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  • 1. 1 2008-2013 e-storm internationalSMX West 2013 Trends and Major Takeaways bye-storm InternationalPrepared by Mori Yagi, MelKreitz, and SummerRomasco

2. 2 2008-2013 e-storm internationalAgenda Overview Top Session Takeaways Mel Summer Mori What can we do today? 3. 3 2008-2013 e-storm internationalIts not just about search! The Semantic Web - Structured Data! Facebook Open Graph Search Google Knowledge Graph Social Media! Content Strategy! Authorship & Author Rank Remarketing dont be creepy! User Personas + Keyword Demographics! 4. 4 2008-2013 e-storm internationalWhat About Censorship?? 5. 5 2008-2013 e-storm internationalAmherst College Dilemma 6. 6 2008-2013 e-storm internationalThinspiration 7. 7 2008-2013 e-storm internationalLINK JUICEThe Dirty Work 8. 8 2008-2013 e-storm internationalLink Building 9. 9 2008-2013 e-storm internationalHarvesting Keywords 10. 10 2008-2013 e-storm international 11. 11 2008-2013 e-storm internationalMOBILE TRACK 12. 12 2008-2013 e-storm internationalMobile Takeaways Mobile is not its own channelanymore Path to purchase. Query behavior by device type.We are either asleep or online. Daytime desktop. Evening tablet. Mobile all day long. Context drives device choice Time - goal - location -capabilities Start thinking about context ofquery (how it affects intent) Page experience is important Google Full Value of Mobile: 13. 13 2008-2013 e-storm international 14. 14 2008-2013 e-storm international 15. 15 2008-2013 e-storm international 16. 16 2008-2013 e-storm international 17. 17 2008-2013 e-storm internationalENTERPRISE TRACK 18. 18 2008-2013 e-storm internationalThe All-Important Roleof CommunicationGeorge Michie - RKG Brand is Different Pull Marketing Budgets vs. ROI Focus Accurate Success Metrics Diminishing Marginal Returns Prioritization Iceberg Change is Coming 19. 19 2008-2013 e-storm internationalMaximizing EnterprisePPCJohn Zoglin, IBM Align: Money Digital Strategies andDashboards KPIs in support of DigitalStrategy Paid and Organic PPC and other channels rolethroughout customerspurchase cycle Tactical Learnings: Budget Timing Institutionalize Best Practices Integration and Brandingtradeoffs. Impact ofacquisitions on brand equity Keyword Governance 20. 20 2008-2013 e-storm internationalSEO + PPC 21. 21 2008-2013 e-storm international 22. 22 2008-2013 e-storm internationalGoogle Search ads Pause Study:A low value for IAC may occurwhen the paid and organic resultsare both similar and in closeproximity to each other on thesearch results page.Translation:When you have top listings forBOTH Paid and Organic ANDmessages are similar they clickORGANIC 23. 23 2008-2013 e-storm international 24. 24 2008-2013 e-storm internationalBIG DATA AND SEARCHMARKETING 25. 25 2008-2013 e-storm international 26. 26 2008-2013 e-storm internationalKevin Lee, DiditThe Power of AudienceKeywords tell you very little aboutaudienceGeography predicts demographic andpsychographic audience segments: Conversion rate Income Wealth Weight / BMI Age and dozens moreCommon MistakeGoing after the wrong long-tailThere are more powerful tails than thekeyword long-tail.Failure to consider audience.A single keyword can be segmentedinto mid-to-long-tail audiences. 27. 27 2008-2013 e-storm internationalUser Intent and Big Data User Happiness = Relevant Experience Relevance signals IR signals, bounce rate, tie on site, page views, cart rate,conversion rate User intent and content relevance e.g. landing page selection by queries intent depends on query User History Pages/products browsed last time Color, gender, brand, location preferences Price sensitivity User Request Referral Query, type of Ad, Targeting query, Creative,promotion information in ad Request IP Address (location), User Agent Competitive Data Who else is advertising with you? What is the messaging that made people come to you?On-site retargeting use user history todeliver custom nav/banners. 28. 28 2008-2013 e-storm international 29. 29 2008-2013 e-storm internationalBLOGGING 30. 30 2008-2013 e-storm internationalOptimized Bloggingo Frequent scheduled postso Give readers a reason to come backo Incentivize contributors 31. 31 2008-2013 e-storm internationalSource Topicso Let your audience helpo Source topics from Qs @ Quora, Reddit, and other communitieso Drop answers in threads w/ link back to blog post 32. 32 2008-2013 e-storm internationalSEO Opportunitieso Find SEO opportunity gapso Use autofill, check the results, and write the result Google wantso Optimize meta tags 33. 33 2008-2013 e-storm internationalUse Google Authorshipo Branding & trust 34. 34 2008-2013 e-storm internationalOptimized Bloggingo Include FASS buttonso Consistency & planningo Create a content calendar 35. 35 2008-2013 e-storm internationalCONTENT 36. 36 2008-2013 e-storm internationalOptimized Bloggingo Its not a blog w/osocialo Entire Social mediaStrategy should centeron blogo Create multiple Socialmedia touch points todraw people in.o Leverage blog fortraffic & conversions 37. 37 2008-2013 e-storm internationalOne Piece of Content, Many Benefitso Customize posts for each networko Update old blog postso Answer you FAQs by bloggingo Highlight weekly posts in an e-newslettero Sales pages/Case Studieso Share testimonials on FB & Google+o Tweet except from case study & link back 38. 38 2008-2013 e-storm internationalRepurpose Contento Blog Posto Tweet something from a post & link backo Aggregate related blog posts to make a white papero Post blog article to LinkedIn to start discussiono Create video to link back to blogo Answer FAQs by Blogging 39. 39 2008-2013 e-storm internationalRepurpose Contento Whitepaper/E-booko Create a blog series based on the papero Turn old blogs into an eBooko Tweet a stat and link back to the whitepapero Post a fact on FB or Twitter & link backo Pull out an excerpt from e-newsletter 40. 40 2008-2013 e-storm internationalPPC ANALYTICS 41. 41 2008-2013 e-storm internationalBefore & After 42. 42 2008-2013 e-storm internationalDirected Reporting 43. 43 2008-2013 e-storm internationalReporting (elements of UX) 44. 44 2008-2013 e-storm internationalSummary 45. 45 2008-2013 e-storm internationalPulling Datao Customize your columns & save the formato No calculated metrics 46. 46 2008-2013 e-storm internationalFuture Proofingo Delete top & bottom rows (headings & totals)o Select entire column when creating pivot tables 47. 47 2008-2013 e-storm internationalStructureo Create calculated metricso Rename fields to remove sum ofo Change number formats 48. 48 2008-2013 e-storm internationalFormat 49. 49 2008-2013 e-storm internationalDig Deepero See the overall impact of a term.o Use Does Not Contain filter to measure the impact onyour account. 50. 50 2008-2013 e-storm internationalSummary 51. 51 2008-2013 e-storm internationalWHAT CAN WE DORIGHT NOW? 52. 52 2008-2013 e-storm internationalReferencesAgenda: presentations: notes: