Skateboarding By: Paul Ollie Forward History of Skateboarding Believe it or not, skateboarding was...

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Skateboarding By: Paul Ollie Forward
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Transcript of Skateboarding By: Paul Ollie Forward History of Skateboarding Believe it or not, skateboarding was...

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Slide 2 Skateboarding By: Paul Ollie Forward Slide 3 History of Skateboarding Believe it or not, skateboarding was invented in the 1950s, by some California surfers who were having fun trying to surf the streets with their surfboard. No one really knows why they wanted to do such a crazy thing and the name of who really invented the skateboard. But what I did learn was that while trying to skateboard people would use everything from old doors, to wooden pieces of lumber, to old box crates as the board. They also added some roller skate wheels or wagon wheels to make the board go. Since they were not built very well, they fell apart. Yet, they kept on trying until the skateboard was discovered. It was not until 1972 that they the created the urethane wheels that are almost like the ones that a skate board uses today. The skateboard has then been improved tremendously and has become very popular with many young teens and even adults. Ollie Forward Slide 4 Getting Started 3. Balance is also a key to good skateboarding. You always want the balancing foot in the front of the skateboard. 4. You are now ready to start the basics of skateboarding. 1. Get yourself a good pair of skate shoes. 2. Van is a recommended brand because they have more grip to help you from slipping when you get on the board. Ollie Forward Slide 5 Learning How To Skateboard The most basic skateboard method is to simply do the following: Get comfortable with your skateboard by practicing placing your feet in different positions on the board. Diagram # 1: Next decide which foot you will place in front of the skateboard. As you can see I decided to place my left foot on the top of the skateboard. This felt more comfortable. Diagram #2: I then pushed off with my right foot to gain some speed. Diagram # 3: Once the skateboard gets moving I bring my right foot and place it on the back of the board. You have begun the basics of skateboarding. Ollie Forward Slide 6 The Basic Techniques of Skateboarding Click on each one to see a Demonstration of Each Technique Ollie: put your front foot in the middle and back on the tail. Ollie: Nollie: put front foot on nose and back foot on middle. Nollie: Manual: its like you are doing a ollie but push the tail down but dont hit it keep riding for as long as you can push front slowly when your done. Manual: Ollie Forward Slide 7 Stopping 1. When you are riding the skateboard put the back foot like if your pushing and bring out your heel and put it on the floor 2. You'll be sliding on your heel Ollie Forward Slide 8 Protect Yourself by: Always wear your knee and elbow pads. Always wear a helmet to protect your head For your protection it is best to wear jeans. Safety Equipment Ollie Forward Slide 9 Exercise will help: Bones get stronger. Body stays fit. Legs get stronger Benefits of Skateboarding for Exercise Ollie Forward Slide 10 Keep in mind Only skateboard where you are allowed. Follow skateboarding rules in public parks. Wear your skateboarding equipment at all times. Ollie Forward Slide 11 Work Cited (Clipart Online) Slide 12 Ollie Slide 13 Nollie Slide 14 Manual Slide 15