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Transcript of A Piratical Legacy Chapter 9 - College Daze Part 1

  • Chapter 9 College Daze Part 1"Ello, mates!" *hic* "Well, theres that, mate, and..." *hic*Hello, Ephemeral Toast. You know, its nine in the morning. And?Drinking already? "Just look at the next picture, mate, but dont say I didnt warn ye...""I gots a reputation to maintain, mate." *hic* ------You want to maintain your reputation as the keg girl that you earned Ephemeral Toast writes Apocalypso-A-Go-Go, an apocalypsein Gages Bachelor Challenge? Legacy. Shes also the Simself currently winning (losing?) Gages Bachelor Challenge.
  • "Youre telling me, Sarah. You know, she would be the exact spitting image of Gage, wouldnt she?"Erm... Sorry about that, Marina. I honestly thought shed turn out cuter. Everyone said that Gage makes pretty girls!"Well my little Elphaba kind of throws that theory out of the water, now doesnt it?"Erm... yes?-----Marina, aka smoothiequeen87, writes the Fitzhugh LegacyGage is the creation of Candi, writer of the Uglacy and Prettacy
  • But you know, Marina, shes really not all that bad... "Horrors!""Horrors!" "Im going to kill you, Sarah."Excuse me, did you say something Elphaba? ------"Horrors!" See Wicked, written by Gregory Maguire, to get the whole Elphaba/Horrors reference.Oh, how cute! Shes learned her first word, Marina!
  • And now we return to our regularly scheduled Legacy. This is the ninth installment of A Piratical Legacy, and Ivy Buccaneer (our generation threeheiress) has just entered university in Paris. Its traditional for her family members to attend Academie Le Tour in Paris, and shes keeping up withthat tradition. But Ivy has a loftier goal than her parents or her siblings: she intends to become the Galactic Overlord Queen of the Cosmos. Howshe intends to achieve that... Im not really sure."Listen, Goddess, can you just get on with things? Im the star of both parts of this enormous chapter you insisted on and I want to get to thewoohooing, okay?"Yes, thats right. In case you forgot, Ivys Romance. Fun!
  • And here we see her first victim, some random dormie who got conned into doing her term paper."I told him that he could do my homework for me and he practically jumped at the chance, goddess!"Actually, I believe that. Ivys got charisma coming out the wazoo."Plus, I told him it would be unwise to disobey his Queen."You arent exactly a queen yet, Ivy."Oh? Whos to say Im not a queen, goddess?"Who indeed. This should prove interesting.
  • Our faithful dorm placeholder, Marla Biggs. Shes been painting that same portrait for a couple of generations worth of Pirates, now. Despite herrather fetching makeover (courtesy of Meadow Thayer, Jack Buccaneers girlfriend), Marla has been rather ignored.
  • Whatcha doin, Ivy?"A queen must be a brilliant tactician, goddess. Ill have a lot of enemies at court once Im finished university, and I have to get used tomanipulating people and events to my advantage. Grandpa haunted the bear again and suggested that I brush up on my chess skills and I figured itcouldnt hurt."
  • Ivy had one minion already, but one minion is never enough for a queen looking to win the hearts of an entire cosmos. She moved on to her nextvictim soon enough.
  • "Professor, have I ever told you how well your hair matches your eyes?""Wow, Ivy, youre the first student whos ever said that to me!"
  • Things were progressing well for our young heiress. She had a loyal cadre of supporters in dorm. She was slowly but surely wooing her professors.But she had higher things on her mind than mere school.
  • Like those who had gone before her in the Buccaneer line, Ivy practiced her manners and deportment. But she didnt try too hard. She was thequeen, and what she decreed would be law anyway--even her take on etiquette would be what was practiced in her future kingdom, so if shewanted to eat chilli with her hands and spray it on the person across from her, that was her prerogative.
  • "Greetings, peon. I am Queen Ivy.""Gosh, a real Queen? I thought you French didnt really hold with monarchs...""The French do not hold with monarchs, as a general rule... but I am only one eighth French. The rest of me is Pirate Queen, through and through!""Wow, that sure sounds interesting, your highness. Umm... am I supposed to curtsy when I talk to you?"
  • "Greetings, commoner.""Oh wow, Ive heard all about you! Youre that crazy lady from that rickety little island out in the middle of--""Silence, knave!""Geez... you dont have to be so touchy."
  • "You are pretty hot for a queen, though.""I accept your compliment with favor, subservient one. Perhaps at a future date you may be one of my concubines for a time.""Hot, but weird."
  • As her homework was being taken care of by her dormie minions, to me right now."Ivy headed out to some of the hot spots on campus to round up moresupport for her monarchy. "Listen, Queenie, I dont care what they say about you. Youre okay. That kind of attitude is just what some of my friends and I are"Ah, I have heard of you, mysterious Serf In Black. You are looking for. If you can meet up with two more of my buddies weaffianced to my aunt Celeste, are you not?" might just let you into our association.""Right, shes mentioned you. Youre the normal one?" "What are you talking about, serf?""I am your Queen and Overlord, serf. You ought to be paying tribute "Just... trust me. All the monarchs are doing it!"
  • Well, those words proved to be incentive enough. Ivy immediately set out in search of more who might be close friends of Other-Alan the Serf. Ifthere was an exclusive club that catered to monarchs and future monarchs, she wanted in!
  • "Eddie, do you know anything about this club Other-Alan told me about?""Well, Ive heard rumors, sis, but nothing concrete. I will say this, though... look for the ugliest sims you can find and youll probably run into moremembers of this so-called secret society.""Ill take your advice under consideration, Eddie. And thanks! Ill remember that you helped me when Im powerful and mighty. You might justfind yourself rewarded!""Thanks, sis... anyway, I ought to be heading back to the Greek house. Tosha said shes got another enzyme formulation she wants me to look at.Say, you should pledge in soon! I think weve got enough room for you..."
  • "Would you say that youre planning to be an autocratic despot or a despotic autocrat?""Oh, despotic autocrat defintely.""Well, Ivy, I have to say that we of the society are impressed. Ive got to head back and confer with my brothers and sisters, but if all goes as Ithink it will, someone should be by to talk to you about membership tomorrow night.""Excellent! Are there lots of other kings and queens in your group?"
  • Yet another dormie falls under Ivys mysterious spell. Seriously, shes in her first term and shes already Big Sim on Campus. If she werePopularity instead of Romance, shes have the 20 Best Friends want in the bag at this point.
  • Ivys subjects are always willing to do her bidding and help her pass her classes with flying colors. After all, what are subservient workers for?
  • Unfortunately, being a queen also has its downside, especially one as beloved as Ivy. Shes constantly having to deal with dormie serfs trying tohug her, and Ivys not a very touchy-feely kinda gal (for a Romance sim)."Get your unwashed hands away from me!""Sorry, highness!"
  • Said dormie serf stalked Ivy for several days thereafter, including during her Greek house interview. Fortunately, the pledging period was just aformality since Ivy was related to most of the members, and soon-to-be-related to the rest of them.
  • "You want me to do WHAT for extra credit?"*whisperwhisper*"Ooh, Professor! Youre being rather familiar with your queen