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1. TfL Recruitment Gareth Taylor22 May 2014 2. Day-to-day operation of the Capitals public transport network We also control 580km network of main roads and all of the city's 6,000 traffic lights Every day around 24 million journeys are made across our network. 1 Transport for London Buses London River Services Tube network Victoria Coach Station Docklands Light Railway Emirates Air Line Overground London Transport Museum Tramlink Congestion Charging Scheme Barclays Cycle Hire Taxi and Private Hire regulation 3. Team Hires 2013/14 Operational* 875 Head Office 1576 Temporary Labour 1610 Graduates / Apprentices 160 Total 4221 2 29,000 staff 17,000 Operational 12,000 Head Office In-House Recruitment team of 50 delivering * Operational recruitment services are provided by a 3rd party partner 4. 2.4 billion savings target 3 5. 4 Transport for London Internal transformation initiatives were identified to derive both Financial and non-Financial benefits Talent Acquisition Performance Management Supplier Management 6. Strategic: Low cost Efficient Quality of hire focus Proactive pipeline-based process Reactive: High cost Labour-intensive Applicant quantity focus Req to req process Developing Foundational Strategic Traditional 5 Talent Acquisition 7. 6 Direct Sourcing Solutions 25 Recruiter Licenses 62 Job slots Job wrapping Direct Sourcing Linked In Solution Employer Branding Solutions Dynamic Careers Page Employee Profile Ads 2 million Traffic Drivers 4 x Lead Generation InMail campaigns 8. Direct Sourcing Careers Pages Default CPD IT Commercial Surface 9. Direct Sourcing Lead Generation Campaigns IM Talent Campaign Deployed 2,500 InMails Open rate 36.8% (above industry ave ~30%) Response rate 9% (above industry ave 5%) 224 leads in recruiter folder 10. Direct Sourcing Impact of investment New Hires Made 906 New Hires Impacted 300 11. Direct Sourcing Employee Members Monthly Employee Profile Views Monthly Company Page Viewers Monthly Career Page Viewers Total Followers Monthly Job Viewers Talent Brand Engagement Talent Brand Index Impact of investment 12. 11 Key Performance Indicators FY201 3 Target FY201 4 Actual FY201 4 Impact Cost per hire 1,946 1,557 1,497 23% Hires per Recruitment Consultant 76 98 104 37% Days to fill an open position - Band 1-4 (SLA 60) - Band 5+ (SLA 90) 68 90 60 90 43 46 32% 49% Customer satisfaction survey New 80% 88.5% 13. 12 Transport for London Team Barriers to Linked In Resistance to change Capability Political / Cultural Barriers to Linked In Business case for Investment Business Culture Employee Relations 14. 13 The future 3 Key improvement objectives in 2014/15 Candidate Experience Hiring Manager Satisfaction Quality of Hire 15. 14 Longer term investment in a fit for purpose solution Improved Recruiter license usage Business ownership of Careers Pages and updates Demand planning for Lead Generation Campaigns How does LinkedIn support 16. 15 You can only manage what you measure Compliance is key in such a highly transactional environment Need to capture and market the great stuff as well as taking remedial action on the bad