10 irrefutable laws of agile coaching

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  • 1. 10 Irrefutable laws of Agile Coaching Venkatesh Krishnamurthy http://agileworld.blogspot.com @ venky_nk Venkatesh Krishnamurthy

2. Author, Advisor and Speaker Co-Author: Who is Agile in Australia and New Zealand https://leanpub.com/whoisagileAustralia 3. 1. Knowing Agile, Kanban and Lean wont make you an Agile coach Conflict Managemen t Planning Team Building Decision Making Empath y Persuasio n Influencing Motivational 4. 2. Be an Alien when you start with a new team http://lunatractor.com/2011/05/13/great-agile-workspaces-how-we- communicate/ 5. 3. Have the ability to have two opposing ideas in mind 6. 4. Be within the system to change the system Systems are like Russian Dolls. One is nested in another. Teams are nested within a large group. The group is nested under a larger portfolio Each of the nested systems interact and impact all the time Trying to change one area without understanding the impact or the influence will be futile One cannot create a new system from scratch. New system should be built on the existing system 7. 5. Build Trust and Relationship before Stand Up and Retrospective skills Deterrence based Knowledge based Identity based 8. 6. Work directly with Stakeholder who pays money 9. 7. Dont escalate against your own team 10. 8. If you cant change the system, you will end up becoming part of the system 11. 9. You are a doctor and listen to the symptoms and prescribe the medicine 12. 10. Practices are context dependent Practices that could work for one team may not work for the others