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Issue 20 of Enlightened, the newsletter for the people of the Light Electorate, South Australia. Published by Tony Piccolo, 148 Murray St, Gawler.

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    Light Electorate Office 148 Murray St GAWLER SA p (08) 8522 2878 f (08) 8523 1392 e light@parliament.sa.gov.au tonypiccolo.org

    BILL Jungfer has fought through four years of local regulations and court cases to be able to park his truck on his Roseworthy property, thereby saving his family business.

    Light Regional Council finally vindicated Mr Jungfer and his Cliff St neighbours tireless campaign to get permission for the truck and trailer to be parked, signing off on a Development Assessment Panel application - the third such application Mr Jungfer has lodged..

    Mr Jungfer first came to the attention of the Council when a complaint regarding unlawful development involving the parking of two trucks was made against him.

    The parking of trucks above the weight of 3,000 kgs was a non-complying development in the locality.

    Subsequent applications by Mr Jungfer for approval to park two trucks on the site were rejected by the DAP and the council then commenced enforcement proceedings in the Environment, Resources and Development Court against him.

    Mr Jungfer sought the assistance of Light MP Tony Piccolo, who successfully argued before the court for a stay in proceedings until he had the opportunity to discuss with the Council possible policy changes that may assist his constituents case.

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    IWD 12 A GREAT SUCCESS p3 p5 p15 p16

    TRIUMPH: Victorious truckie Bill Jungfer and wife Tracy

  • 2 | Enlightened | Edition 20, April 2011 tonypiccolo.org

    We must always remember those who have given so much

    Enlightened is published and distributed by Tony Piccolo MP, Member for Light.

    For further information on any of the articles in this edition, please contact the Light Electorate Office on (08) 8522 2878 or email light@parliament.sa.gov.au

    Visit www.tonypiccolo.org for more information and the latest news and issues in the Light area.

    Tony on Twitter@tonyforlight

    Tony on Facebook/tonyforlight

    Our centre feature in this edition of Enlightened is a (in our modest way) a tribute to the ANZAC tradition.

    Until the last decade or so ANZAC Day was slowly losing importance in Australia, but recent conflicts in which Australia has participated has brought to our attention the sacrifices many have made in protecting our democracy.

    While the current engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the spectre of a war with Iran have quite rightly raised a number of questions about the rightfulness of our participation, we need to ensure that the national dialogue does not damage those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

    We must always remember and show respect for those who

    GAWLER Public Library is the first community organisation to take advantage of the Light Electorate Community Window, with a display to promote 2012 as the National Year for Reading.

    The Community Window is one of the features the redeveloped electorate office offers the community.

    Light MP Tony Piccolo said community organisations were regularly asking him to display and showcase their events and activities on his window, something he was more than happy to do.

    The window display area provides greater and more effective space for community organisations to promote themselves and their activities, he said.

    Our offices are fairly basic, but we have looked at ways we can improve the services we provide to the community.

    Were here to serve the community, ultimately, and we think this is a great way to help community groups advertise their presence and events to the community.

    The window has a great frontage on to Murray St, and has plenty of foot and car traffic pass every day.

    The calendar is filling up, too, so I encourage any interested community groups to get in quickly!

    Mr Piccolo said the redeveloped offices provide more privacy for people meeting with him or his staff.

    There is also an area that community groups could use for meetings of up to ten people, subject to certain conditions being met.

    While no charge would be imposed for using the facilities, certain requirements will need to be met because they are public offices.

    Gawler RSL will soon have a display in the window leading up to ANZAC Day on 25 April.

    Any community organisation that would like to use the window display or meeting areas should contact the Light Electorate Office on 8522 2878 or by email at light@parliament.sa.gov.au.

    have given so much, and their families who have been left behind to pick up the pieces once all the ceremonies are over.

    By maintaining a respectful and dignified debate we prevent the community dialogue being hijacked by those who seek to advance their own causes or glorify war.

    On Anzac Day as we remember those who have fallen, those who have returned but whos lives will never be the same and the family members who have rallied to support them, let us also spare a moment of prayer and reflection for all those people who have been hurt by war.

    We commemorate ANZAC Day as a mark of solidarity with the families of those who have fallen, so that we may remember and learn from their suffering; and ensure that no life is lost through conflict and violence where it can be avoided.

    In doing so, we express our humanity and the true meaning of ANZAC Day.

    Lest we forget.

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    OPENING A WINDOW: Tony Piccolo with Gawler Library workers Lyn Jones and Annette Hoff




    From the Editor

  • Edition 20, April 2011 | Enlightened | 3tonypiccolo.org

    INDEPENDENT fresh food growers and wholesalers are absolutely vital to South Australia, according to Light MP Tony Piccolo.

    Mr Piccolo joined Premier Jay Weatherill and and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Gail Gago on an early-morning visit to one of the cornerstones of the fresh produce industry in South Australia, Adelaide Produce Markets.

    Mr Piccolo, the Premier and Ms Gago toured the 22-hectare market the largest undercover market in SA, and one of the first private markets to exist anywhere in the world and met with many of the states largest independent growers and wholesalers.

    Mr Piccolo said the independent produce sector was of vital importance to the government and to the future of the state.

    The Weatherill Government

    A NEW school in Munno Para West will provide cutting edge education for more than 1400 students.

    An impressive party of educational and political names officially opened the school last month, including the SA Governor Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, Premier Jay Weatherill, Minister for Education Grace Portolesi, Mayor of Playford Glenn Docherty and Wakefield and Light MPs Nick Champion and Tony Piccolo.

    Representing the Oliphant family was Adjunct Professor Monica Oliphant.

    In his opening remarks, the Governor told the throng of students of the limitless potential they had.

    You have here an opportunity

    to change not only yourselves, but also the world around you, RADM Scarce said.

    Representing the Oliphant family, Prof Monica Oliphant said Sir Mark - a man of unassailable integrity - would have been proud to see the college bear his name.

    Sir Mark was big on the ability to think laterally and with initiative, Prof Oliphant said.

    If Mark Oliphant College helps its students to do that, I think Sir Mark would be tickled pink.

    Premier Jay Weatherill paid tribute to all the hard work done by all involved to get the school up and running..

    What we see here is something exciting and innovative, Mr Weatherill said.

    This school, and the education

    of South Australians in general, is incredibly important to my government.

    The great remit of this school, and of public education, is to meet the differing needs of every child.

    A profound amount of development happens in early life. Having a school which understands that and helps you shine in early life is going to make an extraordinary difference.

    Mr Piccolo said the school was a fantastic boon for the area and would put the north on the educational map of South Australia.

    This is a brilliant step forward for learning in the north and for South Australia in general, Mr Piccolo said.

    Special tribute has to be paid to the governing council and to the principal, Lynne Symonds, and her staff.

    The teaching staff are combining the latest technology with traditional teaching strategies to give our children the best start.

    has identified seven primary areas of focus for the future of South Australia, and one of these is a clean, green food industry, he said at the market.

    That is why were here today, meeting with some of the most important people in the industry: the producers.

    APM chief executive Angelo

    Demasi acknowledged Mr Piccolos efforts on behalf of the market, particularly in regards to the new signage on the Northern Expressway, making the daily delivery trips to and from the markets much safer and easier for the many truck drivers on SA roads.

    We thank Tony for his work

    in the past, Mr Demasi said. We sincerely hope that our