas/orthy in >A2 -ade it ossi le for s*ate oarding to -a*e its co-e ac*3 %e started the co- any Cadillac 9heels3 $n >A. s*ate oarding got the oost it needed3 $n Del Mar, California a slalo- and freestyle contest /as held at the 5cean @estival3 'hat day, the

  • 8/16/2019 Skateboarding culture


    e hyr tea- sho/ed the /orld /hat s*ate oarding could e3 'hey rode their oards li*e no one had in the u lic eye, lo/ and s-ooth, and s*ate oarding /as ta*en fro- eing a ho y to so-ething serious and eBciting3 'he e hyr tea- had -any -e- ers ut as so-e of you -ight *no/ the -ost nota le of the- /here 'ony 1lva, ?ay 1da-s and Stacy Peralta3 'hen in >A7 1lan elfand

    nic*na-ed 5llieFG invented a -aneuver that gave s*ate oarding another revolutionary 8u- 3 %e /ould sla- his ac* foot do/n on the tail of his oard and 8u- , there y o ing hi-self and the

    oard into the air3 'he ollie /as orn, a tric* that co- letely revolutioniHed s*ate oarding3 1t the end of the >A0s s*ate oarding too* another hit /hen the u lic s*ate ar*s that /ere eing uilt, suffered fro- the outrageously high insurance rates due to the danger factor of s*ate oarding3

    1980s & 1990s

    S*ate oarding continues to gro/ as the anti esta lish-ent su culture it /as3 S*ate oarders had eco-e hell ent on rogressing their assion for the s ort so they started uilding their o/n ra- s in their ac*yards3 $t=s no secret that this eca-e a ro le- for local construction co- anies /hen they started to notice their lu- er started disa earing3 4ut let)s not forget that construction co- anies /ere art of the esta lish-ent so to hell /ith the- they thought3 1side fro- the ra- s they uilt in their

    ac*yards to s*ate on, they sa/ the /hole /orld as their s*ate ar* and too* to the streets3 During this ti-e -any ne/ oard sha es too* for-, allo/ing for s*aters to overco-e o stacles other/ise i- ossi le3 1nother invention in the

    >70s layed a -a8or roll in s*ate oarding history3 'he intention of (%S3 Stacey Peralta and eorge Po/ell=s 4ones 4rigade tea- starts recording s*ate oarding videos that /ill reach *ids all over the /orld3 'he tea- included Steve Ca allero, 'ony %a/*, Mi*e Mc ill, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Stacy Peralta, and Ievin Staa 3 'his is the tea- res onsi le for 'he 4ones 4rigade (ideo Sho/3

    1t the end of the >70s s*ate oarding too* yet another dive in o ularity /hen vert s*ate oarding eca-e far less o ular than street s*ate oarding3 $n the early >0s s*ate oarding starts to rise again as it finds so-e co--on ground /ith the e-erging un* -usic3 'hen in >>. ESPN holds the first ever J a-es3 'he event /as a huge success and rought s*ate oarding into the -ainstrea- light, s ar*ing interest in -any -ore young *ids3

    2000s & Now S*ate ar*s o u every/here and s*ate oarding video ga-es lets every *id e a s*ater3

    'ons of co- anies e-erge and eco-e -ore and -ore acce ta le in society3 'he notion of s*ate oarders eing cri-inals starts to d/indle3 'he J a-es continues to eco-e -ore and -ore

    o ular /ith S*ate oarding at the hel-3 5ne of the ig factors today that -a*es s*ate oarding sohuge is the fact that ros -a*e real -oney3 9ining events can ring in hundreds of thousands of dollars3 Iids are realiHing that you don=t have to eco-e a doctor or la/yer to -a*e a uc*3

  • 8/16/2019 Skateboarding culture


    The an!s s"ate shoe

    $n >!., as 1nahei- hosted the /orld=s first s*ate oard co- etition, the $nternational S*ate oarding Cha- ionshi s, s*ating had drastically increased in o ularity and *ids egan to hit Southern California=s e- ty s/i--ing ools, loo*ing for an alternative to flat ground and slalo-3 6nfortunately the co- ination of are feet and clay /heels didn=t rovide -uch traction and

    usually a-ounted to loody and ro*en toes3 'he future of s*ate oarding /as loo*ing lea* due to the li-ited technology and eKui -ent availa le to young s*aters3

    'here /ere so-e s*aters /earing Converse Chuc* 'aylors in the early >!0s, ut in >!., the Randol h Ru er Co- any created the first s*ate oarding snea*er, *no/n as the Randy A203 S*ate oards /ere still years a/ay fro- using gri ta e, so the snea*ers needed to rovide traction on dec*3 'he snea*er=s outsoles /ere also reinforced and '[email protected]@ERF than*s to R1ND PRENE ru er3 'he co- any didn=t last very long, ut one of Randol h=s e- loyee=s na-e is still synony-ous /ith s*ate oarding today Paul (an Doren3

    'hat sa-e year >!.G, Paul and ?i- (an Doren left Randol h, Massachusetts and -oved to 1nahei-, California to create the (an Doren Ru er Co- any3 Randy=s, Ieds and Converse /ere all -a*ing their o/n vulcaniHed snea*ers and the rothers (an Doren felt that they could do it

    etter3 'hey s ent >!. acKuiring the -achinery to create a vulcaniHed shoe factory and /ithin a year egan -anufacturing dec* shoes under the (ans na-e3

    'he factory /as located at A0+ East 4road/ay and /as attached to the first (ans retail store3 5 ening on March ., >!!, (ans offered 8ust one style, of snea*er, *no/n as the ++ (ans Dec* Shoe3 1vaila le in four colors # navy, /hite, red and loden green, ranging fro- O23+> to O.300 a

    air3 5n the first day of trading they sold siBteen airs of snea*ers, all of /hich /ere -ade y hand, in the factory ehind the store and ready for ic* u /ithin 2+ hours of urchase3 1dditionally, (ans

    egan filling custo- orders for anyone /ho /al*ed in /ith -aterials that could e se/n into a

    snea*er3 Everything fro- deni- to high school tea- colors /ere eing -ade into ++ (ans Dec* Shoes, ut the *ids /ho really created the -ost far out designs /ere the local surfers and s*aters3 1lthough -any side/al* surfers /ere still going arefoot, the -ore rogressive s*aters /ere

  • 8/16/2019 Skateboarding culture


    /earing snea*ers in order to atte- t ne/ -oves and rotect their feet3 'he -ost fa-ous s*ate cre/ to ado t (ans snea*ers /ere *no/n as the 4oys, led y 'ony 1lva and Stacey Peralta3

    (ans= connection to the 4oys solidified the rand=s credi ility in the s*ate co--unity, ut also rovided invalua le feed ac* that forced the evolution of s*ate oard snea*ers3 4y >A!, side/al* surfing /as dead ut ool s*ating /as gaining o ularity than*s to the invention of

    urethane s*ate oard /heels, gri ta e and erfor-ance s*ate shoes3 'his ne/ technology added a fresh reath into the s ort of s*ate oarding, /hich /as evident y the a-ount of concrete s*ate

    ar*s o ening acro