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  • 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces!Chapter Nine: Scary Uni Stories

2. Since I forgot and moved all the cousins into the same dorm starting out freshman year and ended up with eight sims (including the dorm placeholder) in a relatively bad dorm, I didn't take any pictures of them there. I don't generally have problems playing large groups in a spread out house with one or two floors but in a tight dorm with extra dormies roaming during the busy first semester it gets a bit much for me.First semester is extremely busy for my kids since they all need to pledge the family Greek house, get new wardrobes, and declare their majors all while getting their 4.0 for the semester. You'll just have to trust me that they got all that accomplished and we'll begin the real story with the arrival at Familiar Greek second semester of Freshman year. 3. The university experience is going to take up two albums since in all told there's eleven Familiar's trekking their way thru college at the moment. We've got the seven first cousins in the Greek house and they will play the primary roles in the story, but we'll introduce the others as well.First up of course is heir Cary Familiar Sagittarius Family sim that dreams of being a Rock God."It doesn't matter where they're going, Or wherever they've been 'Cause they got one thing in common it's true They'll never let a night like tonight go to waste And let me tell you something, Neither will you, neither will youPretty fitting way to introduce this generations Greek house inhabitants, thank you Meatloaf. 4. "I dunno I think I prefer Kenny Loggin's take on the situation'Revving' up your engine Listen to her howling' roar Metal under tension Begging' you to touch and go Highway to the Danger Zone Ride into the Danger Zone'That works as well, thanks Clint.Clint Familiar, Cary's younger brother, the Aquarius Fortune sim that wants to be a lawyer. 5. "If I leave here tomorrow Would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on, now, 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see. But, if I stayed here with you, girl, Things just couldn't be the same. 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I can't change"Channeling Lynard Skynard is Clint's twin and bubble addict Cher Familiar, an Aries popularity sim that's gonna be a cult leader. 6. "I was dreaming' when I wrote this Forgive me if it goes astray But when I woke up this morning' Could sworn it was judgment day The sky was all purple There were people running' everywhere" ~PrinceFitting that a future professional party guest, wants to party like it's 1999Eldest child of generation three spare Barbie and her husband Darren Dreamer, Bade Dreamer's a Libra pleasure seeker. 7. "I'm free but I'm focused I'm green but I'm wise I'm shy but I'm friendly baby I'm sad but I'm laughing I'm brave but I'm chicken -bleep- I'm sick but I'm pretty baby" ~ Alanis MorissetteSick but pretty, yeah that works for Bailey Dreamer, Aquarius knowledge sim wants to be chief of staff but is really only interested in genetic research. 8. "Now they make new movies in old black and white With happy endings, where nobody fights So if you find yourself in that nostalgic rage Honey, jump right up and show your age I wish I had a pencil thin mustache The Boston Blackie kind A two toned Ricky Ricardo jacket And an autographed picture of Andy Devine" ~Jimmy BuffetBenjamin Familiar is the oldest son of Bob and Sierra Familiar. In addition to being an Aries knowledge sim that wants to be a mad scientist, he's kinda naive and clueless. 9. "Welcome to the jungle We got fun 'n' games We got everything you want Honey we know the names We are the people that can find Whatever you may need If you got the money honey We got your disease" ~Gun's N RosesPretty apt take on things there Boris. Meet our last resident of the Greek jungle, Boris Familiar; he's Bob and Sierra's youngest another Aries but this time popularity. He's gonna be a general and take command of the Unnatural Army for his father. 10. On the other side of campus we've got the subsidiary Greek house belonging to the descendants of Al and Robin. My sims don't handle living in close quarters with their extended family all that well and so I split the living arrangements up so that the only folks living at the main house know they are related. 