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  • 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces!Chapter 19: The Circle of Life

2. "Come on Ems you're never gonna make it in this family if you keep letting me cheat you at chess. Familiars aren't supposed to be nice and gullible.""But I wanted to see the purple pony with the pink wings!""There's no such thing as a purple pony with pink wings, think about it have you ever even seen a pony?""I have a pony in my toy box.""I mean in real life?" 3. "Do you think I'm nice and gullible Puck?""Maybe you are a little bit doll, but that's not so bad. There's nothing at all wrong with being nice. We do need to work on the gullible part somewhat, there's a difference between being nice and being a doormat. You've got to learn to stand up for yourself""Delphy says Familiars aren't supposed to be nice.""Well, Delphy's a loon; there are lots of nice Familiars.""Who?""Umm well there's, wait how about, never mind he's an Indie but there's, nah she's a London." 4. "Does everyone have their buddy? Look at the person standing beside you. That's your buddy for the day; you're responsible for making sure that they are with us whenever we leave a lot. Puck move on up and buddy with Delphy, Grandpa will be Emma's buddy. Now does anyone else need to use the potty or are we ready to go?" 5. The Familiars were having a rollicking good time in three lakes. They'd seen all the sights met a lot of new people, learned to pound their chests and how to slap dance. Oy! Slap Dance. 6. But all too soon it was time to take the final dip in the lake and get packed up and ready to return home. For the kids of the first circle it was a vacation to remember, and they were all looking forward to the time they'd be together again at University. Due to the varying ages among the children some would be leaving for University sooner than the rest. Puck had already completed his first semester and both Delphine and Bottom would be joining him in the dorms soon. For Emma, Elliot, Denise and Elle though University was still a ways away they had some growing up to do before they'd be ready to join the others. 7. "There has to be some reason why David believes that Elliot could be the legacy heir. I know it has to be here somewhere. It couldn't be as simple as just misunderstanding the rules. It's plain as daylight that Elliot couldn't be moved into the legacy house legally so they must have found a loop-hole. If I'm going to prevent my son from having heir ship forced on him I'll have to close that loop-hole before the family is able to activate it."Let's see okay here it how to move a sim into a legacy house legally: 1) Townies can be moved in via the propose move-in action 2) NPC's can be moved in via the propose move-in action 3) Returning University students can be moved in via the combine household action from the sim bin only. 4) Children may be adopted and added to the family from the standard adoption pool.Wait a minute" 8. "Well sure kids get adopted all the time, well okay not all the time but it happens on occasion. I spent some time volunteering at the city orphanage during training most of the kids there are the standard townie types but there are a few hard luck cases where a child was considered to be abandoned and a social worker brought them to the orphanage. That's why you have to have the nanny, not that nannies are always the most responsible but you've taken all the precautions against nanny suicide that you can." 9. "The only other way that a child could end up being seen as abandoned would be if their family died, but that doesn't happen very often. Life expectancy in Familiarity is way above national sim averages. There hasn't been an accidental death since all the hot tubs were moved under the roofs." 10. "But what about the fires that swept through challenge land? Those weren't accidents were they? Look around the hood Robert there used to be some twenty other families living on this side of the river but now there's only what five? Six? There???s me and Charles and the UA safe house and then there's the Mints, the Boards and the Simsons. Where did the rest go? I'll tell you where they went. They were killed off in order for there to be more housing space for the Familiars!""If it could happen to all those people what makes you think it won't happen to me? The people living in those houses didn't do a thing to upset the Familiars and yet they were all killed anyway and here I am standing in the way of the Familiars claiming their vaulted heir." 11. "How likely is it that all of those houses were always missing fire alarms? One or two maybe, but fifteen get real? Nobody is that bad a builder.""Those families were relocated to a new hood as fresh downloads. Only the visible renditions of the households that were located in this neighborhood were purged in the fires. They weren't killed they were transferred.""Come on Robert don't be so dense, they were transferred to the graveyard. The only families that were left here were ones that have characters that are needed by the legacy family in some way, either they work for one of the businesses or they are love interests for a romancer." 