Realizing the Power of a Brand | ConnectIn Singapore 2014

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  1. 1. #connectinsgRealizing the Power of a BrandTim GroganHead of Talent Brand Solutions, APACLinkedIn
  2. 2. The building blocks of your Talent BrandEVPEmployer BrandTalent BrandDefined attributesthat attract andengage talentThe unique & differentiatingpromise a business makes toits employees and potentialcandidatesWhat talent thinks, feels andshares about your company
  3. 3. Transform the way you engage TalentProactiveSourcing & BrandingEfficient & EffectiveQuality = PassiveStrategic4ReactiveTransactionalRecruitmentHigh CostQuantity = ActiveEmergingFoundationalTraditionalPeople Talent
  4. 4. #connectinsg
  5. 5. Our Employer BrandingAdventure
  6. 6. About IDAAbout IDA> Formed through merger of National Computer Board (NCB) andTelecommunications Authority of Singapore (TAS) some 10+ yearsago> Single agency of 1800+ professionals responsible for planning, policy formulation, regulation and industrydevelopment of IT and telecoms sectors Govt ICT infrastructure and services for Ministries and manystatutory boards.> Statutory board under Ministry of Communications andInformation (MCI)+ =
  7. 7. TALENT critical to support mission 11
  8. 8. Not known outside12The Challenge A lot of good stuff insideKnown more forregulating TELCOsQuality CVsNot forthcoming
  9. 9. Not all were convinced on additional platform,2,0002,250HR pushed aheadLinkedIn Followers Trend2,6142,9193,2063,5434,9376,0005,0004,0003,0002,0001,0000May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct 19-Oct
  10. 10. Focused on content that attracts ICT professionals14
  11. 11. Persist we didAnd now
  12. 12. Close to 50,000 followers!16
  13. 13. Complementing other social media platforms17
  14. 14. A Global following and higher quality candidatesfrom direct sourcingUS: 5,100(San Fran Bay Area: 300)UK: 1,700India: 7,000Pakistan: 1,100Spore: 7,600Indonesia: 500Malaysia: 200Australia:700Canada: 1,000Italy: 1,700Spain:1,500China: 200Brazil: 2,600Marketing/Line wants to partner HR!
  15. 15. Talent Matters! Just do it ; )
  16. 16. #connectinsg
  17. 17. Public | Ericsson AB 2014 | 2014-07-09 | Page 33 World leading provider of information andcommunications technology and services Over 135 years of experience 40% of the worlds mobile traffic passesthrough our networks 10 regions globally & 110,000+ employees Customers in more than 180 countries Were enabling unique solutions inhealthcare, education & humanitarian efforts We dont just connect places and people but also machines and devices Fifth largest software company in the world
  18. 18. Analysis of internalmaterials andbenchmarks: Existingresearch, employee surveys,internal communications,programs, strategic plan andcore values Qualitative research:Interviews with existingemployees representingdepartments across the globe,along with external focusgroups Competitive analysis:Analysis of competitors forglobal talentPublic | Ericsson AB 2014 | 2014-07-09 | Page 34
  19. 19. At Ericsson, what you bring as anemployee shapes our success. Here,you will contribute to an open &collaborative culture and reinforce ourcommonly held values of respect,professionalism and perseverance. AtEricsson, the work you do driveschange, shapes the contributions wemake to society and sustainability, andplays a part in bringing the NetworkedSociety to life. No matter what your roleat Ericsson, youll contribute tosomething bigger.Discover what makes YOU +ERICSSON a powerful combination.Public | Ericsson AB 2014 | 2014-07-09 | Page 36
  20. 20. employees Online and digital Offline and eventsEducationCommunicationEngagementPublic | Ericsson AB 2014 | 2014-07-09 | Page 37Career SiteTalent CommunitySocial MediaSearchTraditionalConferencesUniversity EngagementChannels will reach both active and passive talent
  21. 21. Awards Top 50 Most Attractive Engineering Employers in APAC Top 75 Graduate Employer in Australia Top 50 Most Attractive Engineering Employers in Europe Best Companies to Work For in India, UAE, Turkey,Portugal, Russia and Finland Top 100 Employer in China Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in America Forbes Top 10 Companies in the U.S. that Do the Mostto Make Their Employees Happy Glass Door Top 50 CEOs Industry leader in LinkedIn Talent Brand Index Employee engagement Ericsson: 77% (Global Norm: 69% / ICT Norm: 67%) Attrition ~5%Public | Ericsson AB 2014 | 2014-07-09 | Page 38
  22. 22. Ensure your employer brand strategy is business driven Conduct research to understand your true EVP andhow to best communicate it Know your audience, tailor your messages and adaptyour channels Measure results and continue to evolveEricsson Internal | 2014-04-29 | Page 39
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