Employee motivation

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  • 1. Employeemotivation

2. FICCICEEmployee motivationDefine the outcome you want from managersand insist that they find their own way there.This practice encourages creativity andmakes people empowered enough toinnovate their way to achieving goals. 3. FICCI CEEmployee motivationIdentify strengths of the employees and makeefforts to develop and use their strengths byassigning suitable jobs to them. The best wayto motivate a person is to offer him the jobwhich he / she likes the most. 4. FICCI CE Employee motivationThe seniors must genuinely share the joysand sorrows of the individuals. Treat everyemployee as a distinctive individual. Everyindividual is a unique bundle of needs,insecurities, ambitions, spirit and genius.This must be translated into specific action inmanaging every individuals growth, training,rewards etc. In majority of cases theemployees do not leave companies - theyleave their seniors and supervisors. 5. FICCICEEmployee motivation To motivate a person to give his best to yourorganization, demonstrate to him how his bestwill make the organization a better performer.Their opinions must be considered during thedecision making process. Assist employees in translating organizationsmission into personal mission. 6. FICCICEEmployee motivation Get teams to initiate continuous improvement process and recognize their achievements.Only then you will find every one committedto quality. Encourage team based rewardsrather than individual rewards. Encourage people to develop healthierrelationships with others at the work placeinstead of only encouraging professionalrelationships. 7. FICCICE Employee motivationCreate a work culture that is transparent,open to new ideas and promotes lot ofcreativity and innovation. 8. FICCICE Employee motivationIt must be remembered that good pay andperks can always be matched and evenbettered by your competitors - it is only thegreat work places that will make significantdifference to the quality of the organization. 9. FICCI CE 10. FICCI CE