12. "Well you have a connection to the legacy as well.""Not me Elliot, he's the only one in this house that matters to the Familiars most of them would be more than happy to see my grave. After David broke up with me I became a pariah in the hood, no one wanted to maintain my friendship for fear of getting on his bad side.""Don't you get it they're going to kill me! Then they'll take my son and have him adopted by his father making him a legal legacy heir. Of course it won't be as straight forward as that, there will be some type of elaborate plot involved but none of that matters because in the end I'll be dead and my son will be in that house!" 13. "You have no proof of any of this Juliet; you're jumping to conclusions here. First off David didn't say that Elliot was his heir, or that he even wanted Elliot to be his heir. All he said was that Elliot might be the heir but he didn't know and that they were going to have to research it and find out. If you'd only stayed and talked to David you most likely wouldn't be having these thoughts. I love you babe but you have a real tendency for the dramatic." 14. "And to prove just how much I love you I'm going to marry you right here right now. By marrying me Elliot gains a second layer of protection. If anyone wants to get to him they'll have to go through both of us. And not that I think it will but if anything happens to you I swear I'll take care of your son.""You'd put yourself in danger for us?""I don't think that there really is any danger, I'm willing to bet my life on that. I just did." 15. Gah! I really need to tell these guys to trim their hedges, this place is a disgrace! Worthless gardeners!*My apologies for the poor quality of the following photo's patching BV apparently reset my photo quality options and I didn'tt realize it until after I'd finished playing Clint's house. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get them re-shot before his death.* 16. "Clint""Jenn"*air kisses* 17. "I'm so confused by this whole legacy code Jenn, the family thinks that because I'm a lawyer I'm somehow supposed to be smart enough to decipher it. Being the law the toughest stuff I've ever have to do is decide whether or not to outlaw weather machines, I'm not equipped to handle this 'legacy code'.""Why do you think so few people play for points? Just wait till you start trying to understand the apocalypse rules now those are killer confusing." 18. "But really this part's very basic; just take a look at section nine, paragraph twenty, line five.""New sims can join your household, but there are restrictions. Only 'Townie' and 'NPC' sims may join your household from the outside. They may join either by the 'move in' proposal or marriage. You may not 'move in' or marry any player sims.""Elliot is a player sim there's no way that he could be moved into the main house and if he can't be moved into the main house he can't be heir." 19. "But what about this part? Section twenty three, paragraph five, line four: 'Only sims that have been played from freshmen to graduation (or drop out) may join the Legacy house from college." That would mean that anyone that goes to university could legally be moved into the main house no matter their original status. So as long as Elliot goes to college""What? Let me see that! No I don't think that's what Pinstar means there, I think that's referring to dormies not to playable sims." 20. "But it's a loop-hole right? David asked me to find out if Elliot could be the heir and that would allow Elliot to be heir.""Even if it is a loop-hole I wouldn't use it. Look Clint there are plenty of things that can legally be done in a legacy that I would never do because I feel they go against the 'spirit' of the legacy. Like moving in townies, stealing their money and then moving them out. Bottom line is that Emma is heiress and that's that. It's my decision and even if something were to happen to Emma then it would be Elle not Elliot that would take over." 21. "Good news bad news. First the good news is that I found a loop-hole in the legacy rules that might allow Elliot to be heir. Bad news is that Jenn vetoed it right off the bat. Something about 'spirit of the legacy' and how even if it wasn't cheating it would feel like cheating to her so she won't touch it. You don't really want Elliot to be heir do you? If you do then I'll keep digging and I might come up with something else, but it sounds as if Jenn is adamant about Emma being heiress.""Understood, yes it is better to clear up any doubts, we wouldn't want Emma to grow up thinking she was heiress and then be surprised or disappointed later. As long as you're satisfied then I'll leave it as is. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go sing the sea chantey with Lucy. Best to