Smart employee motivation

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STOP throwing money at employees workplace Motivation Smart


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A short presentation on employee motivation with a few statistics tips and tricks. The main point is that one can motivate without spending a lot of money. The sense of belonging, learning or feedback may be just as important as payment.

Transcript of Smart employee motivation

  • STOPthrowing money at employees workplace Motivation Smart
  • Engagement facts CashBonus Attentionfromleader Praise Basesalary raise 60% 50% 63% 67% % of cases when it is considered highly motivating Central and Eastern European employees 11% engaged 63% not engaged 26% disengaged Are we missing the point here?
  • research PROVES that isNOT the most IMPORTANT
  • but
  • If you ASK employees what MOTIVATES them most of them will indicate
  • so what can YOU do?
  • just let employees...
  • Feel part of a COMMUNITY Notjust a workplace
  • make meaningful choices Notjust execute orders
  • learnand
  • Real Time feedback On performance On ideas On value created On achievements
  • Implementtheir ideas
  • haveclear purpose
  • Simple enough?
  • Than remember to STOP believing in MAGIC ($, , , etc.) andstart Engaging
  • feel free to get in touch Ronald Borsi [email protected] If you want to shareyour experience or have any questions