Abdomen Latin for “belly”. Abdomen Anatomy Injuries Evaluation.

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Abdomen Latin for “belly”

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Transcript of Abdomen Latin for “belly”. Abdomen Anatomy Injuries Evaluation.

  • AbdomenLatin for belly

  • AbdomenAnatomyInjuriesEvaluation

  • Anatomy of the abdomenMusclesInternal organs

  • Muscles of the abdomenRectus abdominus-attaches the hip to the ribs and sternum.Obliques-attaches the hip to the lateral aspect of the ribs.

  • Quadrants of the abdomenUpper right and leftLower right and leftDirections are in relation to the victim.

  • Upper rightKidneyLiverGallbladder

  • Upper leftStomachKidneyPancreasSpleen

  • Lower rightAppendix

  • Lower leftLarge intestineSmall intestine

  • Ailments to the abdomenAppendicitisHerniaSpleenKidneyStrains

  • AppendicitisThe appendix is located at the end of the large intestine, and has no real known function.The inflammation of the appendix occurs from either an infection or a blockage. Pain tends to be located in the right lower quadrant, and localizes directly above the position of the appendix at a point called "McBurney's point."

  • AppendicitisSigns and symptomsPainNauseauVomittingConstipation

  • HerniaOccurs when an abdominal organ or fatty tissue protrudes through a weakened area of the abdominal wall which results in a protrusion. Signs and Symptoms:Pain with movementProtrusion through abdominal wall

  • SpleenThe spleen is located just below the ribs on the left hand side. The spleen filters out infection and other unwanted particles from the blood.

  • SpleenWhat are the symptoms of spleen injuries? pain in the left side of the abdomen pain in left shoulder Kehrs sign lightheaded feeling paleness weak pulse

  • KidneysPart of the urinary system, the kidneys filter wastes (especially urea) from the blood and excrete them, along with water, as urine.

  • KidneysInjuries to kidneys will usually result from a direct blow.Signs and symptoms:Pain in the back and sidesHematuria: blood in the urine

  • StrainsResult from sharp twisting and turning, or overstretching.

  • Strains

  • Strains

  • Strains

  • Strains

  • HistoryTime of onset (48 hrs)Location of pain

  • ObservationAsymmetryDistensionScarsDeformity

  • PalpationTendernessRigidityDeformity