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Marcello AlbergoniCountry ManagerLinkedIn [email protected]

Ali MatarHead of LinkedIn Talent Solutions Southern Europe, Middle East & North Africa

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Inizialmente Friendster era molto influente

Inizialmente Friendster era molto influente

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Lancio di LinkedIn Mountain View @Shoreline

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Trasformiamo il Mondodalla Siria fino alla Francia

I am also deputy Mayor in a small city in Paris area (France) where we decided to support Syrian refugees.We welcomedtwo families recently.One family has arrived in February from Aleppo. They are Mariam, Monovar and the children Geourj and Jack (please see the pic attached). They suffered 4 years under the bombs, escaping snipers in the street, looking for food.One evening, I am called by Mariam in panic. She explains thatGeourj (10 years old) has 2 brain diseasesshe cant name. She is crying because Geourjneeds a chemical treatment. They left Syria with only few pills. They gave him pills only when Georj was very bad in order not to waste them. And on this precise evening, there areonly 2 pills left in the boxand Geourj is very bad.In France we have wonderful healthcare system and many great doctors. The point is that you cant see a neurologist in a minute except if youre pushed to the hospital emergency by the ambulance or so. Something we dont want to happen with people who have just arrived and start to feel again what peace and freedom mean.I visited Mariam, and she showed me the 2 pills in her hand. She also gave me a CD pointing at Geourj. Back home, I read the CD and found an ECC on a pdf document from a neurologist in Aleppo.44

I called the neurologist phone number written on the ECC report, but there was no more telephone at the hospital in Aleppo.I then tried to find him in Google, in Facebook I found thousands of guys with the same first and family name!


Finally I tried on Linkedin Sales Nav. And I found the neurologist profile in just a second.Only2 hours later, I got the neurologists response. He has left Syria too. He remembered the young Geourj very well. He described everything I needed in his response for me to give a medical report and recommendation to a GP in France. I was so happy! Mariam and her husband were relieved.


Marcello AlbergoniCountry ManagerLinkedIn [email protected]

La nostra avventura in Italia9 maggio, 2016

Novembre 2011Lancio di LinkedIn in ItaliaBlend Tower Piazza IV Novembre, Milano

Il TEAM cresce

LITALIA sta cambiando

Dicembre 2014: benvenuti nella nuova LinkedIn ITALIA

Team LinkedIn ITALIA 2016

Avviciniamo i talenti italiani alle aziende



Marina FantiniSenior Marketing Manager Italy & IberiaLinkedIn Talent [email protected]

Il nostro obiettivo mettere le persone nella situazione giusta per esprimere il proprio talentoNoi vi permettiamo di avvicinare il vostro brand ai talenti di trovare e avvicinare le persone giuste per voi e metterle al posto giusto per esprimere il loro talentoPer noi talento significa aiutare le aziende a mettere la persona giusta al posto giusto




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Were going to operationalize our vision by developing the worlds first economic graph, the digital mapping of the global economy Were capable of creating this because of our infrastructure and the incredible critical mass weve reached on a global basis across all six of these dimensionsWere off to a very good start of dreaming big and dreaming at scale, and were thinking about the difference we can make to our members lives as they think about navigating through the 21st century global economy.This is not only true north for us but something were in a unique position to operationalize.Specifically we aim to include all:Members of the global workforce [all three billion] Companies in the world, and who you know at those companies up to three degreesJobs those companies offer, full-time and temporary, for-profit and volunteer. Skills required to obtain those job opportunities Schools in the world offering a path to acquire those skills Knowledge of every member, company, and university Our vision is grand, but its not unattainable. All of the pieces that are needed to build the Economic Graph are in place. Now, its about scale.

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