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Why putting your kids in a good school is not good enough - A 21st Century Learning Readiness Check

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  • 1. EnlightenedParenthoodWhy putting your kids in agood school is not good enoughA 21st Century Learning Readiness Check1

2. In the age of the industrial revolution peopleneeded to learn the 3Rs and acquire some basic cognitive skills and they were set for life... 2 3. Education was mostly based onBehaviourist Learning Theory3 4. In the 20th century people needed a stockpileof knowledge and basic cognitive skills and thatensured lifelong employment...Education in the 20th century emphasizedLearn to Earn 4 5. Education was influenced byCognitivist Learning Theory5 6. 21st century offers the opportunity to discover your interests, learn more about them and pursue yourcalling in life... One can yearn to learn... and earn 6 7. Current Influences- Constructivist Learning Theory 7 8. Current Influences- Humanist Learning Theory 8 9. Current Influences- Social Learning Theory 9 10. The challenge is to keep pace with change, exploding knowledge and complexity 10 11. Interdependence with fellow humans, otherspecies and environment adds to the complexity 11 12. Most important, for true happiness, one needs to have a life pursuit that goes beyond ownself-interest and adds meaning to life12 13. In the 21st century you can... 13 14. Empower and enable your children to formulate their own meaningful life philosophyandlearn the abilities to pursue it withconviction and compassion 15. For this, as a parent, you need to make the most of the Second Strand of Education 16. What is theSecond Strand of Education? 17. The first strand is formal education which usuallyfocuses on imparting a stockpile of knowledge and basic cognitive skills Formal Education (Stockpile of Knowledge and basic Cognitive skills) 18. Second Strand of Education constitutesHigher Cognitive skills, Self-Learning skills andPursuit of Passion with Compassion... supplemented online Higher Cognitive skills, Self-Learning, Pursuit of Passion Connection-centricOnline Learning- Learners- MentorsFormal- Content Education- Conversation 19. What is the importance ofSecond Strand of Education? 20. The 21st Century Context 21. To survive and thrive in the 21st centuryKnowledgeLearn toexplosion Self-Learn learn to self-learn and keep reinventing yourself 22. 21st CenturyWhat you know 23. 21st Century n ow t ok d n eey ou atWhWhat you know 24. 21st Century n ow t ok d n eey ou atWhGAP!What you know 25. 21st Century Fill the gap by using kn ow cknowledge oftod nee your youh at network /W connectionsWhat you know 26. Second Strand of Educationc c Learning facilitated byNeed for different Cognitive skills, Self-Learning,Online NetworksPursuit of Passion with Compassion cc Fill the gap by using knowledge of your network /connections nowd to knee ou Wh at yWhat you know27 27. Traits that become critical intodays context include... 28 28. - Character- Pursuit of passion, with compassion- Pursuit of wisdom and tranquility of spirit- Fostering lifelong yearning for learning- Epistemological Modesty (awareness of own ignorance)- Dialectical Bootstrapping(internal conversation between reason and emotion) 29 29. As a parent, the Learner Dispositions youneed to foster in your children include... 30 30. - Curiosity, inquisitiveness, a yearning to learn- Imagination, creativity, deep & independentthinking- Self-aware, self-disciplined, determined,persevering- Loves to play and tinker, with ideas and things31 31. - Emotionally mature (understands emotions) - candialogue between reason and emotion- Risk taker, Problem Solver, Decision Maker- Empathetic collaborator, multi-sensorycommunicator- Meta-cognition (thinks about own thinking, biases) 32 32. Dispositions you need to have as a parent... 33 33. - Facilitate your children construct meaning,through hypothesis, discovery, experimentationand conversation- Encourage discovery of passion and purpose- Curator and filter good learning material- Co-creators and collaborators 34 34. - Coach, guide, mentor (a friend, philosopher and guide)- Deeply caring- Infectiously enthusiastic- Good role-model (vis-a-vis desired studentdispositions) o able to demonstrate that there is fun in deep learning and hard work35 35. One Caution! 36 36. While in the midst of a Phase Change it is very difficult to predict what the future will hold...From 99c to 1c we cannotFrom 1c to 99c we cannotanticipate what will happen at 0canticipate what will happen at 100c37 37. We are NOW in the midst of a Phase Change... we do not know what the future will hold...CurrentPhase ChangeInternetLanguage The amount of knowledgein the world has doubled in the past 10 years and is doubling every 18 months Writing- ASTD Printing Press38 38. Wearecurrentlypreparingstudentsforjobsthatdontyetexist...usingtechnologiesthathaventyetbeeninvented...inordertosolveproblemswedontevenknowareproblemsyet.RichardRiley,SecretaryofEducaKonunderPresidentClinton39 39. Thus, these ideas about enlightenedparenting will need to evolveas the context changes40 40. Also, bigger issues are afoot... 41 41. We have the ability toCreate a Better World or breed... 42. We can bridge or further widen the divides and inequalities...Have Not 43. We can make life simple or add to complexity...44 44. We are Homo Sapiens Sapiens...the species that knows, they know UtopiaADivided WorldThe choice will be ours! 45 45. Good Reads - The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievement - David Brooks - A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers will Rule the Future - Daniel H. Pink - The Life-Smart Kid - Lawerence J Greene 46 46. Atul PantMore on Timeless Lifeskills:www.facebook.com/lifeskills