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  • 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces it's time forChapter Six: Gooey Greek House Goodness

2. We left off with all three of the third generation of Familiar kids getting ready to start their UNI experience. As a reminder, in case you need one or even if you don't, we'll reintroduce the gang.Betty Familiar romance heiress of the family hopped outta the taxi ready to start wooing and hooing her way across campus. If she can just find a man that showers on a regular basis she'll be happy. 3. Middle child Barbie just wants to fall in love, get engaged and settle down to have babies. You could say Barbie's a bit desperate in her search for a spouse. 4. And the baby of the family, serious Bob is putting a whole new spin on seeking pleasure. Not for Bob are the wants to date or take bubble baths. Bob, well he much prefers curling up with a book instead. 5. The kids will spend their first semester in the dorms, they need to prove themselves worthy of Greek membership to family friend, and Greek house placeholder, Charles. It won't take much to get them in, their father Abe had introduced them all to Charles while they were kids, and he's thrilled that they are finally here. 6. They also need to make contact with the secret society members that live in the dorm. It appears that Dominic is a bit bored by Bob's "why do burglars where stripes instead of plaid?" discussion. 7. "Why you should never walk by a legacy dorm at term paper time" By DJ Verse 8. Time flies and before we know it there's not one, not two, but three, three extremely outgoing students on their way back from acing their finals in their jammies. 9. Charles and I had revamped the original Greek house in order to make room for this generation but it just wasn't gonna work out. The 2x3 lot wouldamaybe worked for another generation or two, but it would quickly become too full. Besides there was no room for the car Bob wants. 10. So they stuffed everything they could into their pockets and moved to a new slightly larger lot. 11. It's not that impressive at the moment, but it'll work until there's money for some improvements. 12. Once everything was distributed in the new digs, including Jack Falcon who survived the move, it was time to get down to the real business of college. Partying, dating, hottubbing, bubble blowing and woohoo! 13. "Why do I have to leave again? I like it here and that Betty is one hot babe!"It's because Betty is one hot babe that you have to leave, sorry Charles but she's got an agenda and a potentially jealous lover on the lot isn't in the cards. You can come back and visit anytime you want."Awesome! I'll do that"And he does, Charles is here almost daily over the next four years. 14. Once Charles moves out it's time to invite over some new pledges. Al and Robin's three kids are joining their cousins for the duration. 15. First up is Amelia Familiar.Amelia's a mean and sloppy Sagittarius fortune sim. This is one girl you do not wanna tick off. Cow mascots are putty in her hands, she can't be grossed out and poking her will only end with the poker in tears. Fred's mean genes skipped a generation and landed smack dab on Amelia alone. 16. Next up is Aaron Familiar.Aaron's a happy go lucky popularity Capricorn, the only thing he's serious about is throwing parties. Like all my college kids he'll be spoiled rotten and therefore get all the parties he wants. Aaron and I best friends, he's told me so, and he almost always has a smile for me and for everyone else. 17. Finally there's Amy FamiliarAmy's a nice and sloppy romancing Sagittarius. She's fully active and so nice that she never complains about anything as long as it doesn't include cleaning. My alien eye glitch apparently fixed itself before she was born and so she's the only one that exhibits them, but all of the girls of this generation should have alien eyes. 18. Betty and I have come to an agreement. I won't force her to get married until she wants to. Since she may never want to, the risky pregnancy odds will be increased for this generation and all her romancing once she hits home will be done with proper heir ship producing partners (at least until we have an heir). Since she's not too thrilled about the baby producing part of the deal she wants to get as much of her lifetime want done while she's at UNI as she can. To that end she'll be wishing for love as often as we think it's safe for her to do so. 19. Once a love pops out of the well she hits em up for a date which generally includes canoodling in the hot tub. 20. If they are lucky she remembers to send them home after the date, if not they generally end up soaking in the tub all night, and laughed at by the cow until the firetruck arrives. They should put a sign on the lot:*Warning possessed hot tub of death on premises proceed to soak at your own risk* 21. Winter comes around and the Greek kids take a break from their studies to play. Barbie does some foreshadowing 22. And Amelia builds me my first evil snowman. 