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  • 1.Welcome Back to Familiar Faces!It's time for Chapter Seventeen: Good Intentions

2. When last we left the Familiar abode, David Familiar and his bride Titania had just finished exchanging their wedding vows. If you look closely you can see that Titania is wearing the coveted Familiar pearls that were such an issue during David's relationship with his former fiance Juliet Capp. But we aren't here to talk about ancient history we're here to move the legacy into the future.So onward we go! 3. The wedding itself went off without too many hitches, well except for the game crashing several times due to the large number of sims that I tried to cram onto the lot at one time. Eventually it worked and David's grandfather Chaz (who didn't bother getting dressed for the wedding) made toast after toast to the happy couple.The champagne eventually had to be deleted and everyone headed for the bathrooms all at once. For a short time I feared that an apocalypse might be caused due to all the toilet flushing but, we didn't get an apocalypse we just got clogs. C'est La Vie! 4. "No Juliet I'm sorry David's not here at the moment. He's on his honeymoon."*holds phone away from ear*"Well I'm sorry that you had to find out this way, but I don't think you should be surprised. Would you like me to give him a message for you?""Dear, I really don't think it'd be proper for his mother to say that to him, why don't I just tell him that you called okay?" 5. Home from their honeymoon David and Titania did what most newly wed legacy couples do with their honeymoon max motives.No they didn't play bridge, or MyShuno or even pool. Gosh do I really have to spell it out for you? 6. Well whatever they did Titania very quickly announced that she was expecting their first child. It would be an early winter baby.I guess now's as good a time as any to show Titania's statsTitania Familiar nee Summerdream Libra Family sim 3/6/2/7/7 Red Hair, Green eyes, Elf ears, Lazy slouch LTW is golden anniversary *yawn* 7. David was of course excited by the prospect of impending father hood, almost as excited as he was about finally befriending pack leader Maya or about reaching the top of the criminal track and completing his lifetime want to be a Criminal Mastermind. The prospect of a little minion was almost as interesting as the news that Carlisle Dreamer had been abducted by aliens proving yet again that they were still out there and still recruiting. 8. And so in hopes of fulfilling at least one of his supernatural quests for success, David took to stargazing all night every night. He would stop only to greet any wolf that happened to walk on the lot. Pulling out the cool shades and feeding treats in order to be allowed to belly rub and play razzle with the wolf, there were even a few that eventually let him teach them tricks but none that would nibble on him. 9. In due course Titania went into labor in the basement of the family house, Garden Clubber Armando Cox helped ease her pain with the soothing sounds of Jason Jordan on his Bluegrass Guitar. As the family swarmed down to offer the usual less than helpful hints about spinning faster, Titania blocked them all out and got down to business. 10. And it's a girl! Welcome to the world Emma Familiar!Emma is named for the familiar face of Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. 11. The family is delighted with their second heiress; the only disappointment in her visible genetics was the lack of recessive hair which had been hoped would pull thru. Emma has green eyes, black hair and the lightest skin tone. We'll have to wait till her toddler tossing to see if her ears grow any longer or more pointy. 12. The day following Emma's birth family mutt Buffy also gave birth. With much less fanfare and excitement than sim births cause, Buffy and her mate Scotty produced a litter of three puppies. 13. "I want to keep this one! I don't know there's just something about his eyes that draw me in and says this is the one. I'm gonna name him Eddie"They're called puppy dog eyes for a reason David, but okay we'll keep Eddie. 14. As a family sim Titania fit right in with her in laws. As long as she didn't expect either of them to look up from their snogging of each other for more than five minutes at any one time there would be no issues. Fortunately you can get a lot of baby care done in under five minutes.There was the small matter of the one sided crush she'd apparently been carrying for father in law Cary since his college days. That was corrected with a slap and a few glasses of strawberry juice passed around the household after she played witness to one of Cass and Cary's frequent extended make out sessions. 