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Transcript of Olivier LeGrand ConnectIn Sydney

  • 1. #ConnectInSydney Inspiring through content Olivier Legrand Head of Marketing Solutions APAC LinkedIn
  • 2. Your buyers behaviour is forever changed
  • 3. 12:00 PM 6:00 AM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM Mobile at the center of buyers lives
  • 4. 60% Through the buying cycle
  • 5. Content Marketing is the bridge that builds relationships
  • 6. Content itself is being transformed
  • 7. The definitive professional publishing platform YOU Title Company Followers
  • 8. Members engage with and trust content 7 Top 3 Types of expected content Current affairs Career info Updates from brands More Engagement from brands on LinkedIn
  • 9. Content is king but context is queen Billy Ray Cyrus National Corvette Museum Josh Homme Kim Kardashian Shaun White Katy Perry #OneOfMyFavoriteMoviesIs #MtSWISHMore #SelenaNeoLaunch You Got Served #iHeart1D Czechs #thankswingman Source: LinkedIN Trending Content; Twitter trending; Facebook trending Dec 2013 Leadership iPad Cloud Computing Employee Engagement Online Advertising Self-esteem Web marketing Internal Communication Business Real Estate