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Transcript of Shrine · PDF filePage 4 Shrine Herald National Shrine of the Little Flower ... Hospitality...

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    Shrine Herald Royal Oak, MI

    We proclaim Jesus as Lord and ourselves as servants for His sake.

    September 15, 2013 Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

    Feast of Saint Thrse

    On Monday, September 30, there will be a

    wonderful program in church for the vigil of the

    feast of Saint Thrse. Beginning at 7:00 pm,

    some of our most loved musicians and soloists

    will present a concert of song and music

    interspersed with enlightening talks about Saint

    Thrse given by Elizabeth Ficocelli, author of

    Shower of Heavenly Roses inspiring stories of

    the powerful intercession of Saint Thrse.

    During the evening there will be veneration

    of relics of Saint Thrse and other saints from

    the vast collection of relics held by the

    National Shrine of the Little Flower.

    What are relics?

    The word relic comes from the Latin

    relinquo, literally meaning I leave, or I

    abandon. A relic is a piece of the body of a

    saint, an item owned or used by the saint, or

    an object which has been touched to the

    tomb of a saint.

    There are three classes of sacred relics. The

    first-class is a part of the saints body. (It is this

    type which is placed in an altar stone.) The

    second-class is a piece of the saints clothing

    or something used by the saint, while the third-

    class is an object which has been touched to

    a first-class relic.

    The veneration of relics of the saints is a

    profession of belief in several teachings of the

    Catholic faith: (1) the belief in everlasting life

    for those who have witnessed to Christ and His

    Holy Gospel; (2) the truth of the resurrection of

    the body for all persons on the last day; (3) the

    doctrine of the splendor of the human body

    and the respect which all should show toward

    the bodies of both the living and the

    deceased; (4) the belief in the special

    intercessory power which the saints enjoy in

    heaven; and (5) the truth of our closeness to


    Notes from Monsignor Easton

  • Page 2 Shrine Herald National Shrine of the Little Flower

    Christian Service

    Please pray for

    the sick of our


    Please pray for

    the sick of our


    Eugenia Baczkowski

    Dan Cavanaugh

    Kathy Cobbledick

    Deanna Conway

    Joann Cook

    Lisa Marie Coutinho

    Selma Coutinho

    Carl Culver

    Mari Anne Dayton

    Dora Dlima

    David Fix

    Linda Gergosian

    Randy Hartman

    Patricia Hoemke

    Donald Holden

    Michael Ingram

    Joylene Alena Jabboori

    William F. Janelle III

    Dorothy M. Kail

    Yeong Kim

    Bob Maybee

    Cleone Menezes

    Delphine O'Brien

    Brian Hicks ONeill

    Patricia O'Rourke

    Patricia Putansu

    Jim Shirk

    Deanna Swincicki

    Mary Tobin

    Dennis Van Stednas

    Grace Weidman

    Kathy Wigmosta

    Karl Wolfe

  • September 15, 2013 Page 3

    continued from page 1 Bearings ...

    Divine Life

    John Joseph son of John

    and Jill (Garrisi) Pizzuti

    John Timothy son of

    Anthony and Jennifer

    (Frazzita) Messina

    Pedro Josue son of Pedro

    and Rosalinda (Pertuz

    Borja) Porto

    Baptized in


    Baptized in


    Banns of Marriage Banns of Marriage

    Second Bann

    Amanda Misuraca and

    Guy Rizo

    Crystal VanBrabanc and

    Steven Schnieber

    Third Bann

    Missy Steadman and

    Jorge Bermeo

    Tene Kaduma and

    Paul Logan

    the saints because of our connection in the communion of saints. Gods family

    goes beyond the limits of time and space.

    The relics of the saints and their veneration is just another in the long line of

    treasures which Jesus Christ has given to His Church. These relics summon us to

    appreciate more profoundly not only the heroes, who have served the Lord so

    selflessly and generously, but especially the love and mercy of the Almighty who

    called these His followers to the bliss of unending life in His eternal kingdom.

    Taken from an article by Rev. William Saunders. "Church Teaching on Relics." Arlington Catholic Herald

    Priests Convocation

    From the afternoon of Sunday, September 22 to Thursday September 26, the

    priests of the Archdiocese of Detroit will gather in convocation with the

    Archbishop in northern Michigan. All of the priests of the National Shrine will be

    attending. Monday through Thursday that week, our Deacon, Rev. Mr. Thomas

    Avery, will conduct a Communion Service at 6:30 am. On those mornings when

    we cannot find a priest for the 8:30 am Mass, Sister Noreen will conduct a

    communion service at 8:30 am. The schedule for that week will be in next weeks

    Shrine Herald. Any Mass intentions assigned to those Masses will be reassigned.

