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Transcript of Test coaching your agile team

  • Test coaching your agile team

  • What is test?

  • Test as a noun

    (test cases, test scenarios, unit tests, integration tests, system tests, functional tests, end-2-end tests, you name it tests)

    artefacts, static document, static set of steps to be repeated

  • test automation unconference

  • test automation certified

  • Qualityquality is everybodys business

    QA is not quality assurance but quality assistance test automation is a responsibility of a person who

    creates software

  • test automation pyramid

  • test automation tools and infrastructure

  • What else test is?

  • Test as an activity (verb)

    Testing using brain power

    analysis, learning, exploration, experimentation

    human side of testing

  • test sessions

  • test(verb) automation

  • Why coaching in testing?testers role is somewhat undefined in Agile teams testing is often confused with checking therefore

    very limited testing done right brings value via preventing major

    issue before end user sees it

  • How do you test coach teams?

    distinguish checking and testing automate the routine

    explore and learn what your product actually does -> do this a lot!

  • thank you.