11. Becca Bross is the only child of Amelia Familiar and Bo Bross. Bo's one of the TSR challenge sims that was in the hood, he and Amelia hit it off at first sight. Becca's a family sim. 12. Barclay Familiar is the first of Aaron and Tiffany (Sampson) Familiar's twin sons. Barclay is yet another family sim. His high school sweetheart is living with the group as well. I doubt I have to introduce Meadow Thayer to anyone but well there she is. Sorry, you won't be seeing Meadow used as a tramp giving first kisses to generations of Familiar', she came home with Barclay his first day of high school and she hasn't left yet. 13. Baird Familiar; Barclay's twin, is a relief as a Pleasure sim. Don't take me wrong I don't mind family sims, but four in one house is about two too many.Baird actually shouldn't be here since he's dead. Or he was, he got struck by lightning while in the hot tub at his Aunt Amy's elder turning. Since he was already a YA and I didn't want to take the time to get anyone in his house into the SS at that point; I cheated to get the reward and then ressed him, but pfft he's not in the legacy house so who cares. 14. Family sim number four is Bea Familiar, only child of Amy and Gunnar Roque. Bea was born before her parents got married so she kept the family name. Amy and Gunnar have a scary three bolt natural attraction before changing turn on's and off's. They eventually got married cause Amy's mother Robin needed another family member to get engaged and married in order to not die in aspiration failure after Al pre-deceased her by a couple of hours. Bea spent most of her teen years wanting to fall in love with cousin Cary, but she seems to have forgotten him at this point which is just as well. 15. But enough with the introductions it's time for a party! The kids arrived at the Greek house just in time for placeholder Charles's graduation party. I was gonna keep Charles around for awhile but I didn't want him making booty calls to Betty while her kids were in the house. For some reason I thought that might be awkward, come to find out compared to what happens in this house on any given day catching their Mom with Charles woulda been nothing. 16. I see you've tapped the keg already Charles, are you gonna be sober enough to walk to the cab once it gets here?" *hic* course I am, it's just juice, there's nothing in this stuff to in.iiiiiiineb get me drunk *hic*""" 17. "Hehe look Aunt Amelia, Aunt Amy's old!"Since I'm trying to keep all the houses up to speed most of the gen threes are elders. The only exceptions to this are Amelia and Bob. Amelia just got lucky but since Bob's a vampire he may never get old. 18. See nothing fazes these kids, Betty can make out with Charles while standing right beside Clint and he has no reaction at all."I hate my father, I don't care if she cheats on the slime wad!"Yeah but Cary loves his dad and he doesn't care either. So many men ate breakfast with these kids that I doubt they know what they should be concerned about it. 19. Not like they have any morals themselves, Cary keeps making moves on Amelia. Bo already caught them once when Cary flirted with Amelia during a family birthday party while I was playing the spares houses. Bo wasn't able to make this party so they've only gotta worry about Becca who's currently watching them like a hawk. 20. For once the party ends before any drama occurs, Charles does the spin and heads to the main hood. Since Charles is a romance sim with a twenty woohoo want he'll be causing havoc both in the main hood and in this one for some time. 21. The remainder of freshman year goes smoothly, the kids all settle into the Greek house and start churning out their term papers. I always try to get any skilling that needs to be taken care of and term papers taken care of the first day of the semester, that way I can keep a good eye on the meter without many surprises 22. We then set about getting those that weren't friends at move in up to speed with the rest of the gang. Bailey and Boris were fairly late arrivals to the family and both got kicked to uni almost immediately upon turning teen, so they didn't get the chance to spend much time making friends with the cousins before hand.I always want my cousins on good terms, they don't count as family friends but there's always someone there to fulfill a invite over or be an extra for a party later on. 23. We also purchased a set of work benches for the house and got everyone started out on badges. Fall is such an awesome time for skilling that I didn't want to waste it. Most everyone in the house is fairly well maxed out in regular skills, so they can get some badge time in instead. Buying the benches tossed everyone into wanting some badge or another so we locked them and they can pound away at benches when they need fun between now and gardening time in the spring. 24. After the lightning accident last generation I added a covered porch to the house. The hot tub no longer gets struck, but it does still cause the silly dormies to overheat if they spend all day in it. I keep trying to get into the habit of telling everyone goodbye or calling them to meals occasionally.Really guys, I've got enough of my own sims to worry about, I can't be bothered with keeping track of you dormies as well. 25. Benjamin begins to spread the gossip about how his mom burned the spaghetti around the Greek house. Ben and Boris are clones but they don't act like it. Boris likes to cheat at chess while all Ben does is spread the same st