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  • 1. Using Competitors for Keyword Research Matt Siltala, President

2. SEO IS DEAD . RIGHT? @Matt_Siltala 3. Clever Graphic showing terms like: SEO, Link BuildingKeyword Research, PPC, Press, Infographics all Inside a grave (like they are dead) or being put In a grave..Have the graphic showing keyword research the one Being thrown into the grave with all the other Stuff already in there@Matt_Siltala 4. @Matt_Siltala 5. Clever Graphic now this clever graphic lets showA re-birth somehow of all those terms . Or coming fromThe grave with wings or something??? Use your creativityPOINT BEING? SEO is not dead and all this other stuff Is not dead and it is why we need to keep doing this stuff@Matt_Siltala 6. Buying or Browsing? @Matt_Siltala 7. Do you know the difference? @Matt_Siltala 8. raphic showing: some kind of spying graphic (no need to include all thText I am just having it here to give context to help you)You know how you always see your competitors doing amazing things? You always see them showing up on major sites? What kind of a strategy do they have?What keywords are they focusing on for their viral campaigns?For the content marketing strategies?For their site?@Matt_Siltala 9. @Matt_Siltala 10. @Matt_Siltala 11. Crawl a competitors siteAnalyze the basics: Titles Headings URLs Meta Keywords and Descriptions Virals on blog, topic and internal links @Matt_Siltala 12. ONE RULE:Make Sure The Site Is Strong @Matt_Siltala 13. TitleUse the Page Titles report for this one @Matt_Siltala 14. HeadlinesUsed the H1 report for this one @Matt_Siltala 15. HeadlinesAlso great for harvestingcontent ideas@Matt_Siltala 16. Headlines@Matt_Siltala 17. URLsUse the Internal report for this one @Matt_Siltala 18. Meta Keywords@Matt_Siltala 19. Meta Descriptions @Matt_Siltala 20. Graphic showing: guy or girl thinking to themselves (maybe on aComputer looking at a infographic) When I see X graphic I think to myself What was the motive behind this graphic. What keywords are they trying to improveWhat are they trying to sell? What was the point?@Matt_Siltala 21. Find Virals or Social CampaignsFilter the report on common locations:TIP: BlogLook at these Infographicposts to see what keywords Videothey are Top X type posts linking and where! @Matt_Siltala 22. @Matt_Siltala 23. Other Things To Pay Attention To@Matt_Siltala 24. ONE MORE GRAPHIC some kind of fun graphic showing A visualization of the idea below:You know, the other thing that would be a good idea forfinding out what they are promoting is to make sure youkeep an eye on their twitter feed, facebook page, etc. I dont have any tools offhand for doing this besides ofcourse the big ones, but its another thing companies should be doing. Watch their twitter/facebook and see what they promote. @Matt_Siltala 25. @Matt_Siltala 26. @Matt_Siltala 27. @Matt_Siltala 28. 25% of all queries are brand new @Matt_Siltala 29. @Matt_Siltala 30. Keyword Research Never Ends @Matt_Siltala 31. One Idea @Matt_Siltala 32. Backlink Analysis Run competitor through a backlink analysis tool Analyze external and internal link anchor text@Matt_Siltala 33. Anchor Text Report OSE@Matt_Siltala 34. Export and Analyze@Matt_Siltala 35. Filter IdeasUse Excel to filter links by Branded Anchors ThemesCar Insurance, home insurance, etcWatch for variations Target URL @Matt_Siltala 36. SpyFu Learn more about the competitors PPC activities Not a perfect tool, but can give you keyword ideas @Matt_Siltala 37. Ad History Report - SpyFu@Matt_Siltala 38. SEMRushRun competitor through SEMrushtools Organic Research > Positions Keyword Research > Overview@Matt_Siltala 39. Keyword Research - SEMRush@Matt_Siltala 40. Whats Next? After compiling all keyword ideas Run through Adwords or another keywordvolume tool Prioritize based on relevancy and searchvolume Optimize own site around new terms! @Matt_Siltala 41. @Matt_Siltala 42. @Matt_Siltala 43. @Matt_Siltala 44. @Matt_Siltala 45. @Matt_Siltala 46. Clever Graphic showing CONFIDENCE Confidence in your ability to research out the best Keywords in your industry Maybe someone holding up the term KEYWORDS over Their shoulders like a trophy or something @Matt_Siltala 47. Takeaways Screaming Frog is amazing for KW research Use Social Too SpyFu can help with spying on competition SEMRush is another bonus KW research tool @Matt_Siltala 48. @Matt_Siltala 49. Where You Can Find This Presentation: 50. Thank You!Matt Siltala, @Matt_Siltala