topographic anatomy Abdomen

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Inguinal ligamentLacunar ligament (gimbernat)Pectineal ligament (cooper)Reflected inguinal ligamentIliopubic tractMiopectineal orificeInguinal canalDeep inguinal ringSuperficial inguinal ringLateral crusMedial crusinguinal falx

Abdominal aortaInferior phrenic arteryCeliac trunkSuperior mesenteric arteryInferior mesenteric artery

Celiac trunk:Left gastric arteryEsophageal branchesGastric branchesSplenic arterySmall pancreatic branchesShort gastric arteries (fundus)Left gastroepiploic artery (greater curvature)Common hepatic arteryHepatic artery proper (left and right)Right gastric artery (!) lesser curvatureCystic artery (gallbladder)Gastroduodenal arteryright gastroepiploic artery (greater curvature right part)Superior pancreatoduodenal (pancreas duodenum)

Superior mesenteric artery (unpeared L1)Intestinal arteries(jejunum, illeum)Iliocolic artery (cecum, appendix, ascending colon)Right colic artery (part of the ascending colon)Middle colic artery (transverce colon )

Inferior mesenteric artery (unpeared L3)Left colic artery (transverse colon)Sigmoidal arterySuperior rectal

Abdominal veinsHepatic veins (!!!!!!)Potrsl systemSuperior mesenteric veinSplenic veinInferior mesenteric veinHepatic portal vein