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Tony Hawk

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Skateboarding tutorial.

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Tony Hawk

When did Tony Hawk start to skate?Tony hawk started to skate at about 1977 than as he grew more better, at 1980 he was first sponsored by a company. So from there at 1982 he became a pro skater.Where and when was Tony Hawk born?May 12, 1968Carlsbad, California,United States

What is Tony Hawks Favorite / Signature Skateboarding TricksTony Hawk's signature trick is the 540 and his favourite trick is the Nose Grind

Is Tony Hawk the worlds best skate boarder of all time ?Yes Tony Hawk is the worlds best skate boarder of all time he was ranked 1st in the world until he retired but still hes the best skateboarder

Whats the latest game made about Tony Hawk?The latest game made on Tony Hawk, is Tony Hawks shred session

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