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By: Mason Gland

Transcript of Media studies skateboarding

  • 1. By: Mason Gland

2. WHAT THE TREND ISA mode of transportation primarily, but one that creates a culture to surround it. The current big thing is skateboarding. Skateboarding is much more than just a way to get around to a lot of people. Its a sport, a hobby, and a way of life. Its different than other sports because its very individualistic, which attracts many people. 3. SKATEBOARDING HISTORYSkateboarding was created when surfers attached roller-skate wheels to a 2x4 pieceof wood with a box on top. It was mainly used as a warm up before surfingor justsomething fun to do afterwards.Skateboarding progressively got more andmore popular, and eventually skate shopsstarted to open and manufactureskateboards. This would start theevolution of the skateboard. 4. SKATEBOARD SHAPE EVOLUTIONEarly 50s skateboard Mid 70s skateboard Modern day skateboard 5. EXAMPLES OF SKATEBOARD PROGRESSIONEarly 70s skateboarding: skateboarding: 6. BUT WHAT WAS BEFORE SKATEBOARDS?Another trend, set in 70s, was the roller skate. 7. ROLLER SKATE HISTORYEven though the first pair of roller skates were patented in 1760, the roller skate didnt become popular for many years. It reached its peak of popularity in 70s, during the age of disco. 8. BEFORE ROLLERBLADES?Soap box racers! 9. SOAPBOX HISTORYSince the beginning of the twentieth century, soap box derbies have been a popular hobby. In 1933, a photographer named Myron Scott organized a race for 19 boys. The event got so much attention that when Myron organized a second event, 362 kids showed up with soapbox cars ready to go. Since then, countless box car derbies have been done all across the world. 10. NEXT PHASE OF TRENDI feel like the next fad that will pop up in this trend would be streetboarding. 11. WHAT IS STREETBOARDING?A streetboard is similar to a skateboard, but borrows elements fromsnowboarding. The rider is strapped onto the board, so he must use hisshoulders to generate momentum instead of pushing.Example video: How to streetboard: 12.