    Rosie, Carlito & Lord Stanley and Step by Step

    With Rosie approaching her 13th birthday (Fr. Anthony said that is 91 in human

    years) she has retired from long walks. She still enjoys a short walk now and then

    as well as a short swim when she can get one. The Step by Step next weekend will

    be a little too much for her. However she is supporting Stachu (Lord Stanley) in his

    walk and donated 10 milk bones in his name. If you would like to join Rosie you

    can put your donation in an envelope with Lord Stanleys name on it and put it in

    the collection or drop it at the office. All donations will go to the Step by Step


    Pray for Vocations!

    Blessed Monstrance for Vocations coming to the Archdiocese of Detroit

    The Blessed Monstrance for Vocations will travel throughout the Archdiocese of

    Detroit from Thursday, September 5 Tuesday, September 17, 2013. Every region

    will have one or more parishes host the monstrance. Visit the AOD website for

    locations and times at Or for more information visit our

    website: Follow us on Facebook: Office of Priestly

    Vocations or Twitter @DetroitPriest.

    Vocations, one of the seven mission priorities for the Archdiocese of Detroit!

  • Page 4 Shrine Herald National Shrine of the Little Flower

    Mass Information

    Monday, September 16

    6:30 am Mass Msgr. Easton

    Servers Eli Thummel, Cal Liggett

    8:30 am Mass Fr. Camilleri

    Servers Marty Massucci, Billy Norris

    Tuesday, September 17

    6:30 am Mass Fr. Gonyeau

    Servers Maria Ruhle, Regan Smith

    8:30 am Mass Msgr. Easton

    Servers Ethan Cwiek, Phillip Fogle

    Wednesday, September 18

    6:30 am Mass Msgr. Easton

    Servers Kate Laqui, Gina Schmidt

    8:30 am Mass Fr. Lang

    Servers Clara North, Maggie Piazzon

    Thursday, September 19

    6:30 am Mass Fr. Lang

    Servers Isabel Panyard, Kira Jenkins

    8:30 am Mass Fr. Gonyeau

    Servers Lucy Breda, Gabi Lilly

    Friday, September 20

    6:30 am Mass Fr. Camilleri

    Servers Carter Buchanan, Anthony Massucci

    8:30 am Mass Fr. Lang

    Servers Jake Vogelheim, PetrMehall

    Saturday, September 21

    8:30 am Mass Fr. Camilleri

    Servers Trevor Piazzon, Ethan Cwiek

    Sunday, September 22

    Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

    Vigil Masses (on Saturday)

    4:30 pm Fr. Gonyeau

    Lectors Bill Mitchell, Ginny Gamber

    Servers Michael Grace, Jack Grace

    Joe Romano, Dan Romano, Luke Cerone

    Hospitality Margie Suchyta, Team

    6:30 pm Mass Msgr. Easton

    Lectors Laura Salgado, Will Dickinson

    Servers Matt Abell, Josef Mehall

    Peter Mehall, Patrick Pullis

    Hospitality Gerald Schaffran, Team

    Sunday Masses

    7:30 am Mass Fr. Camilleri

    Lectors Henry Swift, Marge Chouinard

    Servers Brandon Whitmore, Hayden Haran

    Stephen Klimushyn, Erik Faris, Evan Faris

    Hospitality MaryAnn Skaggs, Team

    9:00 am Mass Msgr. Easton

    Lectors Anne O'Donnell, Cassia Burley

    Emily Turner

    Servers Andrew Jaeger, Brian Palmer

    Anthony Turner, Adam Goller

    Hospitality Tony Recchia, Team

    10:45 am Mass Fr. Lang

    Lectors Jim Wilson, Lloyd West

    Servers Irene Peaslee, Madeline Rozanski

    Catherine Warner, Elizabeth Warner

    Maria Ruhle

    M.C. Alex Bain

    Hospitality Wayne Friedman, Team

    12:30 pm Mass Fr. Gonyeau

    Lectors Marge Caram, Janie Lynch

    Servers William Arce, Joe Arce

    John Ginotti, Marty Massucci

    Hospitality Hugh Brennan, Team

    4:00 pmSpanish Mass Msgr. Easton

    6:00 pm Mass Msgr. Easton

    Lectors Lauren Battle, Brendan Battle

    Carlos Carpenter

    Servers Anthony Fisher, Jack Ploucha

    Ian Grimes, Isaiah Thummel, Eli Thummel

    Hospitality Tom Torma, Team

    Monday, September 16

    1 Tm 2:1-8/Lk 7:1-10

    Tuesday, September 17

    1 Tm 3:1-13/Lk 7:11-17

    Wednesday, September 18

    1 Tm 3:14-16/Lk 7:31-35

    Thursday, September 19

    1 Tm 4:12-16/Lk 7:36-50

    Readings of The Week

    Friday, September 20

    1 Tm 6:2c-12/Lk 8:1-3

    Saturday, September 21

    Eph 4:1-7, 11-13/Mt 9:9-13

    Sunday, September 22

    Am 8:4-7/1 Tm 2:1-8/

    Lk 16:1-13 or 16:10-13 10

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