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1. Motivation / Demotivation: Whos at Fault and What to Do about It? 2. Grossum: people-oriented software engineering company with open-processes and self-motivated agile professionals. Founded in 2013 33 employees on board Outsourcing and outstaffing services provider Main areas of expertise: Web: Symfony2 Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin Me: Junior Team Lead Head of IT development - CEO ABOUT GROSSUM WWW.GROSSUM.COM 3. WWW.GROSSUM.COM WEIRD FEEDBACK Good game Great processes Why is that so? 4. CASES WWW.GROSSUM.COM o Employee expects that it is the company that should care about his / her career development o Employee comes with a question of What should I do to get a raise? o Employee wants more than he can do o Snowflake Manager o We hire faster than we fire 5. CASES WWW.GROSSUM.COM o Project fail: lost money, management got the wrath, developers took offence o Constantly being late to work o One developer is suppressing the other. The flowering bud after departure. o QA has left: he wanted to work with automatization and instead he had to deal with clients. o English 6. STRATEGIC PYRAMID WWW.GROSSUM.COM System DNA (idea) Who / what would you like to be? System DNA What do you believe in? System DNA Why do you exist? Client / Product / Feature Technical infrastructure (plan) How do you get there? Market game / wining? Technical infrastructure Tasks realization focus Technical infrastructure What should we do? Technical infrastructure What should I do? Vision Values Mission Business Strategy Scorecard Strategic Initiatives Personal Goals StrategicIdea Involving your employees in the processes Setting personal goals 7. VISION, MISSION, VALUES WWW.GROSSUM.COM o OUR VISION Grossum is a passionate team of IT professionals who strive for deep understanding of clients challenges in order to bring them agile software development that meets their business values and needs. o OUR MISSION Developing a better future by helping people find best ways to bring new ideas to life using worlds best IT practices. o OUR VALUES Quality // Passion // Innovation // Agility and Self-Motivation // Open Processes 8. THE TWO-FACTOR THEORY WWW.GROSSUM.COM o Also known as Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory and dual-factor theory o Motivators: challenging work, recognition for one's achievement, responsibility, opportunity to do something meaningful, involvement in decision making, sense of importance to an organization o Hygiene factors: status, job security, salary, fringe benefits, work conditions, good pay, paid insurance, vacations 9. COMBINATIONS WWW.GROSSUM.COM High Hygiene + High Motivation: The ideal situation where employees are highly motivated and have few complaints. Low Hygiene + High Motivation: Employees are motivated but have a lot of complaints. A situations where the job is exciting and challenging but salaries and work conditions are not up to par. Low Hygiene + Low Motivation: This is the worst situation where employees are not motivated and have many complaints. High Hygiene + Low Motivation: Employees have few complaints but are not highly motivated. The job is viewed as a paycheck. 10. INSTRUMENTS WWW.GROSSUM.COM o Two instruments of management: Rhythm: 70% of employees work according to SCRUM. The remaining 30% now work according to SCRUM as well. 1-2-1 meetings 11. 1-2-1 MEETINGS WWW.GROSSUM.COM o Evaluation of the satisfaction level according to the 10-grade scale. Calculating the bugs size o What needs to happen for the satisfaction to be 10? Defining problems. o How can you solve them? Focus on independent solutions. o When do you start? Time anchor, small impulse for action. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 EmployeeSatisfaction Time 100% happiness 100% loyalty actual warning ideal 12. DISCUSSION WWW.GROSSUM.COM What do you think? 13. THANKS! Mykola Slobodian Phone: +38 (095) 77-07-464 E-mail: [email protected] LinkedIn: ua.linkedin.com/in/megadoon Skype: megadoon WWW.GROSSUM.COM