The evolution of skateboarding

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Transcript of The evolution of skateboarding

  • 1. Over the years skateboarding hasevolved into a thriving extreme action sport. Becoming extremely popular with all ages and genders.

2. A period between the 1940s-1950sskateboarding was invented. But the true creator is unknown. Although the main concept of the first skateboard was a plank of wood usually being a nice oak or maple bought or stolen from hardware stores and fitted with roller skate wheels. 3. The invention of the skateboard was tohelp replicate the way you move out in the surf, thus taking on the nick name sidewalk surfing. As you can imagine the early concepts were very simple. 4. Skateboarding was rapidly changing. Withthe shape staying relatively the same only to be cleaner with better quality wood, clay wheels are introduced in the 1950s. 5. 1960s With the use of metal or even clay wheels,transportation was slow . With the later introduction of Polyurethane wheels skateboarding became even more popular with new tricks and speeds to achieve. 6. 1970s A new shape has arrived, with the introduction of kicktails board width increase and Polyurethane wheels. Along with different styles and variations. During this time skateboarding was in the early stages of learning new tricks, styles and ways to skate. Vert skating was becoming a new thing and with the aid of Polyurethane wheels skateboarders were able to push limits and speeds to which were impossible before. 7. 1980s The sport of skateboarding went through an interestingtransition. Stopping and starting, perishing and rebirthing on the scene. During the 1980s Skateboarding and Skaters were still the street rats but some of them were making money due to its new found popularity. Along with the new decade came a new concept and design. 8. 1990s Skateboarding is in full swing, Its becoming ever growingand popular. The periods to which it would die and come back are in the past. Theres no stopping it now. Over the decades Skateboarders have been evolving. The sport is about expression alike many other things. During the 90s the bubble, bone designs were vanishing and slowly transcending into a paddle pop figure. 9. 2000-current. Its been a long time since skateboarding started. Fromoriginating from such a small niche into a worldwide extreme sport is pretty incredible. The concepts and designs may have changed over the decades but the message stays strong, Skateboarding Is about connecting, expression and most of all fun. Styles and equipment advances and in the new era of the 2000s the board has remained unchanged, The paddle pop shape is now the most common among skaters in 2000s current.