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  • 1.You Can't Always Get What You Want Part One

2. Annie hit save and navigated away from her text document to the web browser. She had a bit of time before she needed to be downstairs for the evening festivities, and she could use it to catch up on her email. Checking the in box she saw that there were now two new emails to join the one she had been avoiding.The first one, a message from her adviser, was quickly dealt with. A change in her class schedule that would allow her to sleep later was more than acceptable.The message from Moms was expected and typical of her mother. Annie had called home and left a message that she'd made it back to campus safely, but her mother just wanted to be sure. There was, along with the check in chatter, a layer of hurt over Annie's need to return early for rush weekend. Though Debbie Stephens was proud of her daughter, and thrilled that Annie was taking full advantage of college life, she missed her at home. Since her husband had been killed, Debbie's life had revolved around her daughter. 3. Annie barely remembered her father. There were just vague memories of a tall blond man, one who smiled a lot, but was rarely home. She could remember trying to stay awake at night until he got home, and rarely managing to do so. Her mother claimed that Annie got her determination from her father. Scott Stephens had been driven to succeed, to give his family the life he wanted them to have. He would have done it, Annie knew, if he had lived long enough.Annie's clearest memories were from the final family vacation in Three Lakes, just weeks before her father's death. Though he had worked hard, he wasn't the type to forgo all pleasure. Three Lakes had meant as much to Scott as it did to his wife, and daughter. He had meet Debbie there, while she was a student on Spring Break with her friends. At the time he'd been working in the mills, saving money for his exodus to the city, where he could fulfill his dreams. He wanted to write for a city paper, to report the facts, but beyond that he wanted to tell the tales of the people behind the faces on the streets. He had been doing just that at the time of his death. Following a lead to a story, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, a victim of a mugging gone murder. That's what the cops had believed, and maybe that was the truth. 4. Annie's mother had never believed that he'd been killed over the twenty dollars and change in his pocket. She believed he had been on the trail of a story, a big one, one that would have given him the limelight he deserved. When they'd returned home from that final vacation Scotty had dived back into his work with a zeal. He had worked even longer and odder hours than before, often being gone all night, returning home to sleep for a few hours with the dawn. He had hinted that he was on to something big, something that would blow the socks off everyone, even the old money families that ran the town. But he wouldn't explain, not completely and what he had said hadn't made sense to Debbie.But after his death, no clues were found to signify what he had been working on. There was no notebook on his body, nothing saved to the home computer and, according to his editor, none at the paper either. The editor had denied knowledge that Scott had been investigating a story; he had hinted that perhaps it had not been work that hat kept Scott away from home in those final weeks. 5. Once Annie had grown old enough to understand she'd asked her mother why she had never remarried. At first her mother had brushed away the questions, saying that she didn't have time for romance; she had to work, and a daughter to take care of, that was more than enough to keep her occupied. Later though, Annie had come to realize that her mother felt guilty if she saw other men. It wasn't because she didn't want to cheat on her husband's memory. It wasn't that she'd loved him so much that no one could ever take his place, more that Debbie hadn't loved Scott as much as she thought that he had deserved to be loved.Annie's mother had told her once that Scotty was a good man, he was easy to love, but he had never replaced the memory of the boy she had first loved. When Debbie had told her that it had been in the hopes that her daughter would not pursue the same path, would not hold so tightly to the dreams of her youth, that she would be unavailable to other dreams. 