The Agile Coaching Profession

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This is a presentation on the current state of Agile Coaching as a profession. It was used to illustrate the difference between consulting and coaching and list coaching competencies as well as Agile special focus areas. It graphically describes a possible career growth path using two complementary views. Included are lists of educational resources - tools, courses and books.

Transcript of The Agile Coaching Profession

  • 1. The Agile Coaching Profession Agile SoCal 6/15/14 Roger W. Brown, Certified Scrum Coach

2. What is Coaching? Coaching is a relationship in which one person is primarily dedicated to serving the long term development of effectiveness and self-generation in the other. - Doug Silsbee Service Learn Change Grow 3. What Tools Does a Coach Have? Mechanics Soft Skills Leadership Tools Questions Advice Models Listening Guidance Frameworks Facilitation Discovery 4. What is an Agile Coach? A person with expert knowledge of one or more areas related to Agile Software Development who understands the difference between coaching and consulting and has coaching competencies and a coaching mindset applied in service to personal and organizational improvement towards greater success through agility. Source: I made this up! 5. What Is Agile Coaching? Agile Coaching is an engagement with an organization during which you are performing one or more of the following activities: Applying Agile practices in an organization to help it reach its stated objectives Assessing team(s) and organization(s) for effectiveness in applying Agile principles and practices Mentoring others in Agile principles and practices Advising and consulting with organizations and leadership on Agile practices Facilitating team(s) and groups to achieve higher quality collaboration and enable greater results Developing team, leadership and organizational agility through guided self-discovery and growth Challenging the organizational and leadership status quo and enabling an agile culture Source: Adapted from the Certified Scrum Coach Program 6. Why Do Companies Hire Agile Coaches? Deep Knowledge of Agile Broad Experience Impartial Perspective Access to Resources Coaching Competencies Reinforced Learning 7. Coaching Competencies Coach Role Model Leader Mentor Advisor Business Person Counselor 8. ICF Core Competencies A. Setting the Foundation 1. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards 2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement B. Co-creating the Relationship 3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client 4. Coaching Presence C. Communicating Effectively 5. Active Listening 6. Powerful Questioning 7. Direct Communication D. Facilitating Learning and Results 8. Creating Awareness 9. Designing Actions 10. Planning and Goal Setting 11. Managing Progress and Accountability 9. Certified Scrum Coach Competencies 1. Assess - Discovery & Direction 2. Facilitate - Focus & Alignment 3. Balance - Coaching & Consulting 4. Educate - Awareness & Understanding 5. Catalyze - Leadership & Organizations 10. Organization Multi-Teams Departments Team Self Community Profession Scope of Service 11. Organization Multi-Teams Departments Team Self Community Profession Specialty Areas Product Ownership Portfolio Agile Beyond ITLean Startup XPDevTools Structure Scaling R&D Culture Learning DevOps Lean UX Distributed Agile Agile TransformationLeadership Team Dynamics Lean Mentoring Presentation Training 12. The Coaching Mindset Service Awareness Relationship Client Growth Personal Growth Holistic/Systems View 13. Agile Coaching Business Models Full-time Internal Agile Coach Internal Agile Coach with another role Agile Coach in an Agile Coaching Company Agile Coach in an IT consulting company Independent Agile Coach Each has its own opportunities and challenges 14. Compensation The Job Market as seen through 6/5/2014 Contribute: 15. Consultant or Coach? Acme Consulting Agile Transition Plan for New Co. - Buy tool AcmePlan - Rename PMO to Agile Office - Create Teams using HugeAgile Scaling Framework - Embed 4 of our coaches - 1 Day training for PMs and Tech Leads - 1 page Executive Training Manual - Call me Acme Coaching Agile Transition Plan for New Co. - Why are you doing this? - How will you measure progress? - How do you do it now? - What is your company culture? - Who are the decision makers, leaders, Agile proponents? - How will we choose pilots? - What have you done so far? - When shall I check back? 16. 17. Professional Coaching Certifications Accredited Schools Results Coaching Systems (neuroscience) CoachVille (online, game-based) Presence-Based Coaching (mindfulness) Coaches Training Institute (Co-Active Coaching ) Organizational and Relationship Systems (* Teams) Many Others 18. Agile-Specific Certifications International Consortium for Agile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (mindset) Certified Professional in Agile Team Facilitation (facilitation) Certified Expert in Agile Coaching Enterprise Agile Coaching Track Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster Certified Scrum Professional (coaching emphasis) Certified Scrum Coach (enterprise) 19. Coaching Tools Facilitation Games Coaching Appreciative Inquiry Learning Organization Systems Thinking Assessment Competing Values Framework Schneider Culture Model Satir Change Model Learning Organization Personality Models Myers-Briggs Type Indicator DISC Kolbe Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument Engagement Models X-Model of Employee Engagement Responsibility Process Complexity Models Influence Diagrams Cynefin Spiral Dynamics 20. Educational Resources IC Agile Learning Objectives www. Agile Coaching Institute ICF Schools Esther Derby Associates Rothman Consulting Group 3PVantage Problem Solving Leadership Agile Alliance Conference Scrum Alliance Gatherings Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Coach Retreats 21. Books The Human Side of Agile: Broza Coaching Agile Teams: Adkins Collaboration Explained: Tabaka Agile Coaching: Davies The Mindful Coach: Silsbee Co-Active Coaching: Whitworth Leadership Agility: Joiner Leading Change: Kotter Fearless Change: Rising Teamwork is an Individual Skill: Avery Crucial Conversations: Patterson Radical Management: Denning Joy, Inc.: Sheridan Behind Closed Doors: Derby and Rothman Quiet Leadership: Rock 22. The Agile Coaching Profession 2014 Roger W. Brown