ConnectIn Munich: Data Driven Recruitment

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Transcript of ConnectIn Munich: Data Driven Recruitment

  • Data Driven Recruitment to ensure healthy growth via thought diversity

    Noor van Boven, Director People Partnerships

  • Managing Expectations

  • Hear the worlds sounds explore the largest community of artists, bands, comedians,

    podcasters and creators of music & audio


    who we are

  • SoundCloud: the YouTube of audio

    - CNN SoundCloud

    who we are

  • 350M+ people across the globe

    Each month, SoundCloud reaches


    who we are

  • 12hrs of audio every minute

    while creators upload over


    who we are

  • London


    York San


    Global business,

    headquartered in Berlin



    who we are

  • SoundCloud

    who we are

    We have SoundClouders from

    over 30 countries

  • Average YoY growth US

    over 100%

    Employee base growing quickly

    Average YoY growth global over 50%

    Average YoY growth

    EU over 45%


    who we are

  • Building a healthy and sustainable

    organisation where people can do

    the best work of their lives.

    Our People Mission


    who we are

  • Thought diversity = Diverse Workforce = Diverse Hiring = Diverse Pipeline =

    Diversity in Sourcing Channels

    And thats where the data comes into recruitment!

    Thought Diversity key to healthy growth

  • Our data focus

  • What is a healthy sourcing mix?

    Ideal Sourcing Mix by Lou


    Our Ideal Sourcing Mix

    Active Applicants 20 30

    Direct Sourcing 40 40

    Referrals 40 30

  • Measuring your branding platforms: follow your followers

    Active applicants

  • Direct Sourcing to complement the thought diversity of your candidate pool via diverse but manageable number of

    sourcing channels

    Direct Sourcing

  • Referrals: great source, not the Holy Grail!

  • Transparent data & focus! Live recruitment data, accessible to all

    Candidate source Headcount tracking

    Requisition Status

  • Our ongoing journey!

  • Still some work to do..

    Whats going well?

    Shared understanding and insight in our ideal

    sourcing mix

    Sourcing mix under control

    Transparent data to keep focus

    Next steps

    Balance in existing teams

    # of sourcing channels

    Measuring the quality per sourcing channel

  • SoundCloud is for everyone.

    Diversity and open expression are fundamental to our organization; they help us build a social platform

    and global community where anyone can create, discover, and share sounds.

    We acknowledge the challenges in our industry, and strive to develop an inclusive culture where

    everyone can contribute.

    If we succeed at diversity, we will be a better company.

    Eric Wahlforss, Founder & CTO SoundCloud

  • Questions & Challenges?!