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  • 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces: Chapter Thirty - Changes

2. The call from Luke had been such a relief. Frankie was safe; the wolves had found him in the woods. He and Almeric had been staying with a Bigfoot named Squatch. Squatch had promised to return Frankie to his parents. Frankie would be in the village by dawn. Unfortunately, the wolves hadn't been told where in the village Frankie would be, just that he'd be there. Dave sent out the troops to canvas and everyone waited for word. 3. "I'm Annie, who are you? Are you staying here? I don't remember seeing you yesterday.""I'm Frankie Familiar, my parents are Emma and Aldric Familiar and . . ." the boys words trailed off. Squatch said that his parents would find him if he waited here, but would they? Uncle Almeric had said that they'd come, and they hadn't. "I'm Frankie, I don't know if I'm staying here or not. I was staying at Squatch's cabin, but that was before.""Before what?" 4. "Before, my Uncle died.""My Daddy died. Mommy said he had to go to heaven, he didn't want to go but he had to. Sometimes you have to do things you don't want. Like eat spinach. I was sad when he went away, Mommy and me cried and cried. It's okay to cry."Inside the cabin, Debbie Johnson searched for the card she'd been given the day before. When she found it she picked up the phone and dialed the number. 5. After calling his parents, Debbie had walked out and approached Frankie. He looked tired, a little dirty and maybe a bit hungry. "Are you Frankie?" She asked. The child nodded his head.Curious she asked. "Did your Uncle Almeric bring you here? Is he with you?"Emma and Aldric walked up in time to hear Frankie's response. "Squatch said he's dead. Annie said he went to heaven. Is heaven nice?""Oh Frankie" thought Emma "What did you see?" Aloud she just said his name. 6. Frankie turned around and after a few hesitant steps, he ran to his parents. "You came! Uncle Almeric said you would and you did! He didn't lie.""No sweetie, he didn't lie." Emma ran her hands over her son's frame, as if checking for damage. He seemed okay, maybe a bit skinny. His eyes worried her; they weren't as bright as they had been before.Frankie peered over his mother's shoulder was that really Daddy?"Come on buddy let's go home." Aldric said as he patted his son's shoulder.Frankie smiled; it really was Daddy this time. 7. As Frankie walked away with his parents Squatch briefly stepped out from behind the trees. "Goodbye Frankie" He said softly, "I will see you again. When you need me, you will find me."Squatch stepped back into the trees and headed home. Men would be coming to his grove, but they wouldn't find him. It wasn't yet time. 8. "You should not have done it Ricky. Frankie needed you, your brother needed you." Squatch lowered his head, "I needed you." 9. By the time Dave found the cabin, Squatch was gone.The creature had departed for the upper hills and woods. He would return when the cub had become a man. Until then he would watch and he would wait. 10. The morning after their return from Three Lakes, Aldric awoke before his wife. He took a few moments to lie in bed and think about recent events.Throughout the long drive back to Familiarity, Frankie had been uncharacteristically quiet. If either he or Emma asked their son a question, Frankie had answered but not illuminated.Careful questioning had led Aldric to understand; that while Frankie was confused as to why he had been with Almeric, he had never been scared. Almeric had been truthful, when he said that he didn't want to hurt Frankie. 11. Frankie had told of a cabin in the woods where a large fuzzy creature named Squatch lived. Emma and her family had confirmed that there were indeed creatures such as Squatch. They were known to live in the woods around Three Lakes. Emma had met one when she had been a child, but it hadn't been Squatch.Frankie seemed to think that Squatch had known Almeric well. He had told Frankie stories of Almeric as a teen and as a young man. The stories, which Frankie passed on, didn't completely gel with the Aldric's own memories of his brother. How well had he really known him? 12. Aldric remembered the summers at the lake, when his brother would disappear for the entire day. Invariably when Almeric had disappeared, he would return to the lodge with a string of fish, and a relaxed presence. No matter if his mother had yelled at him or their father had teased him of finding a wood nymph, Almeric would never admit to anything other than fishing. At the time, Aldric had known his brother had a secret. He had even tried, unsuccessfully, to follow him on occasion. Aldric had grudgingly admired his brother for defying his mother; he knew that Almeric had paid for it later. 