6. Putting aside the possibilities and replacing them with alternative realities wasn't always the easiest thing to do. Blocking them hadn't worked, and ignoring them wouldn't either. The final email in Annie's in box had been sitting there unopened for a day, reminding Annie of her promise to read if Frankie wrote. That promise had been easy to make, she had missed hearing from him, she wanted to know what was going on in his life. She just hadn't expected him to write so soon. 7. Aloha from Twikki Island!As I'm writing this I am sitting on a balcony, watching the sunrise over a beautiful stretch of white sand and surf. There must be something about the air on Twikki, for the first time in my life I'm waking up early and enjoying it. Our vacation is almost over, in a few hours we'll be catching a flight and returning home. I'm sure that once I'm back on the mainland I'll return to my normal schedule of sleeping as late as possible, leaving only enough time for a quick shower and shave before running to class. The last few days have been nice though, I wonder if sunrise on the main land is as nice as it is here? The only times I'm ever awake to possibly see a sunrise there, is when I've been up all night. In those cases, I doubt I'd be in any condition to seek out a sunrise, the light it would burn! 8. We've spent the last few days doing all the tourist stuff available on the island. We've been to the board walk and to the volcanic springs. We spent a day exploring the various ruins and temples. Yesterday we went para-sailing and on Tuesday there was a glass bottom boat journey in order to better view the sea life. We had a great time but the tour guides need more training. When we went para-sailing we ended up being drug through a flock of seagulls. Not the techno type that have bad hair, but actual birds! We were able to maneuver beneath them but you'd think the guide would have seen them coming and avoided them in the first place. Better than that though was the boat, stupid captain ran over a reef and punctured a hole in the bottom. Luckily Elisha had a pack of gum, so we were able to patch the hole before we took on too much water, but again reefs are pretty big right? And they don't move all that often, the captain should have known it was there! Eh, at least it was a bit of excitement. Sea-life isn't that interesting close up, it's pretty but it's kind of boring. There weren't even any sharks.When we were at the boardwalk, I took lessons from a break dancer. You remember that guy we saw in the city? I could challenge him now! 9. On the second day we were here, we went down to see the Witch Doctor. Emilia wanted us to do his quest and get a Mr. Mickles, she thinks I might need it next year. His quest is hardly a quest, he made us repair all his appliances. You'd think a doctor could do that himself wouldn't you?While we were there I tried to talk to him, cause I wanted his advice about something. Apparently he wasn't in the mood to give advice because all he told me was Ooh to the eeh the ooh the aah aah, To the ting to the tang the wallawalla bingbang, Ooh to the eeh the ooh the aah aa, Ting tang wallawalla bingbang Maybe I need to brush up on my Twikkian and try again. 10. When we got back from the Witch Doctor's shack we took a few hours to just hang on the beach. Elijah and I wanted to work on our tans, but Elisha kept nudging us and telling us to get up before we burned.I guess we should have listened cause when we got up we were bright as berries.It's annoying how often she's right about things.That night some of the guys' fiances showed up from back home. They said they missed 'em, but I really think they were just checking up on them, making sure they didn't get into any mischief. I guess that's cool anyway. The guys were happy to see them and we all had a good time together, well most of us. Elijah sulked a bit, I think he was jealous and missing his own girlfriend. Maybe if he got off his butt, and proposed then she'd take the time and money to make a 3000 mile booty call. 11. The next day at the ruins, Egeus and I had a long talk. He's getting married this weekend, and the trip was kind of his bachelor party. I'm gonna miss having Ege around, he's like everyone's big brother. It's great that he's getting married though, he deserves to be happy more than anyone I know. He was explaining to me the whole process that he and his husband are going to have to go through to get kids. It's very complicated and I doubt I understand it all. I hope everything works the way they want it to, if anyone should be a Dad, it's Egeus. I could only hope to be half as good at it as I'm sure he will be.So yeah, once we leave here we'll be heading home for the weekend. Got to spend time with our folks and attend Ege and Fran's wedding. Then on Sunday I'll head back to campus and classes start again the following day. Junior year! It really has gone quickly hasn't it? Sim State is on a similar schedule right?Did you do anything fun for semester break? Write back and give me the 401. 12. While we were at the shrine we decided to make wishes. Throwing money into a fountain in the hopes that a wish will come true sounds silly I know, but the locals swear by it and hey it works on birthday cakes! I stood there for a long time trying to decide what to wish for, and when finally I decided, I tossed my coin. 13. As I was tossing the coin into the fountain, my sunburn started to itch. A stray thought crossed my mind that I hoped the sunburn would go away. Apparently that wis