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  • Agile Coaching PackagesHave you always wanted to 'switch' your team to using Agile methodologies, but unsure how to do it? We can help. We have several Agile Coaching and Mentoring packages that you can choose for your organization. With coaching and mentoring, we will be there throughout your Agile adoption to ensure that your team has the support that they need.

    For additional information, contact us: E: [email protected] | T: 949.232.8900 |

    Building great teams. Delivering great software.

    Agile Values

    Pilot Team Support

    Scrum Adoption


    CSM & PO Training

    + Agile Immersion Package

    Team is immersed in Agile values and Scrum practices, with the focus on experiencing Scrum instead of just learning Scrum.

    - Train one team in Agile values and principles- Support during the initial sprint, subsequent sprints with less involvement- Provide feedback and recommendations

    ~ 50 hours of coaching 4 - 6 weeks in length


    + Internalizing Agile Package

    Discover values in Agile specic to your oragnization and decide if a wider Agile adoption is feasible.

    - Train one team in Agile values and principles- Support during the rst two sprints, subsequent sprints with less involvement- Experience and apply Scrum in a way both specic to your organizational needs and value driven- Train ScrumMasters and Product Owners

    ~75 hours of coaching 6 - 8 weeks in length


    + Enterprise Adoption Package

    Fully support your organization in agile adoption.

    - Everything from Immersion and Internalizing Packages- Help and guidance in Enter prise Adoption Planning- Support with Release Planning- Identication of engineering practices (eg. XP Practices, Pair Programming, and Automated Testing) that can be incorpo rated to improve product development quality

    ~100 hours of coaching 8 - 12 weeks in length


    + Why Agile Coaching?A coach will enhance and accelerate the continuous improvement brought naturally through the Scrum framework, bringing superior performance and added business value to your organization. Whether or not your team has gone through formal Agile training, our style of Agile coaching provides support where it matters most, to your team members at the ground level, through actual sprints.