15. On the other side of town a different red haired family sim wasn't getting much help at all when it came to caring for her son."Well Elliot it looks like your Daddy is still refusing to call; I guess that means it's just you and me kiddo. But don't you worry one smidgen we'll do just fine on our own, it's his loss not ours. Now, I put fire alarms in every room so the nanny can't possibly burn down the house while I'm at work, and tonight I'll bring a cake home with me and we'll have a nice quiet birthday party, just you and me. How's that sound?" 16. "Jenn?"Hmm?"What's that tingling I'm feeling? My granddad senses are going crazy at the moment, it's as if there's something going on with one of the kids and I should be there. I called Demi but she said both of the girls are fine and Emma's asleep upstairs with Adonis watching over her."I'm sorry Cary but it's not my place to tell you this time. I would if I could. Don't worry though everything is going to be just fine. You just have to trust me on that okay?"If you're sure then okay I'll trust you, you've never steered me wrong before." 17. Cary's grandparent senses are hardly ever wrong, there was indeed an event happening that he should have been a part of. With a quick toss in the air a shower of confetti fell on young Elliot Capp. His mother was quite exhausted having been up half the night with him the night before and then working all day as a teacher, but she had the energy to fix him up in the mirror and pop a few bottles of smart milk into his inventory just in case he got hungry while she took a cat nap. 18. From the side profile it's quite obvious who Elliot's father is, just in case there were any doubts left. Unlike his half sister Emma, Elliot did inherit David's recessive blond gene along with his nose.Elliot Capp is a Sagittarius 1/9/9/8/4 he has gray eyes, blond hair and the lightest of skin tones. 19. If Cary's grandpa senses were working overtime so were Dwight's uncle senses. The next evening he decided that enough was enough and he'd just stop by Juliet's house himself and find out the truth once and for all. 20. "Dwight! Hi uhh it's good to see you, this isn't really the best time to visit though I was just heading to bed. Hey you look different, paler, what happened to you?" 21. "Well the guys threw me a perma plat party the other night and they invited all my lady friends, not the smartest thing to do of course. And well Countessa Katelyn wasn't happy to find out that she was just one of many and not my one and only if you know what I mean. She wasn't the only one upset about all that either, she was just the one with the best revenge.""*giggle* Oh Dwight, are you sure your friends are really friends? But I don't understand, why didn't you call the matchmaker and get some potions to clear up the infection?""Uhmm well she's not speaking to me at the moment, I'm going to have to get some off the black market and that's going to take a little while. *shrugs* It's not so bad really it just puts a damper on my plans for a tropical vacation to celebrate being perma plat." 22. "But anyway Jules that's not why I'm here, I think you know why I'm here.""No I don't why don't you tell me? Did David send you?""I'm not my brother's lackey Jules, you should know that I'm my own person. Anyway, David won't even allow your name to be spoken in his presence. You really hurt him, and he's done his best to pick up the pieces and move on. He just wants to forget you. If things were different I'd be behind him in that all the way, but I think there's something he doesn't know that he should know and that's why I'm here.""Well then you can just leave Dwight because there's nothing you're going to find out here.""MOMMA! MOOOOOM!""You were saying Jules?" 23. "Dwight this young man with the extremely large lungs and the horrible sense of timing is named Elliot David Capp. I assume you'll recognize the significance of his name. I also assume you'll keep your mouth shut until such a time as I can properly introduce him to his father.""Don't count on that Jules, David has the right to know.""I'm not trying to keep anything from David, David is the one that won't talk to me remember? I'm going to go put him down and then we can talk about it.""Let me do it please? I'm a pro at it I promise, I've had lots of practice with Demi's girls." 24. "So you're my nephew huh? Welp I'm your Uncle Dwight. I don't think I have any other nephew's at the moment, you're the first one, maybe the only one. That makes you special, got that?""Special?""Yep special that's you! Now I'd better get you in bed before your Mom gets mad at both of us." 25. "Night Night Elliot sleep tight""Night Dwight" 26. "So I'll give you about five minutes to tell me why I shouldn't just walk over to David's after I leave here and tell him all about Mr. Capp in there.""Do you really think he'd believe you if you told him? And if he did believe you do you think he'd believe I didn't get pregnant on purpose just to trap him or to somehow force his hand?""Well didn't you?" 27. "Do you really think that little of me Dwight? I thought we were friends, I guess I was wrong.""I don't know what to think about you Jules. At times, I actually do lik