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  • 1. Agile Coaching Dojo@NickOostvogels@OlafLewitz

2. What is a coach? 3. Agile coach? 4. Agile coach? Wannabe 5. Types of coaching Coach as Coach Mentor Coach as Facilitator Coach as Teacher Coach as Problem Solver Coach as Conflict Navigator Coach as Collaboration Conductor Source : Coaching Agile Teams Lyssa Adkins 6. Personal coaching Listening 7. Personal coaching Reading between the lines 8. Personalcoaching Maintaining Trust 9. Personal coaching Mirroring 10. Personal coaching Asking powerful questions 11. Personal coaching 12. Personal coaching Support & encourage 13. Personal coaching Body language 14. Personal coachingDrawing 15. Personal coachingGuide towardsconcrete actions& accountability 16. Coding Dojo format Groups of 4 3 roles Seeker Coach Observer 2 iterations 4 runs Switch roles each run 17. Outline of a RunFeedback byExplainsseeker challenge(1 min) Seeker(1 min)Feedback basedon observations(1 min)Observer CoachExplores the challenge withSeeker(4 min) Feedback based Observer on observations (1 min) 18. Personal coachingCheat sheetListening Reading between the linesMaintaining Trust MirroringAsking powerful questions,NOT problem solving Mind Your languageSupport, encourageduring brainstorming Body LanguageDrawing Guide towards concrete actions and accountability