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  • OutlineBackgroundLinnaeusDiderotScience in the Public Sphere

  • Affects of the Sci. Rev

  • Baconian Nature

  • Natural HistoryNatural History involved the observation, study, and classification of the natural world. It encompassed the fields of paleontology, botany, zoology, and geology

  • Carl von Linn

  • Classification

  • How to classify

  • Systema Naturae

  • Denis Diderot

  • Encyclopdie

  • Encyclopedia Francais

  • What is the purpose of these?Cataloging of knowledgeKnowledge as empirical listing of factsTo know something, you must know everything about itClass element:

  • Science as Performance

  • Science in the Public SphereScience exits the private sphere of institutions and houses of the well to doBecomes a symbol of the ageBy revolution in France, and early 19th C in Britain, public science demonstrations for larger audience