13. Emma's father had found Squatch's cabin, but he said that the cabin was now empty. Dave had stayed at the cabin for most of the day waiting, but Squatch hadn't returned. While Dave had been there, he'd explored the area, and had found a grave. The grave was freshly dug and stone above it unmarked. Was it Almeric's? Dave didn't know and he hadn't disturbed the grave in order to find out.Frankie believed that Almeric was dead, but was that true? How would a child know for certain? 14. Instinctively, Aldric felt that Frankie was telling the truth, and that his brother was dead. He tried to determine how he felt about it. While he was relieved that his brother would not be able to harm anyone in the future, he wasn't glad he was dead. Aldric couldn't, however, work his way to grief, not yet.Aldric believed that Almeric had known more than he had been willing to tell. He was angry that his brother had, once again, slipped away without letting him in on the secret. 15. And what a secret it was. At the same time that the family had been celebrating Frankie's safe return, Bob had been gathering a group of UA researchers. Bob had put some of his famed 'more money than Wright' to good use. He had secured the purchase of the land that the retreat resided on. After purchasing a helicopter he and his crew had departed for the retreat. 16. Wanting to leave everything preserved as much as possible, the team hadn't cleaned everything out. They'd packaged up the documents and taken samples of everything else they could find. Once the initial research had been accomplished, they would return, and learn more. 17. The families of Familiarity were curious to learn more about Cigam's claims. They were also concerned. Were Cigam's creations a part of their desire to empower 'the blood'? Or were those creations separate? Was anything truly separate for Cigam? Was the smart milk that they'd been feeding their children for generations really safe? They'd known that smart milk increased the mental capacity of their children but did it affect them in other ways as well?____________ Pictured are Evette and Evonne Capp twin daughters of Elliot and Deanna 18. Testing would need to be done. Not only on the substances found at Cigam, but on people as well. The family would balk at that, but it would have to be done. They needed to know, didn't they? 19. Quietly, Aldric slipped out of bed, and walked down the hall to check on Frankie. 20. The child that returned to the legacy house wasn't the same child that had left. The changes were small, but his family could see them. However, children are resilient and Frankie was soon back to talking a mile a minute. He laughed, when thought something was funny, or even when he didn't but he just felt like laughing. If he took to sitting and thinking a bit more often than he had in the past, well that was okay too. 21. No matter what else is happening in the background, life has a way of continuing on, particularly in a legacy. 22. By the time that Ferdinand Familiar was born; life, such as the Familiar family knew it, was returning to normal. The research was ongoing and there were still plenty of questions needing answers. It would take time to sort everything out and they couldn't just sit in stasis waiting. __________ Ferdinand "Ferdie" Familiar, is named for multiple rules of European states. Or, he could be named for the band Franz Ferdinand, or possibly even for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar whose given name was Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor. Take your pick.Ferdie has his father's brown hair and the green eyes that have been predominant in the family for generations. 23. "Guess what? I have a brother! Want to come meet him?" 24. The answer to Frankie's question seemed to be a resounding yes. Most of the immediate Familiar family descended on the legacy manse to meet its newest resident. 25. Ferdie's arrival marked grandchild number fourteen for David and Titania. Their other grandchildren ranged from current teens Egeus and Erasmus, and on down to toddlers still in cribs, not yet allowed to join in on family gatherings. 26. Family gatherings happen on a fairly regular basis in Familiarity. At least once a week there seems to be some reason to get everyone together. And even when there isn't a reason, they still do. 27. It was at one of those no particular reason, just because gatherings that Emilia Summerdream and Ezra Capp put their minds together. There was something Ezra had always wanted to do, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Emilia was a girl with lots of bright ideas, dangerous plans and fearless nerves. 28. For as long as he, or anyone else, could remember Ezra had wanted to fly. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he didn't respond with one of the typical childlike responses. He didn't want to be a firefighter or a teacher or a doctor or even a cowboy, he wanted to be a bird.Ezra had been known to talk like a bird, think with a bird brain and even eat like a bird. By eating like a bird we don't mean he ate small portions, but rather worms and bugs. Up until the point that his father removed his co