23. The good snowmen form an army in hopes of taking down the evil one. A penguin is called in and thankfully begins peace talks before any blood is shed. 24. The kids throw a 'we survived the snowman uprising' party, and from then winter proceeds normally. Or at least as normally as it can at a Greek house. It's always interesting to see who's gonna show up on the guest list. 25. It could be a streaker 26. Or a long lost relative to heart fart over.Barbie that's your great grandfather! I told you she was desperate. 27. And when the more primitive urges take over the guest list can include all types of animals as well. We've got the cows, of course 28. The Llamas, 29. Family pets from back home 30. And even a penguin that's lost his way. 31. No matter who's on the guest list though, it always results in a good memory. 32. That's not to say that the Familiar's are slackers when it comes to their studies. They always make the grade, they have to if they wanna throw their traditional 'woot we aced our finals!' party for the semester."Wishing for WooHoo: a definitive study" By Betty Familiar 33. Junior year rolled around and with it a re roll of the dice for poor confused Bob. Bob's now knowledge with a lifetime want to reach the top of the journalism career. I didn't even have to cheat on the roll, the dice knew what he wanted as much as I did this time. Bob was thrilled with his new calling, he cheered his re roll. 34. Betty continued to wish for love."Dang-it, I did Gunther at a party last week I don't need him now!"Them's the breaks kid, toss him to your cousin she hasn't had him yet and they've got three very scary bolts. 35. Barbie kept trying to pin down a future husband. Mitch would work much better than most of the others on her list, but I think she's leaning towards big earred Martin Rueban instead. 36. Ever had one of those sims that just can't behave themselves? 37. When that happens we just call in the terminator, she'll make him see the light."Did you just water balloon my cousin? That was not a smart idea""I was just having some fun lady, not my fault the wuss couldn't handle a joke!" 38. "A joke, you think that water balloon was funny huh? Well here, I think this is funny *poke* what do you think of that *poke* pretty fricking hilarious isn't it?" 39. "Who's the wuss now Aldric?" 40. Aaron started to think that the parties were getting a bit predictable, he wanted to spice things up and asked for some NPC's to be added to the mix. 41. So pretty soon we had man maids playing toss on the yard 42. Nanny's blowing bubbles with the cows *I'm not sure which surprises me least, that the nanny is a bubble addict or that she and the cow get along so well?* 43. Headmaster's in the hot tub 44. And firefighters on the payroll 45. Amy's a green type of girl, whether it be her skin, her pj's or her stink fumes, it's all about the green"You know that's one of the things I like about having NPC's for friends, they aren't nearly as judgmental as you are." 46. "They don't blink when you sponge bathe in front of them" 47. "And when the hot tub of death attacks they don't panic like everyone else"That's cause firefighters are immune to fire, they don't randomly burn up like others do. And yes it's the purple trunked non panicked firefighter that should be on fire that caused the excitement this time. He had the fire out by the time the truck responded. 48. Fires weren't the only thing to cause worry and panic at the Greek house. 49. It's okay though she lived"Hey Gunther, call me sometime we should woohoo again!" 50. It was a normal night at the Greek house, senior year was rolling to a close and the party theme was 'Come share spoiled pizza with us!' 51. It was Barbie's turn to ensure the party was a roof raiser.Ehh, I foresee scary things coming from this relationship, big earred, big nosed baby type things. 52. Then the party was over and the cousins were once again congratulating each other on the nights exploitsOutside a few stragglers were still hanging out in the hot tub, a storm was rolling in.And then, from outside, came the crash of thunder and lightning . . . and a scream 53. The possessed hot tub takes another prisoner. 54. Brittnay Upsnott, a sororityyy girl from Tri-Var over at Sim State, had caught the attention of vengefulul lightning bolt! 55. Her tub partner Jimmy Phoenix, also from Sim State, was wailing. Inside everyone in house broke away from what they were doing to sigh, and then run out to see what was happening.Brittney was not yet a friend to anyone in the house. Aaron in his typical gracious, manner had seen her walking by the house earlier in the day and asked her to join the party. Because of that greeting he had the highest relationship with her currently, a